#BreakingBarriers WEEK 37


Thank you for having me @dayus4heaven. Tonight I will be sharing some lessons I have learnt so far in life.
1. Let me start by saying this; “Foundations are conclusions.” You decide how high a building will go by its foundation. #breakingbarriers
2. This means thay the best time to invest in your life, career and relationships is in your youth. @dayus4heaven
3. After much observation, I found that most of the people that led their generation knew themselves from their youth. #breakingbarriers
4. They were deliberate about building and nuturing their relationships from their early days. @dayus4heaven#breakingbarriers
5. You are not too young to take your life seriously. You don’t have to be too serious, just be deliberate. @dayus4heaven #breakingbarriers
6. I will also say this “Life is on a quest to teach you lessons, the earlier you learn, the faster you progress” #breakingbarriers
7. The characters in your life may changes, until you learn your lessons, the script will remain the same. @dayus4heaven#breakingbarriers
8. The fastest way to progress in life is to see everyone as a potential teacher. @dayus4heaven #breakingbarriers
9. At every stage in life you can learn from the characters in your life. If you don’t learn the lessons, your growth will be stunted.
10. Your body will grow with or without your permission. Your emotional and intellectual growth is up to you. #breakingbarriers
11. Nothing as sad as an underdeveloped adult. Everyone is given opportunities to grow. Take them. @dayus4heaven #breakingbarriers
12. On picking a career, don’t put yourself under pressure. @dayus4heaven #breakingbarriers
13. If you are diligent at your everyday activities, you will eventually find something you are good at! #breakingbarriers
14. The industries that’ll be most profitable in 10 years may not exist now. Don’t limit yourself to a traditional career. #breakingbarriers
15. How many people dared tell their parents that they wanted to be an event planner 15 years ago? @dayus4heaven #breakingbarriers
16. Which guy dared tell his dad that he wanted to become a footballer in 2016? @dayus4heaven #breakingbarriers
17. Sometimes finding the right career is a short in the dark, guided by the invisible hands of the almighty @dayus4heaven #breakingbarriers
18. As you apply yourself to your daily activities with focus and sincerity, you will find what you were made to do. #breakingbarriers
19. Invest in yourself. Let that be your ruthless focus. Once you find what you want to be known for, standardise it. #breakingbarriers
20. You standardise it by increasing its quality and making it sellable. @dayus4heaven #breakingbarriers
21. Be the best at whatever you decide to do and you will eventually get recognition and reward. @dayus4heaven #breakingbarriers

@dayus4heaven thank you for having me. God bless you.

Thanks to Olufisayo Okunsanya for those insightful words SHARED on #BreakingBarriers

Appreciate all our FAMs for staying tune.

Remember with God, it’s PEOPLE like us that SUCCEED in LIFE.

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