360 Gems of Wisdom Ebook [Free Download]

One of my philosophy in life is that wisdom makes the difference through the application of rightful knowledge. Knowledge without its application is like your inability to lighten a candle when you are holding lighter and candle. To get massive results you must apply what you know.

Contained in this book are life experiential words that have worked for me as a person and because they are universal principles. This you will learn while reading this book.

Adedayo Olabamiji, 360 Gems of Wisdom BookThis book contains 360 nuggets that will sharpen your life for greatness. With this book you are powerful inside with brighter future outside if rightly applied.


Hi! I am Adedayo Olabamiji, the cuAdadayo Olabamijirator of #BreakingBarriers, a weekly motivational program on Twitter, through which lives of many have been changed.

I have 10 years vast experience in Leadership Skills, Self mastery and Human Development. I have grasped insights in Project Management Certified from Institute of Finance and Strategic Business Management (IFSBM) and a Personal Development Skill from Prestigious Lagos Business School.

I am passionate about making a difference in this generation and help others to live a fulfilled life.


360 Gems of Wisdom is written to share insights on how life issues can be handled and mantras one can  apply to experience life turnaround if used and meditated upon accordingly.

This book is highly recommended for teenagers, youths,  leaders and everyone that desire to have life paradigm shift.

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