Posted: May 13, 2017 in UNLEASHIDEA INC.


#BreakingBarriers Topic is Beyond Limitations. Simply means we all have limitations. What do you do with then? Fight or flight?
 #BreakingBarriers 1. Figure out your limitations or perceived limitations.

#BreakingBarriers 2. Work on the limitations. Conquer them. Turn them into inspiring step stones to achieve goals.

#BreakingBarriers 3. Find someone who knows better than you and learn. Be teachable. Get a mentor.

#BreakingBarriers 4. Have a sounding board. Who can assess your progress in that particular area? I write. I assess writing.

#BreakingBarriers 5. Conquer your fear of these limitations. Be bold about seeking help. Sealed mouth. Sealed destiny.

#BreakingBarriers 6. If you can’t decide on your limitations ask someone who may see you better than you do yourself.

#BreakingBarriers 6. Personally I am confident but can come across as brash or arrogant. It was a limitation pointed out to me. It helped.

#BreakingBarriers 7. You are created to solve a unique problem, fill a unique role? If you limit yourself it’s a life less lived. Sad!

#BreakingBarriers 8. Choose the right crowd going your way. Go with doctors if you want to be one. Go with writers, dancers, artists etc

#BreakingBarriers  If you go with those that are succeeding at your dreams you will learn the ropes to success. If you go opposite them…

#BreakingBarriers …. you learn nothing and you may fail or succeed at a much higher price.

#BreakingBarriers 9. Believe you can do it. Words of self affirmation work wonders. If you say you can you’re right. If you say you can’t..

#BreakingBarriers 10. Believe in God. Whatever higher power you serve…believe and pray. Without God all else is in vain.

#BreakingBarriers 11. Fight the limitations. Is it lack of app skillset? Poor grammar? Lack of confidence? Fight to eliminate them.

#BreakingBarriers 12. Flight is defeatist. The limitations await you. Deal with it squarely. Face it/them doggedly. Winners don’t quit!

#BreakingBarriers 13. I’m having a bit of network challenges. Will respond to questions as it frees up.

#BreakingBarriers 14.  Do you know that you can use a conquered limitation to carve a niche for urself?Teachers are forged in the fires of life.

#BreakingBarriers 15.Practice makes perfect. Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep singing. Keep playing football. Improvement is a journey.

#BreakingBarriers 16. Perfection is a journey not a destination. You can’t stop learning else you start unlearning.

#BreakingBarriers 17.  It’s been an honour sharing with y’all. Network didn’t help much. Tweet privately with questions. I will help all I can.

We want to appreciate Jane Akwani for sharing those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers. 
To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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