Posted: April 14, 2017 in UNLEASHIDEA INC.

1. ​it’s been a great day, from ensuring a #CleanWarri to #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven @BreakingBarrie3 #NoToDomesticViolence
2. A lot’s been said today but let me add my little: The thoughts of a teen who cries “get that voice out of my head” #NoToDomesticViolence

3. There are so many great thoughts running in my mind but for that voice which taunts me #NoToDomesticViolence @dayus4heaven

4. In my heart I know am right but in my mind I can’t decipher my left from right #NoToDomesticViolence

5. It is louder than noise itself, it steals my peace and health #NoToDomesticViolence

6. It drives me crazy that I now act insane. Have I lost my mind? Oh that voice inside #NoToDomesticViolence

7. It drowns my dreams and feeds my fears, my light’s gone dim I wake in tears #NoToDomesticViolence

8. Oh that voice within my head, someone please help or am dead #NoToDomesticViolence

9. Get that voice out of my head so I can add to life like butter on bread #NoToDomesticViolence

10. Get that voice out of my head, I have so much to be, do & share before I grow some beard #NoToDomesticViolence

11. Get that voice out of my head, stop your noise, listen instead #NoToDomesticViolence

12. Get that voice out of my head, I am a rainbow, beautiful, not only coloured in red. #NoToDomesticViolence

13. The cries of children (#teens) are mostly unheard because their voice is silenced by oppression from seniors #NoToDomesticViolence

14. Denying #Teens the right to express & contribute their uniqueness is a plaguing abuse. Everyone matter. #NoToDomesticViolence

15. Before we fill their thoughts with our words, let’s give them chance to speak their minds #NoToDomesticViolence

16. Before we punish their hideous acts, let’s ensure we orient in love with words and action #NoToDomesticViolence

17. Dysfunctional adults are a reflection of a dysfunctional childhood. #NoToDomesticViolence

18. Correction done in anger incubates violence that leads to chaos #NoToDomesticViolence

19. Words of wisdom sealed in an envelope of love, leaves a more indelible impression in the heart of a #Teen #NoToDomesticViolence

20. Physical beating may toughen #Teens but it weakens the foundation of their value systems #NoToDomesticViolence

21. Let this be our reason not to have a reason for violence; that to get better, we need to do better. #NoToDomesticViolence

22. Violence violates every principle that leads to opulence, I AM CHUNU TEJIRI JERRY, I SAY #NoToDomesticViolence

Thanks you Tejiri Chunu for those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers #NoToDomesticViolence 

To your success,

Adedayo Olabamiji  


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