Posted: February 26, 2017 in UNLEASHIDEA INC.

First of all, I’d like to thank @dayus4heaven for inviting me on #BreakingBarriers. It is a great privilege to be here. Thanks once again

Today, I’d be sharing on WHAT MAKE ME TICK? Incidentally, my birthday was February 10. I had been sharing something similar#BreakingBarriers

By God’s grace, I have achieved a whole lot within a short time. I am grateful to God for this. I’d share a few things #BreakingBarriers


1. I am inspired by God’s Love for me & my Love For Him! This necessitates EVERY decision, action I take. #WhatMakesMeTick #BreakingBarriers

I know God loves me. I am more than convinced that He has GREAT PLANS for my life (Jer 29:11) It stirs me #WhatMakesMeTick #BreakingBarriers

2. I have a CLEAR PERSONAL VISION! This is the foundation on which I do EVERYTHING. What is a vision? #WhatMakesMeTick #BreakingBarriers

I also love God dearly. I strive to live by His Word and be a worthy representative of Him on earth #WhatMakesMeTick #BreakingBarriers

A Personal Vision is your MENTAL PICTURE of your DESIRED FUTURE. It is the FOUNDATION upon which your success is built #BreakingBarriers

Often times, people mistake VISION, DREAM & GOAL as the same. They are different, yet very connected! I’d explain shortly #BreakingBarriers

Do you have a PERSONAL VISION? Do you have MENTAL pictures of your future?What you cannot SEE, you cannot HAVE/EXPERIENCE! #BreakingBarriers

Your VISION is the FOUNDATION. Your DREAM is the INSPIRATION. Your GOAL is the EXECUTION. End Point = SUCCESS #BreakingBarriers

It’s never to let to know your PERSONAL VISION. It needs to be PRECISE. Not sure? GET HELP! You should send me a dm ASAP. #BreakingBarriers

My UNDERSTANDING of my PERSONAL VISION inspires me via my DREAMS. I set GOALS as my EXECUTION PLAN! Nothing can stops me #BreakingBarriers

What were you born to do? What problem were you created to solve? Break the barrier of low performance by knowing this #BreakingBarriers

3. My AUDACIOUS GOALS!Success is the achievement of PRE-DETERMINED goals.My Goals DRIVE me ALL THE TIME. #WhatMakesYouTick #BreakingBarriers

I have 8 Golden Rules of Goal Setting. One of them- “Your Goals Must STRETCH you.” This principle PUSHES me ALL the time. #BreakingBarriers

Do you GOALS spur you to take ACTION? Do you disturb your mental process? If they do not #BreakingBarriers may be a mystery to you!

Power of Goals – Goal Give You Long Term Vision&Short Term Motivation. Are your goals aligned with the BIGGER PICTURE? #BreakingBarriers

Setting Goal helps you develop your self (accountability, improvement, confidence and respect) #BreakingBarriers

Goals help PROPEL YOU FORWARD! That’s what I am PASSIONATE about them. MY GOALS make me tick #BreakingBarriers

3. What makes me tick? My PURSUITS! I have seven of them. I’d share shortly #Breaking Barriers

My Pursuit of Family Love/Stability, Excellence, Character, Innovation, Personal Development, Selfless Service and Legacy #BreakingBarriers

Family Love/Stability – I do my BEST to ensure there’s love, peace & stability in my home. It’s part of my MOTIVATION #BreakingBarriers

Promote PEACE, LOVE and JOY in your life and home! If it’s present in both, EVERYTHING else will COMPLY #BreakingBarriers

Don’t COMPROMISE ANYTHING that will distabilise your home. Family problems may affect EVERYTHING about you! I’m serious #BreakingBarriers

I SET GOALS to make my wife HAPPY! It’s a MAJOR PART of my MOTIVATION. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY can replace it in my life #BreakingBarriers

EXCELLENCE – I am always driven to ensure I deliver better than before! I do not set personal standards! #BreakingBarriers

YESTERDAY’S excellence is TODAY’S mediocrity! Everytime I work, this RINGS IN MY HEAD! Let it always ring in yours #BreakingBarriers

Don’t set personal standards for excellence. FIND OUT the standard. The least is to be at par with it & not less #BreakingBarriers

I like to OVER-DELIVER EXCELLENTLY. People around me called it OVER-SABI. Well, it’s opened more doors for me #BreakingBarriers

Don’t be a local champion.Find out the WORLD’S STANDARD in whatever you do.A continental champion may be a world’s failure #BreakingBarriers

CHARACTER – I never want to be speaking, teaching or preaching and my wife, child(ren), staff or friends will be laughing #BreakingBarriers

Remember, a GOOD NAME is BETTER than riches. Preach what you practice. Let it not be the other way round #BreakingBarriers

Watch your words, actions and behaviour. People would judge you more based on these and not what you say #BreakingBarriers

Innovation -I pursue this CONSCIOUSLY! Newly formed and executed ideas RULE THE WORLD! I like to know how best I can serve #BreakingBarriers

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – This is MY MANTRA! I am conscious that I cannot give what I do not have. Hence I pursue this… #BreakingBarriers

When I set goals, I set PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT GOALS. I also BUDGET for it. That’s one reason I achieve a lot. Do the same! #BreakingBarriers

SELFLESS SERVICE – I always place helping others over myself. I go out of my way! The results give me unquantifiable joy #BreakingBarriers

LEGACY – What do I want to be remembered for? This question also rings in my head all the time. It facilitates what I do! #BreakingBarriers

I’m sure you’ve learnt something tonight. DO SOMETHING with what you’ve learnt. God bless you. Till some other time #BreakingBarriers

Thank you Kelechi Anyilechi for sharing those nuggets. God bless you! 

Remember with God its people like us that succeed in life. 

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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