Posted: February 7, 2017 in UNLEASHIDEA INC.


1. ​Today’s session is not for those at their comfort zone, but folks that long to bounce back,succeed&gain momentum. #BreakingBarriers

2.  Trust me what you are going through today or will go through in life must not limit from being great in life. #BreakingBarriers @liveway

3. You are work in progress, hence, enjoy the moment and make your stories great. #Breakingbarriers @iamkingsmithA @Antom_dapper @liveway

4. You will face lots in life, you will fight not to be defeated but in all know that nothing just happen to you. #BreakingBarriers

5. Even when you are disappoint by people you trusted,& obsessed by life challenges, trust your STRUGGLES. #Breakingbarriers @LanreAgboola1

6. What makes you who you are and what you will become is WHAT MAKES YOU TICK! Follow me there is more to this. #Breakingbarriers

7. Your LIFE is on a GREAT journey! Don’t settle at your BUS STOP! #Breakingbarriers @iamkingsmithA @SamAkinlotan @Antom_dapper @liveway

8. You need to understand your JOURNEY in life and never compare with anyone. #Breakingbarriers @NonyeWrites @queenesohe

9. Probably you facing a lot , intentionally don’t give up, keep your eye on your VISION. But WORTH IT #Breakingbarriers

10. Challenge yourself to stand up and be who you want to be and not the idea your parents have on you. #Breakingbarriers

11. That can be a struggle& to trust that you can do it, you can.To earn your success you have to work toward your success #Breakingbarriers

12. Believing in YOURSELF is the first step. #Breakingbarriers @TBaarata @LanreAgboola1 @iamkingsmithA @Antom_dapper @Ibilola_Amao

13. One of the hardest parts about growing up is learning how to power through struggles. #Breakingbarriers @TBaarata @IAmSteveHarris

14.Struggling can take many forms,but if there is one thing I know, it’s this: struggle is never permanent. #Breakingbarriers @AskRDJ

16. Obviously, life is never going to be exactly what you wanted to be 100% of the time. #Breakingbarriers @iamDayoSamuel @gbonjute

17. If we think like that, we’re just going to get lost in the fantasy of what we think life should be. #Breakingbarriers @DeleAgbogun

18. One of the most important things to remember when dealing with struggle is to never let it DEFINE your life. #Breakingbarriers @liveway

19. It doesn’t matter what you have done in the past — your future is still a blank slate for you to improve upon. #Breakingbarriers

20. There may be times when it feels like your life is flat lining and you’re not doing anything to make your life better. #Breakingbarriers

21. You might be thinking, “How the hell my supposed to push through my struggles? #Breakingbarriers

22. As we grow up, we need to learn how to trust in our struggles. We need to embrace them & find help where necessary #BreakingBarriers

23. And understand that they are there to help us become stronger, more determined person. #BreakingBarriers @all4allNuel @Hublife

24. I’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength. #BreakingBarriers @SoniaPoleon @liveway

25. You have to trust that what’s happening now will change you for the better in the end. #Breakingbarriers @MzBofias @bellajohn005

26. For me through challenges have intentionally hav lived fearlessly knowing that what doesn’t kills ME makes ME stronger #BreakingBarriers

27. Love to share 5 things to get through those TICK moments in life. #Breakingbarriers

28. 1.Believe that nothing and no one can hinder you from succeeding in life! You are limited by what you BELIEF #Breakingbarriers @TBaarata

29. 2.At no point must you settle for less or think twice to GIVE UP on yourself! There is more ground 2BREAK.keep working #Breakingbarriers

30. Don’t get carried away by what happens in others life! Intentionally FOCUS on your life.Hard work pays! #BreakingBarriers @iamkingsmithA

31. Build RELATIONSHIPS that will take you to where you dreamed to be. Your associates have lots of influence on you! #BreakingBarriers

32. You don’t need to be conventional in life! Do EXTRA achieve EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS. Challenge STATUS QUO. #Breakingbarriers

33. Follow your INSTINCTS! Your PEACE lies there, don’t be negatively influenced or carried away. #Breakingbarriers

34. Make sure no one determines your HAPPINESS in life! Keep that power to yourself. #BreakingBarriers @TBaarata @sapiosanct @iamkingsmithA

35. As a matter of fact, take responsibility of your DESTINY! you are illimitable! #Breakingbarriers

36. Remember that SUCCESS is the best REVENGE you can ever give yourself after all trials! #Breakingbarriers @iamkingsmithA @TBaarata

37. When you face REJECTION keep trying till you SUCCEED/BREAKTHROUGH! REJECTION is not IMPOSSIBLE means REtry! #BreakingBarriers @liveway

38. After you WIN, tell your STORY to inspire SOMEONE! #Breakingbarriers @jide_martins @BidemiMarkMordi @LanreAgboola1 @MzBofias 

39. Your PROBLEMS, STRUGGLES, ISSUES makes YOU TICK! Stop the pity Party and intentionally make your life great #Breakingbarriers

40. Yours might be broken home, relationship, finance, career, family et al! Don’t hesitate to start afresh #Breakingbarriers @liveway

41. Ask & identify source of the problem! Get help from professionals, keep your eyes on the end not NOW. #BreakingBarriers @ikeamadi

42. In all don’t drive yourself CRAZY! Take your time, take responsibility of your mistakes , be patient&keep soaring. #Breakingbarriers

43. It’s a Wrap!! Thanks all for the RTs. Remember with God its people like us that succeed in life. #Breakingbarriers . Gracias

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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