Posted: February 7, 2017 in UNLEASHIDEA INC.

1. It’s such a huge pleasure to be here tonight,my apology for starting behind schedule, I had an unexpected emergency to settle. Thanks for having me. 

2. Fundamental issue dat determines the flow of life including our focus is “identity”. Once you have an identity crisis,your entire life changes.

3. Our self perception shapes our interface with life.once faulty,we automatically malfunction and live below installed capacity. #breakingbarriers

4. Study reveals dat d African youth dosent have  an information/knowledge problem. Required information  is available at our fingertips #breakingbarriers

5. Self discovery and awareness automatically narrows down your options and frees us to pursue the internal compelling pictures we see within #breakingbarriers

6. Am sure we’ve hosted great minds on did platform and many others. The question is what’s the impact on national development in general #breakingbarriers

7. The capacity required to  focus is built over time and  its intentional. Its a core value of life crafted from childhood globally #breakingbarriers

8. When you tell the African youth he is the leader of tomorrow and not to day. He abandons the  responsibility of development to other generations #breakingbarriers

9. Consciously or subconsciously we learnt the  ability to give attention to what is important to us, so we all posses to power of focus #breakingbarriers

10. As earlier established,our desires,  passions, goals and responsibilities flow from who we are & our perceived assignment on earth #breakingbarriers

11. So the  power of consistent attention is given to frivolities. We ‘ve priortised the  lesser issues of life & passed down excitement #breakingbarriers

12. Challenge is how do we redirect that  energy towards a meaningful & measurable goal with the understanding the life depends on us #breakingbarrier

13. We must tell subsequent generations that they are royalty created with the ability to  lead themselves & solve problems for humanity# breakingbarriers

14. We ‘ve built our lives believing a narrative about ourselves that  absolves us of d responsibility of growth & development #breakingbarriers

15. Personally I accepted the  responsibility of ensuring that families across Africa can watch wholesome/inspirational entertainmnt #breakingbarriers

16. That understanding has compelled me to look inwards & develop creative solutions to meet my objective & avoid unnecessary distractions #breakingbarriers

17. It meant I had 2 focus on enduring the solution was homegrown and met the identified need of creating positive Afrocentric content #breakingbarriers

18. I believed it was a huge privilege to tackle the challenge of creating​ dignified content for African homes and i rose up to it.#breakingbarriers

19. If we reconfigure young pple to see theselves as qualified to bring creative solutions to our world,we will see the  power of focus #breakingbarriers

20. As we Overhaul our educational system to intentionally raise creative problem solvers. Africa will achieve installed capacity #breakingbarriers

21. Thank you again for  the honour to share my thoughts.i strongly believe once Africa heals of its identity crisis, A giant will rise #breakingbarriers
We want to appreciate Deji Irawo for those insightful words shared on #BreakingBarriers tonight.  

Appreciate our fam for showing up! 👏👏👏 We love 😍  be you all!
Remember with God its people like us that succeed in life. 

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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