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The subject of purpose is broad and its understanding is critical whether as an individual, nation, business entity, etc. PURPOSE is simply the WHY. Why on earth am I here? Why am I churning out this product or service? When you understand the WHY, the battle is half-won. Developing the WHY requires a lot of thought-process. When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable.

Purpose is the catalyst for your life’s chemical reaction. You will simply g bunkers. When a man has discovered his purpose, he is passionate about it. Purpose preserves. Until you have finished your purpose, nothing can truncate it. Purpose s definite. Not abstract. It has a scope, key performance indicators and critical success factors. Everyone has a goldmine. We envy others even when we all run separate races. Purpose is unique. You have to discover purpose. When you discover it, it will preserve you. If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. Your passion will lead you right into your purpose. The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out WHY?

According to the first line of JCI Creed, “faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human lives”. You are a product of designed by a manufacture with a manual that explains WHY. Only you can fulfill your purpose. It’s never too late to discover purpose. At 65, Colonel Sanders founded KFC which had $23b in revenues in 2013. KFC started out during the Great Depression. Perhaps this recession might just be your Eureka moment. Lying dormant in everyone is a voice. Lone. Distant. Will you silence it or make it find expression? Anything that makes you go angry is an indication of your purpose. Rape? Girl education? Leadership? Politics? In fulfilling purpose, never underestimate the need for mentorship. Be humble. Learn the ropes. Purpose has a season. It is for an appointed time. Hastily birthed, hastily destroyed.

A common phenomenon is menopause. How about purposepause? Most people re currently suffering from it? Are you? Purposepause could mean: loss of a loved one, an election, investment, idea, etc. it should be a detour not a period. Use your period of purposepause as a springboard for success. Hit the ground running but bounce back and high. We all will experience purposepause but the will to succeed and the opportunity cost for inaction should ginger us. Purposepause helps you build faith, reexamine your trajectory, fuels you and enlist you in a hall of fame.

Thought Provoking Questions:

•Can you say you have lived this one life well?

•Do you know your purpose?

•Have you discovered purpose? What is it? Are you living for it?

•How do you discover purpose? Meditate. Ask questions? Think? Tragically, most people dread this exercise.

Points: Purpose is the reason WHY you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.

Words on marble:•The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose – Richard Leider

•Show me a man without a purpose and I will show you a scientific minus

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