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1. Good evening everyone, good to have you around this evening. Thank you @dayus4heaven for requesting I do this. #BreakingBarriers

2. This evening I would be tweeting on #ActivateNow within the #BreakingBarriers series.

3. Barriers are not new to human race. #ActivateNow#BreakingBarriers

4. Barriers are not friends to anyone. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

5. Those that we call “Success” achieved outstanding results in spite of barriers. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

6. Barriers are not enough to stop the determined. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

7. Actually, a made up mind renders impotent every form of barrier and opposition. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

8. You mind this mind set to conquer barriers and activate your greatness in a grand style. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

9. You see, when you know your make up, something in you wakes up. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

10. Everyone of us is created for greatness, the inability of many people to activate this greatness in potential form, creates mediocres.

11. For limited time, am going to give some useful insights any serious person can us to #ActivateNow and #BreakingBarriers.

12. Wisdom1: Nothing is a difficult as it first appears. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

13. Difficulty is rooted in ignorance. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

14. When you don’t know how to do a thing, it comes to you as difficult. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

14. After a while you may even because angry. But not note that some anger is just a display of ignorance. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers
15. Angers some times is just concentrated ignorance.

16. Wisdom2: Take personal responsibility for your growth in knowledge. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

17. Knowledge must be pursued. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

18. Pursuit is the only proof of desire. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

19. Foolishness is an ability. It is the ability to ignore an insight that is capable of helping you. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

20. So deficiency and insufficiency of knowledge is a choice and a decision. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

21. Little wonder we are told, ignorance is not an excuse in law. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

22. Your growth is your personal and non transferable responsibility. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

23. Wisdom3: Get a Good Mentor. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

24. Mentoring is a game changer. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

25. Your mentor is not the that advises you, but whose advice you follow. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

26. Actually, mentors don’t give advice, they give instructions. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

27. Mentorship relationship increases your speed and rate of activating your potential. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

29. Without mentorship you suffer serial misfortunes and mistakes. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

30. We learn basically in two broad ways, through Mentors or Mistakes. The former is better. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

31. Finally for today, Wisdom4: Stay Connected to God. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

32. You see we are designed to be God-dependant. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

33. You only become and remain resourceful as you remain connected to God, your SOURCE. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

34. When God assists you, nobody (Except yourself), can successfully resist you. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

35. To become every thing God has placed within you in a potential form, you need to stay connected to God. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

36. As come to the close of this tweetcast today, please be encouraged that you can rise above any set back. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

37. What you did or achieved in the past, is not all you can be and do.There is so much greatness within you. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

38. Don’t give up. Look up to God, you will find hope to take on life with fresh resolve to win. #ActivateNow #BreakingBarriers

39. You are created for the top, don’t settle for anything less not anything else. Go for the gold before you grow old. #ActivateNow

40. Thank you @dayus4heaven for the privilege of doing this. I cherish and value you. OUR BEST IS STILL AHEAD OF US. DREAM AND DARE! CHEERS

We want to appreciate Pastor Wisdom for sharing those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers

Thanks FAM for staying TUNE tonight.


To Your Success

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Remember with God its people like us that SUCCEED in life.


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