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#BreakingBarriers WEEK 39

Thanks so much for having me on #BreakingBarriers tonight. @dayus4heaven

1. Raising Your Standard – is about fine-tuning your value system for excellence. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

2. Raising your standard, is NOT about financial gains, although financial gain can be a benefit. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

3. Self development is the major tool for #raisingyourstandard #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

4. In #RaisingYourStandard you MUST have something better than your present that you aspire to. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

5. Personal development is a MUST in #RaisingYourStandard #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

6. I personally look for people better than me and I COPY the things they do that I need. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

7. There are 10 MAJOR principles in #RaisingYourStandards and I got them from @WeAreGEMSTONE #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

8. Principle 1: I will MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT on EVERYONE I meet & EVERYWHERE I go. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

9. Principle 2: I will be a SOLUTION PROVIDER & not part of the problem to be solved. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

10. Principle 3: I will be a ROLE MODEL worthy of emulation. #RaisingYourStandard #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

11. Principle 4: I will BE MY BEST in I do, particularly the things I am NATURALLY good at. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

12. Principle 5: I will do THE RIGHT THING at ALL times, regardless of WHO is doing the wrong thing. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

13. Principle 6: I will VALUE TIME and make the best use of it. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

14. Principle 7: I will CARE & SHOW RESPECT to ALL, through my words and my actions. #BreakingBarriers@dayus4heaven

15: Principle 8: I will CONSCIOUSLY BUILD A GREAT LEGACY starting now today and everyday. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

16. Principle 9: I will LIVE A LIFE OF INTEGRITY AND HONOUR. #RaisingYourStandard #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

17. Principle 10: I will MAKE MY FAMILY, MY NATION & MY GOD PROUD! #RaisingYourStandard #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

18. It is almost impossible to live the principle without the HELP of GOD! #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

19. I recite these values EVERYDAY, making it easier to be etched in my memory. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

20. I have told my husband, 13yr-old son, parents, siblings & mentees about it, so they keep me accountable. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

21. This therefore means that my work is no longer just to earn an income, but to change my community. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

22. I recently was MC at an event and servers were not enough. I had to join in to serve because I am a solution provider. #BreakingBarriers

23. I can not afford to sit with complainers who offer no solution. #RaisingYourStandard #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

25. Be your best ALWAYS. Can you work at par with your colleagues in the same profession from other countries/continents? #BreakingBarriers

24. Before you talk about a problem, think about the solution. #RaisingYourStandard #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

26. Start meditating on and practicing these principles. I await your testimonials. #RaisingYourStandard#BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

27. Thanks again @dayus4heaven for the privilege to share how I raise my standards. #BreakingBarriers

28. These principles will work in any career, profession, nation or location. #RaisingYourStandard#BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

I sign out here… Goodnight and God bless. #RaisingYourStandard #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

What a great session with Joyce Daniels on #BreakingBarriers. God bless you

Appreciate our FAMs for the RTs and contributions.

Next week promises to be great on #BreakingBarriers.

To your Success,


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Remember with God its people like us that SUCCEED in life.


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