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1. Hi guys, welcome to #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven @BreakingBarrie3 . Today’s topic is #Purposeful

2. Heard it said a lot but you really can’t tell what #purposeful is to you? I was like this sometime in the past. #BreakingBarriers

3. Purpose is that distinguishing factor in the life of a person that makes him or her stand out. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

4. You cannot discover purpose outside of what God has put inside of you. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

5. People think that discovering purpose is an uphill task. Many simply do the next best thing that they can find. #BreakingBarriers

6. For most of us the pursuit of happiness is hinged on our finding purpose. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

7. When God created each and every one of us, He had an idea what He thought we would do for Him. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

8. Like Dr. Myles Munroe would say, “where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.” #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

9. However, we all become who God has called us to be when we discover what it is that He put in us. #BreakingBarriers #Purposefu

10. To live purposeful, you must discover the function for the gift that you have been given. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful 

11. Make sure that you prepare adequately for what your function is. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

12. Your function is usually a spin-off from the gift that you have. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

13. Know what you require so that you can take the time to acquire the skills you need. #BreakingBarriers #Purposefu

14. While you are preparing, also be sensitive tothe right timing to launch out. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful 

15. I know you want to be living your dream already, but what’s a dream if it doesn’t make impact? #BreakingBarriers #Purposefu

16. We need to be very discerning; we need to be very intentional. #BreakingBarriers #Purposefu

17. Take the time to discern and discover that which you have been created to do. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

18. From personal experience, my own life turned- my life did a 360 turn around when I discovered purpose. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

19. Realise that you are not on earth to mark time; you were put here on earth for a reason. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

20. You can interchange the word ‘vision’ for ‘purpose’ & say, “where there is no purpose, the people perish.” #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

21. Purpose goes beyond why it is that we are here, it enters the why you do the things that you do. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

22. Why you are here is one aspect of purpose; why you do the things that you do is another aspect of purpose. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

23. The other element of purpose is that it must benefit other people. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

24. The most powerful and successful lives are lived when they are lived on purpose. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

25. Your purpose must be beneficial to you. You should be happy and fulfilled doing whatever it is that you are doing?#BreakingBarriers

26. Purpose must deliver glory to God. if it is successful the way men see success, then it’s not delivering glory to God. #BreakingBarriers

27. Success is ambition within the framework of purpose. Success is not ambition in a vacuum. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

28. Success is actually something you do within the framework of the parameters that God has set in your life. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

29. Your life is your decision. To live a #Purposeful life is a decision. #BreakingBarriers

30. Purpose is beyond any money, purpose is about adding value. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

31.There’s a difference between living and existing. Purpose makes the difference. It gives direction. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

32.When you discover your purpose, it helps you chart a path. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful 

33.Discovering your purpose will help you make up your mind on discipline and self-control. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

34.Purpose is the anchor. It not only holds you, it also helps you live a simplified and meaningful life. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

35.Everybody does not find their #purpose using the same template. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

36.The gift that God gives to you or whatever it is that God has called you to, will always begin right where you are. #BreakingBarriers

37.In trying to discover #purpose , you need to ask, what has God put in me that this land needs? #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

38.Until you give your best where you are, you may never be able to garner yourself to give your best to yourself. #BreakingBarriers

39.If you want to live a life of #purpose , you need to take into consideration where you are at. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

40.My location, #Nigeria , has trained me to be able to achieve a lot with the barest minimum condition. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

41.Have you become so comfortable in where you are now that you are unable to fulfil your purpose? #BreakingBarriers

42.God’s purpose for your life will not contradict His will- that’s the truth! #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful @BreakingBarrie3 

43.Assess the weight of your gifting and the use you are putting them into. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful @BreakingBarrie3 .

44.You need to ascertain for yourself what your best use is. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful @BreakingBarrie3

45.If you find that where you are is not your best use, be very quick to do a U-turn. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful @BreakingBarrie3

46.Enjoying life by doing what you are called to do involves the right priorities & putting yourself to your best use. #BreakingBarriers

47.Being #purposeful is about living an authentic life. #BreakingBarriers @BreakingBarrie3

48.You cannot say I’m living a #purposeful life when you are not doing what your creator has ordained for you to do. #BreakingBarriers

49.We are peculiar and what that means is we have within us the capacity to be the thing that God has called us to be. #BreakingBarriers

50.People wake up and decide that they want to end up wherever they want to end up. Where do you want to end up? #BreakingBarriers

51.That ‘they seem to be succeeding at it, so I want to do it,’ is not a #Purposeful approach to life. #BreakingBarriers @BreakingBarrie3

52.I know people who changed their professions at 60. One thing they usually would say is “I wish I knew early enough. #BreakingBarriers

53.Are you living your live your life in such a way that when you’re done, you can say I’m ready to go? #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

54.Realise that you cannot take your gift and plug it into something that robs the earth of her lustre and moisture. #BreakingBarriers

55.Like our gifts, our design is value-neutral. How and where you plug it into determines how #purposeful you become. #BreakingBarriers

56.Find your design; even amongst the things that you have been given, you are stronger in some than you are in others. #BreakingBarriers

57. @JohnCMaxwell says it this way, ‘develop your strength and resource your weaknesses’

58.Want to live a purposeful life? 1. You must find your source. My source is God, my manual is the Bible. #BreakingBarriers

59.Want to live a #purposeful life? 2. You need to be sure about is your strength, your mould, your design. #BreakingBarriers

60.Find your template and be comfortable in that design that God has put together for you. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

61.Want to live a #purposeful life? 3. Be to be accountable to your source. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

62.Every time we decide that we can do whatever we want what happens is that we are not accountable to our source. #BreakingBarriers

63.4. Take your raw material and distill it into a product and a service that is specific to your calling. #BreakingBarriers #Purposeful

64.You cannot be anything that you want. You can only be what God has called you to do or to be. So live #Purposeful #BreakingBarriers
Wow! What a great session with Mrs. Bidemi Mark-Mordi ~@BidemiMarkMordi. God bless you indeed. Thanks for sharing via #BreakingBarriers 🙏 

Like Like to thank all our fam ❤ ❤ ❤ for staying tune. July promises to be great. 
Remember with GOD its PEOPLE like US that SUCCEED in LIFE. 

Host:Adedayo Olabamiji 

Twitter : @dayus4heaven 

Blog : unleashidea.wordpress.com 


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