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#BreakingBarriers WEEK 23

Nothing defines your future like your thoughts, the good book says;
“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” #BreakingBarriers (1

So what you are today is the sum total of your most prevailing
thoughts from your past #BreakingBarriers (2

Your future is the sum total of your past and your present thoughts
#BreakingBarriers (3

A Successful life never happens by chance. Every successful life
story you see is the product of success based thoughts.
#BreakingBarriers (4

Therefore your thoughts determine what your life becomes. It is too
important to be ignored #BreakingBarriers (5

Many times we judge people by their looks, but the real character
and personality of a man his thinking pattern#BreakingBarriers (6

To improve the quality of your life, improve the quality of your
thoughts #BreakingBarriers (7

The mind is the seat of your thoughts. The state of your mind
determines the quality of thoughts you have. #BreakingBarriers (8

The mind is like a photographic film, the properties in the light you
expose the film to is the exact picture you get #BreakingBarriers (9

The mind is like a cassette tape. Whatever you record on it is what
you hear when you play back #BreakingBarriers (10

The mind is like a memory card, what you save on it is what you
can access whenever you read the card with a computer
#BreakingBarriers (11

It is called “Garbage in,Garbage out”.What you store in your mind
determines the kind of thoughts you think afterwards
#BreakingBarriers (12

Life is not as mysterious as we think it is. Life is predictable! The
thoughts you think determines the life you live. #BreakingBarriers

What you sow is what you reap. What are you sowing in your
mind? #BreakingBarriers (14

Information is stored in our minds through our information
gates;basically our eyes and ears(what we see and  what we hear)
#BreakingBarriers (15

This information determines our thoughts, which in turn determines
the kind of life we live #BreakingBarriers (16

By nature we become what we see and hear on a consistent basis.
The mind is a very powerful gift from God #BreakingBarriers (17

Whatever a man can think, he can achieve. If it was impossible to
achieve then it will be impossible to think it #BreakingBarriers (18

And the LORD said… and now nothing will be restrained from them,
which they have imagined to do. Genesis 11:6 #BreakingBarriers

That is why in 2015, Super Bowl adverts cost as much as $4.5
million per 30-second spot #BreakingBarriers (20

This is because the 160 million viewers worldwide watching the
Super Bowl become potential clients/customers #BreakingBarriers

People go to shop after watching the advert and they are naturally
drawn to these products. What we see we become!
#BreakingBarriers (22

Where the mind goes the man follows. Whoever controls what you
hear & see,controls your mind & thus controls your life
#BreakingBarriers (23

So what is a “Mind map”? A mind map is a diagram used to visually
organize information. #BreakingBarriers (24

A mind map gives structure to information and guides the chain of
thoughts for efficiency #BreakingBarriers (25

For this discourse, I will define ‘Mind mapping’, as the intentional
effort you make to guard your mind #BreakingBarriers (26

A strategic effort at ensuring that only empowering “pictures and
sounds” enter your “information gates” #BreakingBarriers (27

We have a major crisis today. With the explosion of the internet
age,so much information flying around at light speed
#BreakingBarriers (28

Attention span has so dwindled, it is difficult to hold the attention
of youngsters for long #BreakingBarriers (29

The Internet,TV and  other media platform we use to consume
information will do us serious damage if not controlled
#BreakingBarriers (30

So you must guard your mind. Protect it from unproductive
information through the media. #BreakingBarriers (31

Structure the time you spend on these platforms. Censor the
content you consume. Discipline yourself. #BreakingBarriers (32

Seize your future and ensure your success. Nobody can do that for
you. #BreakingBarriers (33

Mind the company you keep and how you communicate
#BreakingBarriers (34

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.#BreakingBarriers (35

Thats all folks! I will give room for questions now #BreakingBarriers

Wow! What an expository and phenomenal session with Ikechi Ugwoeje. God bless you Sir

Thanks fam ❤ ❤ ❤ for staying tune on #BreakingBarriers.

Remember with GOD its PEOPLE like US that SUCCEED in LIFE.

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Host : Adedayo Olabamiji
Twitter : @dayus4heaven
Blog : unleashidea.wordpress.com


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