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#BreakingBarriers WEEK 24

1. Thank you @dayus4heaven for this privilege to share my ideology
and thought on money with people #BreakingBarriers

2. I am passionate about this because I grew up seeing money as a
mystery not a mastery @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

3. I have spent the last 12 years of my adult life studying money,
wealth creation and the mastery of it @dayus4heaven

4. Money is not a mystery. It is a Mastery #BreakingBarriers

5. Making money is a skill not a luck @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

6. One of the biggest mysteries for 99% of the world is money and its
workings #BreakingBarriers

7. Money is not scarce and it has never been scarce. @dayus4heaven

8. Government officials, clergymen, and so many people are ignorant
of its nature and what it really means. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

9. Money is a tool and it was invented by humanity so that transaction can be convenient @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

10. Money is not a problem of any nation including Nigeria. The main
issue is people don’t understand it. @dayus4heaven

11. Money is only a symbol of appreciation and it is an Intermediary
instrument @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

12. We have not been taught the real way to create Money in the
world. There is a System of making money your friend for life

13. People say they don’t have money and some say they are afraid of
money. Both thinking pattern are erroneous @dayus4heaven

14. How do you create Money in the Real World? @dayus4heaven

15. You don’t have money because you have gone to school. You
don’t even have money because u start business @dayus4heaven

16. Money Making is a Profession and a skill. Many are ignorant of
this. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

17. If you are broke, don’t blame the government or the Economy.
Check what you are Offering to the world #BreakingBarriers

18. Why should people give you money? #BreakingBarriers

19. People Don’t give you money for what you Have. They Give you
Money for what they Want. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

20. Do you know how to give people what they want? #BreakingBarriers

21. Don’t be Concerned Wen u don’t have Money ; be Concerned that u
don’t have what People want to give Money for @dayus4heaven

22. Make yourself indispensable to the world and you can’t lack money.
@dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

23. The only job you must focus on if you want to create money is the
job of Creating Customer Value #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

24. What is your Money Autobiography? How comfortable are you with
money. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

25. How do u define money? What does money means to you. Money is
not our problem. It is not knowing it nature that is our problem. #BreakingBarriers

26. Money is what u get when you give people what they want. Focus on
developing the capacity to solve people’s important problem.
@dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

27. Why are You Broke? @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers
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28. Going to university or having a master degree is not enough to
make money in d Real sense. Develop Money making Skill. #BreakingBarriers

29. Do you Know how to work with People? Do you know how to Sell in
the Real World? @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

30. How many Streams of Income do you have. It is not your
Employer’s Obligation to teach you about Money making
@dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

31. Perhaps what you are even trained for in school is already
disappearing because of technology. Upgrade @dayus4heaven

32. Make yourself invaluable in the marketplace and your bank account
shall reflect it @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

33. Always be more concerned about what you are Offering not what
you are Earning #BreakingBarriers

34. Be more concerned about what you are Offering than what you Are
Earning @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

35. Have a plan. Design your money making path. @dayus4heaven

36. Be responsible financially. Don’t let your money life just be based
on Hope. Let it be based on concrete plan #BreakingBarriers

37. In the world of money, Hope is not a Strategy. @dayus4heaven

38. Money reveals how generous you can be with others in terms of
offering what they want. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers
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39. If you want to make money u must learn how to think about what
other people want and what they want to pay for @dayus4heaven

40. Money does not grow on trees but money Has its own Money Tree
@dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

41. The minimum steams of income you must have is 4. You must
redefine what you do. There are hidden streams in it already

42. How do you define your work? You are not working for your
company but with your company. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarrier

43. No one is Responsible for your finances but YOU. Take Charge.
Grow your knowledge base. This is the time to grow on knowledge. #BreakingBarriers

44. The problem with people is that they abandon their learning stage
to jump to Earning stage. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarrier

45. There are 3 stages : Learning, Earning and Achievement stage. You
can’t jump it if you really want to be whole @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

46. Because you have a degree does not really mean you have learnt
how to Really Earn @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

47. There are 7 wages of Work and I see people jumping this and they
only want to focus on money alone. That is Wrong Number. #BreakingBarriers

48. You must learn how to Really Earn. And to do that, you must take
your Learning Stage seriously @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

49. Unfortunately, conventional school did not teach you the Real Skill
of Money Making. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

50. Sell: It is the unvarnished Skill of every wealthy person.
@dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

51. Learn how to Work with People. It will increase your ability to make
more Money. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

52. Money Making is A Process not A Miracle #BreakingBarriers

53. Be a Producer not just a consumer. If u consume more than you
produce, your bank account will always be Lean @dayus4heaven

54. Money Is a Reward not An Award @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers
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55. You can’t Make Money Making Excuses. They don’t meet
@dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

56. Thank you for the privilege to share tonight. There are more things
to say in a deeper way but always know this @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

57. Money Is one of the Easiest things to Demonstrate if you really
know what it is. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

58. I never See money as a prayer point or a struggle. I have figured it
out perfectly. You Can create Money. It is a tool. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

59. Don’t ever be Afraid of money or be jealous of someone that has it.
It is anti Money Making @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

60. Always be at home with money. Be comfortable to discuss it.
Money is designed to work for you. @dayus4heaven

61. The hardest thing to do about money is to Steal it. That is one of
the highest level of ignorance have seen @dayus4heaven

62. Thank you all. Have a fantastic time. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

What an insightful session with @Tadecash on #BreakingBarriers 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Next week promises to be great as @UnusualTeajay facilitates #BreakingBarriers.

Thanks fam ❤ ❤ ❤ for staying tune on #BreakingBarriers.

Remember with GOD its PEOPLE like US that SUCCEED in LIFE.

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#BreakingBarriers WEEK 23

Nothing defines your future like your thoughts, the good book says;
“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” #BreakingBarriers (1

So what you are today is the sum total of your most prevailing
thoughts from your past #BreakingBarriers (2

Your future is the sum total of your past and your present thoughts
#BreakingBarriers (3

A Successful life never happens by chance. Every successful life
story you see is the product of success based thoughts.
#BreakingBarriers (4

Therefore your thoughts determine what your life becomes. It is too
important to be ignored #BreakingBarriers (5

Many times we judge people by their looks, but the real character
and personality of a man his thinking pattern#BreakingBarriers (6

To improve the quality of your life, improve the quality of your
thoughts #BreakingBarriers (7

The mind is the seat of your thoughts. The state of your mind
determines the quality of thoughts you have. #BreakingBarriers (8

The mind is like a photographic film, the properties in the light you
expose the film to is the exact picture you get #BreakingBarriers (9

The mind is like a cassette tape. Whatever you record on it is what
you hear when you play back #BreakingBarriers (10

The mind is like a memory card, what you save on it is what you
can access whenever you read the card with a computer
#BreakingBarriers (11

It is called “Garbage in,Garbage out”.What you store in your mind
determines the kind of thoughts you think afterwards
#BreakingBarriers (12

Life is not as mysterious as we think it is. Life is predictable! The
thoughts you think determines the life you live. #BreakingBarriers

What you sow is what you reap. What are you sowing in your
mind? #BreakingBarriers (14

Information is stored in our minds through our information
gates;basically our eyes and ears(what we see and  what we hear)
#BreakingBarriers (15

This information determines our thoughts, which in turn determines
the kind of life we live #BreakingBarriers (16

By nature we become what we see and hear on a consistent basis.
The mind is a very powerful gift from God #BreakingBarriers (17

Whatever a man can think, he can achieve. If it was impossible to
achieve then it will be impossible to think it #BreakingBarriers (18

And the LORD said… and now nothing will be restrained from them,
which they have imagined to do. Genesis 11:6 #BreakingBarriers

That is why in 2015, Super Bowl adverts cost as much as $4.5
million per 30-second spot #BreakingBarriers (20

This is because the 160 million viewers worldwide watching the
Super Bowl become potential clients/customers #BreakingBarriers

People go to shop after watching the advert and they are naturally
drawn to these products. What we see we become!
#BreakingBarriers (22

Where the mind goes the man follows. Whoever controls what you
hear & see,controls your mind & thus controls your life
#BreakingBarriers (23

So what is a “Mind map”? A mind map is a diagram used to visually
organize information. #BreakingBarriers (24

A mind map gives structure to information and guides the chain of
thoughts for efficiency #BreakingBarriers (25

For this discourse, I will define ‘Mind mapping’, as the intentional
effort you make to guard your mind #BreakingBarriers (26

A strategic effort at ensuring that only empowering “pictures and
sounds” enter your “information gates” #BreakingBarriers (27

We have a major crisis today. With the explosion of the internet
age,so much information flying around at light speed
#BreakingBarriers (28

Attention span has so dwindled, it is difficult to hold the attention
of youngsters for long #BreakingBarriers (29

The Internet,TV and  other media platform we use to consume
information will do us serious damage if not controlled
#BreakingBarriers (30

So you must guard your mind. Protect it from unproductive
information through the media. #BreakingBarriers (31

Structure the time you spend on these platforms. Censor the
content you consume. Discipline yourself. #BreakingBarriers (32

Seize your future and ensure your success. Nobody can do that for
you. #BreakingBarriers (33

Mind the company you keep and how you communicate
#BreakingBarriers (34

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.#BreakingBarriers (35

Thats all folks! I will give room for questions now #BreakingBarriers

Wow! What an expository and phenomenal session with Ikechi Ugwoeje. God bless you Sir

Thanks fam ❤ ❤ ❤ for staying tune on #BreakingBarriers.

Remember with GOD its PEOPLE like US that SUCCEED in LIFE.

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#BreakingBarriers WEEK 22

Dealing with Mediocrity : 1. Mediocre!!! Oh thou will see beyond

2. It’s not yet time to give up or settle for less. The sky is big
enough. #BreakingBarriers

3. TRUTH is where you are right now is not your final destination in
life. Your Bus stop is not the end don’t sleep there #BreakingBarriers

4. Don’t take your comfort zone as your final destination! There is
more to achieve in life. #BreakingBarriers

5. Opportunities awaits you, reach out to be great as you are
destined to be. Think Big! #BreakingBarriers

6. Don’t leave any stone unturned till you fulfil destiny in life. Keep
moving! #BreakingBarriers

7. When mediocrity becomes accepted norms, excellent dies a
painful death. #BreakingBarriers

8. The price of excellence is discipline while the cost of mediocrity
is disappointment. #BreakingBarriers

9. Don’t be too comfortable with where you are, that you make
there your habitat. #BreakingBarriers

10. You set life limitations through your mediocrity acts and
thoughts. Challenge your status quo! #BreakingBarriers

11. Be fearful and passionately protest MEDIOCRITY. #BreakingBarriers

12. What seems the best today will be obsolete tomorrow. Look
into the future and act accordingly. #BreakingBarriers

13. Success and mediocrity are both absolutely predictable because
they follow the natural and immutable law of sowing . #BreakingBarriers

14. Check your seeds! Activate your life for excellence. #BreakingBarriers

15. Fear of the unknown and caution are path to mediocrity, take
calculated risk. Make things happen. #BreakingBarriers

16. You can’t grow beyond what you desire of in life. Desire more
from life and get more. #BreakingBarriers

17. Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity,
and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them. #BreakingBarriers

18. Check your life! Where are you? Where do you desire to be?
What is limiting you? Why are you where you are? #BreakingBarriers

19. Mediocrity is the marshy border line separating greatness from
littleness: a fit habitation for human mosquitoes. #BreakingBarriers

20. Dealing with Mediocrity attitudes and mentality must be
consciously done. Greatness is in YOU. #BreakingBarriers

21.Mediocrity makes laws and sets mantraps and spring-guns and spring-guns in the realm
of free song,saying thus far shalt thou go and no further.

22a. Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over
small things, but not you. #BreakingBarriers

22b.Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands,but not
you. #BreakingBarriers

23.Mediocrity acts makes you belittle your CREATOR desires
towards YOU. It’s an insult to look down on yourself. #BreakingBarriers

24.You need to do more than AVERAGE,be PHENOMENAL no 1
great ever achieve great results living an average life. #BreakingBarriers

25. The boundary between where you are and where you ought to
be is in dealing with that mediocrity life of yours. #BreakingBarriers

27. You cannot go far in life beyond where you see yourself! Sharpen your vision, be focus in all. #BreakingBarriers

28. Your problem is not the people around, neither the environment
but lack of vision and directions. #BreakingBarriers

29. Take a step of FAITH and believe in possibilities. All things are
possible to them that believe! #BreakingBarriers

30. The lessons of the ordinary people are everywhere. Few live a
fulfilled and excellent life. What about yours? #BreakingBarriers

31.Check where you were last 3 years, compare and contrast? Any
difference? Any progress?Deal with yourself! #BreakingBarriers

32. There’s a lot of mediocrity being celebrated,the world doesn’t
need any more mediocrity or hedged bets. #BreakingBarriers

32. If everything you’ve ever done was out of fear of being
mediocre. You need to KILL it before it KILLS YOU. #BreakingBarriers

33. Following the herd is a sure path to a mediocrity life. Watch it!
Watch your life. #BreakingBarriers

34. Here’s what I some tips to overcome mediocrity:1) Set
Goals:One surefire way to be mediocre is to live a goalless life

35. Set goals. Set big goals. Living without any goals sounds like
flying a plane without any destination. #BreakingBarriers

36. 2) Create Action Plans:Its one thing to have a goal, quite
another to have an action plan. #BreakingBarriers

37.Many people make the mistake of setting big goals without
fleshing out the action steps needed to accomplish the action plan

38. Make sure it’s an ATTRACTIVE goal that will make you desire and
demand more from life! #BreakingBarriers

39. 3) Flee Fatalism:Mediocre people sometimes are fatalistic. In
other words, why try if I’m not responsible anyway.

40. (ie it’s up to fate). Damn FATE! You have the capacity to make
things happen in your life. #BreakingBarriers

41.Don’t look for excuses to blame circumstance on fate or simply
to fail. Avoid this! Live in the real world. #BreakingBarriers

42. LIVE with optimism, hope, and personal responsibility for your
life. Life is opportunity GRAB IT! #BreakingBarriers

43. 4) Enlist Help:Who do you trust? Would they enjoy helping you?
Go speak with them. #BreakingBarriers

44. Another option is to hire a executive coach to walk you through
this process and challenge you to succeed. #BreakingBarriers

45. 5) Deal wit procrastination:Try 2figure out why U are
procrastinating. maybe U need 2 brainstorm more 2improve in life

46. Ultimately, life is a sentence of failures, punctuated only by the
briefest of successes. #BreakingBarriers

47. So the mediocre person learns two things from failure:First, he
learns directly how to overcome that particular failure. #BreakingBarriers

48. He’s highly motivated to not repeat the same mistakes. Second,
he learns how to deal with the psychology of
failure. #BreakingBarriers

49.You can’t afford to limit yourself in life! I challenge and dare you
to reach forth for greatness in life #BreakingBarriers

50. Break the limit over your life, deliberately ACT to KILL

Thank fam ❤ ❤ ❤ for staying tune on #BreakingBarriers. Appreciate your supports and retweets.

Remember with GOD its PEOPLE like US that SUCCEED in LIFE.

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