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#BreakingBarriers WEEK 18

1. Good evening all, it’s a great pleasure to be here today. Thanks to (Dayo) @dayus4heaven and the #BreakingBarriers Team for hosting me.

2. With people like ‘Dayo (@dayus4heaven) who deem it fit to hold sessions like this, I’m confident Nigeria will be great. #BreakingBarriers

3. Today’s discourse is on VALUE SYSTEM! There is no better time to have a conversation on this very important subject… #BreakingBarriers

4. This is because Nigeria is at a critical time where our VALUE SYSTEM is crucial in achieving the change we so desire. #BreakingBarriers

5. SCOPE: I’d cover 4 areas: WHAT (definitions), WHY (purpose), HOW (ways and approaches to Value Systems)), and WHEN? #BreakingBarriers

6. Let’s start with the WHAT? I will be breaking down the definitions into two: VALUES and SYSTEM. Follow me closely… #BreakingBarriers

7. ‘VALUES’ can be seen from 2 angles: first, “is the REGARD that something is held to deserve; importance, worth.” (wiki) #BreakingBarriers

8. VALUES can also be “a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life” (wiki) #BreakingBarriers

9. For the purpose of today’s discourse, we’d discuss VALUES from the context of the 2nd definition provided in (8) above. #BreakingBarriers

10. A “SYSTEM” is “a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme…” (Wiki) #BreakingBarriers

11. A “system” is formed when it is “a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular.” (Wiki) #BreakingBarriers

12. From the foregoing, a VALUE SYSTEM is “the standard that an individual or group considers acceptable or unacceptable.” #BreakingBarriers

13. A Value System can be upheld at different levels: Personal, Family, Corporate, Societal/Cultural, and National. #BreakingBarriers

14. When an individual upholds a ‘Personal Value System’, it means she/he has uncompromisable principles that guides them. #BreakingBarriers

15. When a family have a Value System, it means they have specific sets of values that guides the running of the family. #BreakingBarriers

16. In such family, for instance, you’d never find members of the family engage in acts that negates their Value System. #BreakingBarriers

17. A society is said to uphold a Value System when they so live by their principles that it becomes their definition. #BreakingBarriers

18. Same applies for countries; where by mere visiting you would almost immediately ‘smell’ the values they hold so dear. #BreakingBarriers

19. ‘Values’ only become a ‘system’ where it’s adhered to so consistently that it becomes the definition of the holder(s). #BreakingBarriers

20. Corporate organizations develop ‘Core Values’ so as to eventually have a ‘Value System’ that later becomes a ‘Culture’ #BreakingBarrers

21. Firms have ‘Core Values’ so that of the many ‘Values’ that exist, they choose some they consider primary and sufficient. #BreakingBarriers

22. Note: having specific sets of ‘Core Values’ does not mean that other ‘not-core’ values are useless or less important. #BreakingBarriers

23. Having succinctly described ‘what’ Value System is about, let’s move to ‘WHY’ we (should) have a strong Value System. #BreakingBarriers

24. Why 1: A Value System is crucial so as to have CONSISTENT BEHAVIOURS with which the holders can be defined with. #BreakingBarriers

25. Why 2: Value System GUIDES the holders on what’s expected and unexpected; as well as what’s acceptable and unacceptable #BreakingBarriers

26. Why 3: Value System PREVENTS CONFLICTS as respecting shared values reduce frictions that may escalate into conflicts. #BreakingBarriers

27. Why 4: Value System helps a nation developing POLICIES AND LAWS as citizens are guided on what the nation holds dear. #BreakingBarriers

28. Why 5: Value System DISTINGUISHES people, especially when such values are adhered to outside their normal habitation. #BreakingBarriers

29. Why 6: Value System helps INFLUENCE people to conform and align as those upholding them can inspire others to do same. #BreakingBarriers

30. Why 7: Value System helps to UNIFY people as agreed and shared values makes people feel part of a collective fold. #BreakingBarriers

31. Why 8: When people are unified and connected by unanimously agreed share values, then NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT is possible. #BreakingBarriers

32. An individual without values they unflinchingly uphold will find it difficult to adhere to the national Value System. #BreakingBarriers

33. So, it’s not about having National Value System, it starts from bottom: individual, family, society, then to national. #BreakingBarriers

34. Having discussed the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of Value System, let’s now see HOW to develop a Value System. Follow me closely! #BreakingBarriers

35. How 1: Having a Value System starts by identifying specific values that one intends to portray and be defined by. #BreakingBarriers

36. How 2: Having identified, DEFINE what each of the values mean to the holder (individual, family, society, nation, etc). #BreakingBarriers

37. How 2b: While each value have general meanings, it is important to streamline the definition to what it means to you. #BreakingBarriers

38. How 2c: For instance, what ‘Integrity” (as a value) mean to you, can be different from what it means to another person. #BreakingBarriers

39. How 2d: Suffice to say to identify, select, and define values, it must be done collectively, expect for individual VS. #BreakingBarriers

40. How 3: Having identified/selected and defined the specific values, then COMMUNICATE them. This helps in accountability. #BreakingBarriers

41. How 4: UPHOLD (or live by) the values. The holders must ensure that at every opportunity, they adhere to their values. #BreakingBarriers

42. How 4b: Values become a system when it is consistently and unwaveringly adhered to. #BreakingBarriers

43. How 5: It is not enough to just be upholding the values, EVALUATE how the holder(s) are fairing in adherence. #BreakingBarriers

44. How 5b: Once you are able to evaluate, you can adjust and improve on the journey to having a strong Value System. #BreakingBarriers

45. Having discussed the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of Value System, let’s move to the ‘WHEN.’ #BreakingBarriers

46. WHEN should you have a Value System? It’s not an event, but a process. Values becoming a system build up over time. #BreakingBarriers

47. WHEN should you start the process of having a Value System? NOW! #BreakingBarriers

48. WHEN should you uphold your values so it later becomes a system: IN AND OUT OF SEASON; that is every time, regardless. #BreakingBarriers

49. With these, I’ve come to the end of this session. We treated the topic: VALUE SYSTEM. This is by no means exhaustive. #BreakingBarriers

A huge THANK YOU to Adedayo Olabamiji (@dayus4heaven) and the entire #BreakingBarriers team for hosting me today. God bless you all.

This is mind blowing!! Like to appreciate Bukky Shonibare for the insights shared on #BreakingBarriers. God bless you indeed.

Thanks fam❤❤❤ for the supports  and contributions.

Remember with GOD its PEOPLE like US that SUCCEED in LIFE.

This week promises to be great as @Lolo_cy facilitates #BreakingBarriers on Twitter. You can’t afford to miss this session.

Host : Adedayo Olabamiji
Twitter : @dayus4heaven
Blog : unleashidea.wordpress.com


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