Posted: May 5, 2016 in UNLEASHIDEA INC.


10 Brilliant ways to confront (and overcome) fear

Fear is an emotion. But there’s probably nothing more crippling to ourselves and our clients. In most cases, fear is the very bondage that keeps us stuck doing what we’re doing even though we hate it.

It’s something that can appear in an instant without even knowing where it came from. But it can also disappear just as fast – we just need to know how to handle it.

Here are 10 Brilliant Ways that We Can kick off Fear

1. Take everything as a lesson –  No matter what happens, it always better prepares you for what’s next. With this mindset, ultimate failure is impossible.

2. Find people who have successfully done it before –  Find your models and mentors. You’re likely not alone in your quest. Befriend them. Understand what they went through and how to approach the fears that are going to come up. No fear is worse than that of the unknown. Find out what’s coming.

3. Find people who’ve eaten the wrong mushrooms –  Many of us enjoy mushrooms, but probably have never thanked the people who lost their lives so that we could have an appetizer at Chili’s. I’ve personally tasted failure, and I try to help leaders avoid it. 

4. Purposely go out and experience failure –  Instead of avoiding it, seek it out. Get turned down. Start getting some “no’s.” Go experience what you’re so scared of. It’s not nearly as bad as you think it is.

5. Set real expectations –  Often things take longer than expected. Take that to heart so it doesn’t hit you too hard if you experience a delay.

6. Become an absolute expert –  Study up. Learn everything you can about your space. Under-preparation is a leading cause of failure. It’s also completely in your control.

7. Understand what you truly stand to gain from your success –  If your reasons for accomplishing something are compelling enough, nothing can stop you. Find the right reason and let it triggers you to be productive.

8. Realize what you have to lose if you don’t go after what you care about –  What will it mean for your health, your family, your excitement or the impact you won’t have on the world? Fear of missing out can be the biggest motivator of all. Take calculative RISK.

9. Understand your worst case scenario –  It’s never as bad as you think. Often it’s a lot closer to your current scenario than most people realize. Let your worst case empower you. Let it be a source of courage to do more and a stepping stone to greatness.

10. Collaborate  and get a support team in Place – Don’t work on things all alone. Doubt is too close to fend off by yourself. Bring on a partner or teammate. Do life with people with similar businesses and similar goals who can support you, give you ideas, and keep you accountable. They can make the lows not quite as low and highs even higher.

Adedayo Olabamiji
Twitter : @dayus4heaven follow me on Twitter for inspiration and motivational quotes.


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