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#BreakingBarriers WEEK 11

1. #BreakingBarriers apologies I am joining this late. Just Got to US and need to check in. I missed my flight and that affecting this event –  @stephenakintayo

2. #BreakingBarriers the truth remains that, we face barriers on a daily bases and the option is to be a Victim or Victor.

3. Wealth is a mindset. Making money is psychological. You can never attract what you don’t imagine. #BreakingBarriers.

4. #BreakingBarriers you need to imagine wealth if you will ever attract it. Imagination is birthed during challenges and after challenges.

5. Your current financial challenge should affect your ability to imagine wealth. Making money is your right and not a privilege. #BreakingBarriers

6.  #BreakingBarriers you deserve to be wealthy! God want you to be wealthy. See yourself as being wealthy and over time it will be a reality.

7.  #BreakingBarriers Don’t let your past financial failures prevent you from dreaming a new financial reality. Only Dreamers make money.

8. #BreakingBarriers you will not see one lasting wealth builder that did not start from dreaming the impossible into possibility.

9.  #BreakingBarriers  To Build Wealth, try and locate a wealthy Person and ask him or her to mentor you. Be willing to serve or pay for it.

10. Mentors are ladders that you climb to the top and it will not come easy to get a mentor.#BreakingBarriers

11.  #BreakingBarriers Getting a Wealth Mentor will cost you something but don’t be afraid to go for it. Building wealth is a skill!

12.  #BreakingBarriers it takes a professional wealth coach to mentor you to wealth.

13.  #BreakingBarriers Be value driven! To build wealth, look for a value to offer in exchange for cash. It’s as simple as that.

14.  #BreakingBarriers  Sorry, I have to end this now. Thanks for being a part of it. God bless you!

Really appreciate Stephen Akintayo for the sacrifice despite his tight schedule to facilitate #BreakingBarriers.  Will be glad to host you again.

Thanks fam for the support. God bless you all. Don’t hesitate to share, ask questions and comments.

Remember with GOD its PEOPLE like US that SUCCEED in LIFE.

Host : Adedayo Olabamiji
Twitter : @dayus4heaven
Blog :

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