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#BreakingBarriers WEEK 10

Thanks @dayus4heaven for the introduction and for having me on this platform #Breakingbarriers

1a. DESIRE is not a WISH, the former is an OBSESSION, the latter is a mere DECLARATION #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

1b. BONDAGE is to be LED against ones WILL by a MASTER. When you are LED by your EMOTIONS against your WILL, you are in BONDAGE #BreakingBarriers

2) BONDAGE is to be LED against ones WILL by a MASTER. When you are LED by your EMOTIONS against your WILL, you are in BONDAGE #BreakingBarriers

3) Those who USE their EMOTIONS CONTROL their lives, those who are USED by their EMOTIONS are CONTROLLED by life #BreakingBarriers

4) MASTERS of LIFE are those who have CHOSEN only LOVE as a RESPONSE #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven @IAmSteveHarris

5) Locked up EXPRESSION leads to DEPRESSION. BONDAGE is CONSTRAINT, FREEDOM is a RELEASE; release that EMOTION!SCREAM! #BreakingBarriers

6) A wish is the EXPRESSION of a THOUGHT. DESIRE is the EXPRESSION of an OBSESSION with a THOUGHT backed by a Strong POSITIVE EMOTION #BreakingBarriers

7) BELIEF is a FEELING of CERTAINTY; it is NOT an INTELLECTUAL CONNECTION between a THOUGHT and a PERSON but an EMOTIONAL one #BreakingBarriers

8) You may have DIFFERENT plans but you should have ONE VISION! Division is simply the PRESENCE of to VISIONS (DI-VISION) #BreakingBarriers

9) LOVE is the STRONGEST FORCE of ATTRACTION, DESIRE is simply LOVE for what you want #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

10) What you DESIRE is TANGIBLE, it EXISTS on the other side of your FEAR #BreakingBarriers

11) What you FEAR is an ENEMY that RETREATS as you APPROACH IT #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

12) FEAR is the ENERGY that causes you to SHRINK, LOVE is the ENERGY that causes you to EXPAND #BreakingBarriers

13) A lot of us have REDUCED ourselves to a SPIRITUALITY that ACCEPTS FEAR e.g “send this message to 5 people or die, REALLY? #BreakingBarriers

14) What you SAY,you will BELIEVE. Then what you have BELIEVED becomes what you will POSSESS. So SAY what you WANT and soon you’ll POSSESS it #BreakingBarriers

15) No one is READY for a thing until he is PERSUADED he CAN ACQUIRE it #BreakingBarriers

16)We PRAY for SOMETHING and in our daily INTERACTIONS SAY the CONTRARY. You (dis)ALLOW God to ANSWER what you PRAY by what you SAY #BreakingBarriers

17) If you cannot IMAGINE yourself being WORTHY to be SPOKEN to by God, how can you imagine yourself WORTHY to RECEIVE from him? #BreakingBarriers

18) Don’t just SEEK to DISCOVER who you ARE but SEEK to DETERMINE who you WANT to be #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

19) PRAYER is d ACT of SOWING d SEED in d ground, subsequently, your positive or negative WORDS will either WATER or WASH AWAY the seed #BreakingBarriers

20) REPETITION of AFFIRMATIONS of ORDERS to your subconscious mind is the METHOD to DEVELOP your BELIEF #BreakingBarriers

21) “I want to make PLENTY money”= making NO money because the MIND is DESIGNED to FOCUS on DEFINITE Goals and REPEL VAGUENESS #BreakingBarriers

22) To Hope is to give ATTENTION to an OUTCOME you WANT but to BELIEVE is to be OBSESSED with ACTUALIZATION of this OUTCOME #BreakingBarriers

23) PREDOMINANT THOUGHT in your MIND is what PRODUCES your RESULTS #BreakingBarriers

24. The man who WORRIES; by the ACT of WORRYING grants ACCESS to MORE things to WORRY about #BreakingBarriers

25) WORRY is MEDITATION on an UNDESIRABLE RESULT. It merely ACTIVATES forces to PRODUCE more of this UNDESIRABLE RESULT #BreakingBarriers

26) Your job is to CREATE your ENVIRONMENT,otherwise you ADJUST to the frequency of the PREDOMINANT BELIEFS in the environment you are in #BreakingBarriers

27) Your MIND when you WAKE UP and just BEFORE YOU SLEEP is SUGGESTIBLE. The WISE man SUGGESTS his DESIRES to his MIND at these TIMES #BreakingBarriers

28) The man who is GUARANTEED of VICTORY is one who leaves for HIMSELF NO possible way of RETREAT #BreakingBarriers

29) RETREAT is the ACCEPTANCE of DEFEAT. So though your reality DIFFERS from your DESIRE, stand STILL, hold on to your DESIRE #BreakingBarriers


31) He who CANNOT MASTER one day cannot MASTER a LIFETIME #BreakingBarriers

32) FEELINGS are CREATED by THOUGHT and THOUGHTS by your FOCUS. Want to change how you FEEL? Change your FOCUS! #BreakingBarriers
33) That which you RESIST with your HEAD, you cannot RECEIVE into your HANDS #BreakingBarriers

34) The man who desires MASTERY has a ROUTINE for IMAGINAL ACTIVITY! For the things that are SEEN are created from the UNSEEN #BreakingBarriers

35) To say you are NOT CREATIVE’ is to DENY d NATURE of GOD in u! All men are CREATIVE, Few ACTIVATE this through IMAGINATION #BreakingBarriers

36) You cannot FULLY experience JOY without CREATION! For to CREATE and to EXPERIENCE your CREATION is the full EXPRESSION of JOY #BreakingBarriers

37) “I AM” is the STRONGEST CREATIVE statement in the WORLD. Use it WISELY; making sure it PRECEDES POSITIVE WORDS #BreakingBarriers

38) Your IMAGINATION is the ARCHITECTURAL PLAN, your LIFE is the SOLELY a REFLECTION of your DESIGN #BreakingBarriers

39) The CONSPIRACY to KILL the CREATIVITY of MOST MEN is to DECEIVE them to BELIEVE that FANTASY is ONLY for KIDS #BreakingBarriers

40) FANTASIZING about a THING CREATES NEURAL pathways to FORM a BELIEF that the THING is doubtlessly YOURS #BreakingBarriers

41) CONVENTIONAL THINKING tries to KEEP you in the PAST but IMAGINAL ACTIVITY TAKES you into the FUTURE #BreakingBarriers

42) You have NO CONTROL over the PAST yet you have CONTROL over your INTERPRETATION of it #BreakingBarriers

43)A man who is POOR yet SURROUNDS himself with POOR people unconsciously REINFORCES the BELIEF that it is OKAY to be POOR #BreakingBarriers

44) When I say LEG, an IMAGE comes 2 your head. When I say MIND, the image of the BRAIN comes to your head yet the BRAIN is NOT the MIND #BreakingBarriers

45) How can you FULLY UNDERSTAND what you do NOT have an IMAGE for? #BreakingBarriers

46) Every EVENT is an OPPORTUNITY to DECIDE to BE who you ARE! The wise, in the face of any event CHOOSE their GRANDEST form #BreakingBarriers

47) We not only CREATE EVENTS but CREATE OURSELVES in the MIDST of the EVENTS by DECIDING who we want to BE and acting accordingly #BreakingBarriers

48) The WISE man makes QUIET the OUTER world, so the INNER WORLD can give him INSIGHT #BreakingBarriers


50) It’s a WRAP, remember “Its people like us that make it in life!” Hope you enjoyed #BreakingBarriers #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

Appreciate Bankole Williams for this insightful session via #BreakingBarriers on Twitter.

Thanks fam for your support.

Don’t hesitate to comment, share and ask questions.

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