Why Are You Here? Living or Existing?

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#BreakingBarriers week 9

The question of WHY you on EARTH is for you to have DIRECTION.

The question of WHY you on EARTH helps to know the end from BEGINNING

WHY gives you FOCUS, helps to arrive at the right DESTINATION of a CAUSE.

I challenge you to ASK WHY you on the EARTH, WHY God created YOU


How to unravel the mystery behind your WHY on EARTH is a FUNCTION of knowing your PURPOSE

In your PURPOSE is WHY you will either LIVE or EXIST on this EARTH.

Knowing what you are supposed to be doing, that’s your Life Calling and to know what you are supposed to get out of life, that’s your Life Purpose.

One is what you put into life (what you are called to do), the other is what you get out of life (the purpose of it all). Put together, they tell you why you are here

In life I have found that one of the greatest challenge people have in knowing PURPOSE is the PROBLEM of IDENTITY?

You cannot have clear knowledge of WHY you are on this earth if you have not solve the PROBLEM of IDENTITY

Your capacity to influence next GENERATION will also will be thwarted if the PROBLEM of IDENTITY is yet to be solved?

The insights you gain along the way to finding your own answer may uncover what is really going on in your life … and that can be both good and bad.

First, you need to SOLVE that problem and get to execute your WORK (PURPOSE)

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

You can’t live a casual life if you don’t want to be a casualty in Life. You must live for purpose and breathe PURPOSE.

Once you know your PURPOSE, you must be GLOBAL MINDED, no MEDIOCRITY competition.

What does it mean to the world that you are BORN?

When a man EXIST, he makes no IMPACT. When you are LIVING you influence and touch lives.

Your greatness in life is not a FUNCTION of numbers of material things you possess but, numbers of lives you put SMILE on their faces.

Numbers of LIVES touched by you, numbers of SOLUTIONS given to humanity and numbers of people that APPRECIATE God for creating YOU.

Discover your purpose and shift from paradigm of acquisition to SERVE and making lives better.

The greatest place you can immortalize yourself is in the HEART of MEN

How many people appreciate God that you cross their PATHs on earth?

You must seize the opportunity of a LIFETIME in the Lifetime of that opportunity.

There is a REASON why you are on this earth, you must DISCOVER let everyone know you are HERE.

You can’t AFFORD to leave this planet earth without making IMPACT and leaving your own mark.

Every BREATH that leaves you takes life away from you and as such you must live a PURPOSEFUL life.

Probably you need to ask yourself these following vital questions as a LIVING BEING:

1.      What will be missing if I leave this EARTH?

2.      What will be said of ME when I leave this earth? What will be my LEGACY?

3.      What can I do to make this planet EARTH better for GENERATIONS coming behind?

4.      How many people are GRATEFUL that am living every day?

5.      How many live have I TOUCHED?

6.       Maybe I should ask you, what do you LIVE for?

The day I answered those questions above, I started living an impactful life without anyone’s influence.

Great Mother Theresa, Legend Nelson Mandela, Powerful Mahatma Ghandi   and our Savior Lord Jesus Christ Lived for a PURPOSE? What about YOU?

No one will ever remember you are on this earth at a point only your PURPOSE achieved and LEGACY left will speaks for you!

If Africa and Nigeria remain the same then my I have only EXISTED and not LIVED

According to my Mentor 3 things that can help you fulfill you PURPOSE are :1.  Mission (Assignment), 2. Vision & 3. Values (Leagacy, Integrity et al)

What’s your contribution to humanity?

Are you providing solutions or part of problems that needs to be solved?

Everyone has a given chance to live life to the fullest, every moment and memories you make is your choice -Chaz B

His last tweet, dated October 29, 2014 reads: ‘Don’t look for God in the sky, look within your own body. Through you GOD want to touch LIVES.

By Saturday I will be a year older (I Rep. March 5th) and the QUESTIONS of WHY I keep at heart.

On one of my visit to Orphanage home I discovered, the heart of men are closed to us that we can’t afford not make a difference.

In your little corner touch lives, be the reason someone will smile

Show a little kindness even when it is difficult to express.

Greatness and purpose is not in those big things we can see but little things we doesn’t count but do that makes other better.

Be the EYES that sees the POOR, BE the COMFORTER of those in SORROW, BE the HEALER of folks in PAINS

Like the LEGEND Singer, Let’s make this world a BETTER place for HUMANITY.

Don’t be a walking CORPSE, live for PURPOSE and fulfill your ASSIGNMENTS.

Find your PURPOSE and Plug INTO it.

Your PURPOSE was sent before you arrive. IT’s obvious you need to find it and touch LIVES through it.

If each one could reach one, then each one can teach one. What a much more beautiful nation Nigeria would be – Chaz B

The world is waiting for your greatness. See you at the TOP!

Remember with GOD its PEOPLE like US that SUCCEED in LIFE.

Don’t hesitate to share, ask questions and comments.
Host : Adedayo Olabamiji
Twitter : @dayus4heaven
Blog : unleashidea.wordpress.com

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