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1. On today’s session of #Breakingbarriersas hosted by @dayus4heaven, i’d be sharing insights on “LETTING GO”. Hope my words connects with you

2. Letting Go simply means moving on from one phase of your life to another for the purpose of change and self-growth… #Breakingbarriers

3. When it comes to letting go, it is harder than it seems because change itself is hard. #Breakingbarriers

4. What if attachment to such thing or people will actually deter our personal self-growth? Change is hard, decisions are too #Breakingbariers

5. Nothing sweeter than what gives us joy. But what if such joy actually is capable of bringing us down?#Breakingbarriers

6. To ‘let go’ sometimes makes us feel like losers because it means giving up what truly we felt we had a right to.#Breakingbarriers

7. But true strength lies in resisting the urge to hold onto things and people that bring us down….#Breakingbarriers

8. We choose to ‘Let go’ by ‘accepting what is’ and letting go of what we think should be, a step forward to our self-growth #Breakingbarriers

9. As we grow and progress in life, a lot of things and people need to be left behind. Not for malice but as a necessity! #Breakingbarriers

10. Sometimes some people cease to add to our personal growth. It is TOXIC to keep latching onto them!#Breakingbarriers

11. Not person that we keep as friends and acquaintances will be able to sustain your progress on the long run. Let them go #Breakingbarriers

12. Yes, you will be hurt, yes you may feel as though you have lost it all, yes you may not know what lies next in store….#Breakingbarriers

13. But you’ll never know how much strength you have inside of you if you fail to cut off ties that are toxic to your purpose #Breakingbarriers

14. Sometimes the changes we want are not the same changes we need to grow and to get closer to our purpose…#Breakingbariers

15. But we shouldn’t marginalize our purpose towards our interest because positivity lies in the evolvement of our selfgrowth #Breakingbarriers

16. As a vivid example, there’s been a time in my life when the hardest decision was letting go….. #Breakingbarriers

17. I had been paralyzed by the sweetness of friendships, relationships, circumstances that I had built my identity around. #Breakingbarriers

18. I was immersed with who I was that change seemed impossible. I reveled in mediocrity, not caring for progress/true purpose #Breakingbarriers

19. At that point letting go to me, meant I will become nobody without the image i’d built of myself #Breakingbarriers

20. But I learned- just as the universe changes, people & things change and to truly discover my purpose, letting go was vital #Breakingbarriers

21. At that point, change became deliberate. Though I lost who I thought I was, I appreciate my deliberate selfgrowth#Breakingbarriers

22. When you choose to let go, you discover more about who you are and what you want out of life….and then you go for it #Breakingbarriers

23. There are many reasons we need to let go which i’d be sharing on a few that almost everyone can relate to….#Breakingbarriers

24.  Sometimes we grow apart from people or things that no longer serve our purpose…..friends, acquaintances, relationships#Breakingbarriers

25. No matter how we try to make it work and maintain it, they will always clash with our purpose. Learn to let it go #Breakingbarriers

26. Sometimes we naturally evolve from situations and people. Just as our goals change, some habits & people need to be freed #Breakingbarriers

27. Sometimes we latch onto things & people for FEAR. Fear of losing our identity. This is even more reason to let go! #Breakingbarriers

28. You don’t need anyone’s validation or closeness to affirm who you should be. Letting Go brings you closer to your purpose #Breakingbarriers

29. It is mental slavery to cling to things that have stopped serving it’s purpose in your life.#Breakingbarriers

30. Sometimes letting go means choosing to put a stop to another’s negativity over you. Cynical friendships are toxic #Letgo #Breakingbarriers

31. Anyone that does not add to your progress, learning to let go is affirming your inner sense of purpose. Just Keep moving #Breakingbarriers

32. Your future, hopes & dreams should never be tied down to anybody! The strength lies inside of you to decide at any moment your direction. #BreakingBarriers

33. Stop feeling miserable for people’s rejection. Quit doubting your own capability because someone didn’t appreciate you #Breakingbarriers

34. Quit chasing after things that don’t deserve your energy. Learn to love who you are & who you’re constantly evolving into #Breakingbarriers

35. When you love yourself enough to let go, u’d be amazed how much more there is to you. There’s no limit to your capability! #Breakingbarriers

36. Learning to face up to your fear means letting your courage and character to face whatever comes after #Breakingbarriers

37. Yes, personal growth and change can be uncomfortable, but nothing yet as painful as staying stuck where you don’t belong #Breakingbarriers

38. Finally, the moment we learn to face our lives squarely, we stop going round in circles #Breakingbarriers#Lettinggo

39. Thanks for the time and the opportunity to share on ‘Letting go’. I appreciate & look forward to sharing with you again on #Breakingbarriers

Thanks for reading! !  Don’t hesitate to read, comment and share with your loved ones. This week I will be facilitating #BreakingBarriers on Wednesday. Time is 7pm.

Host : Adedayo Olabamiji Twitter: @dayusheaven
Web: www.unleashidea.wordpress.com
Mobile Number: +2348028765142

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