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Welcome to #BreakingBarriers. Today we would be discussing STARTING GREAT IN 2016.

It’s a brand New Year and it’s left to you to decide how you want to start it. If it’s up to you on how you start 2016 then why not start great. Just like the saying goes if you have to think why not think big so also if you have to start why not start great. Your mind cannot differentiate between truth and falsehood so why not start it great. Why not tell your mind all the greatness that is yours in this year so that your mind would have something to work with. It wouldn’t even know if it’s true or not.
One thing we usually do not realise is that it’s the unconscious mind that does most of the work. Even while we sleep our unconscious mind is busy working on whatever it is we feed it. Some wake up in the morning energised and ready to go take on the world while others wake up depressed and wanting to lie in bed and not face the world. The difference is what was fed the mind. Those waking up energised fed their minds the great things they need to work on so the mind stays busy all night working on how to achieve them and wake up rearing to go because of so much to accomplish. On the other hand those waking up depressed fed their minds with all the problems they have and how the world is not a friendly place so they wake up not wanting to get out of the bed and face the world.
It’s a choice and you have to choose so why not choose greatness.
One thing you have to realise is that yesterday died last night and should be buried. Don’t carry the baggage of 2015 into 2016. This is a brand new year. Why not start a brand new you. Some would say that is hard. If you haven’t tried how would you know. Life is full of lessons and also full of ups and downs how we see them and take them determines how positive we can be and how we can use them to greatness. When life is good we should always be grateful to the Almighty and appreciate where we are and know how lucky we have been. We should never take anything for granted. When life isn’t too good we should also be grateful to the Almighty and also appreciate God for some of those hard lessons are where we learn the most and grow and thrive.
I personally tell myself when things are tough: Aisha this means you are alive those six foot down are not faced with this. For everything, I see the positive side of it and some of my close friends sometimes think everything works out smoothly for me. No it doesn’t, its my attitude that makes it seem so. In 2013 I had the greatest loss in business.  It was a trying period for me but I was so grateful to God. All I kept thinking of is that I, Aisha that grew up in the ghetto who would go to school in the morning without breakfast and come home not expecting lunch can lose this much and still be standing Wow that’s pretty great. I am crazy I know but to me that is something. So your attitude matters a lot. Whatever you are going through ensure you make a conscious effort to start great think great and be great.
Some would be saying I am okay and pretty good so why bother on starting great. Jim Rohn said if what you did yesterday is looking big to you today that means you are not doing enough. So stand up and go great .Don’t allow yourself be in a rut accepting good results when you should be getting spectacular result.

Why not you? That’s what I ask many people. If others are having greatness and starting great Why not you? Many unfortunately do not believe enough. Let go and let God. The how, the where, the when is not for you to know right away leave that to God. Yours is to do whatever you are doing to the best of your ability and keep thinking great. Work hard and work smart. Put all your best in and God would do the rest. If it doesn’t work out know that it was not good enough for you that’s why you didn’t get it not that you were not good enough. That’s the attitude of those who think great. Keep going on and sooner or later everything would work out good.
One thing you have to remember is that you have a place in this world and nobody can deny you that. Get the right attitude and never allow anyone’s opinion of you become your reality. Forget what happened yesterday. Who you are is not your present situation is what you can envisage in your mind. What you think is what you are. So think great and start great.

Don’t ever sit down moaning and doing nothing. That never achieves anything. Take a bold step and start 2016 great.
Make it a year you realised that you too can. That you are as capable as anyone and that you deserve it. YES YOU DESERVE IT. Do not shortchange yourself. Stop listening to those voices that say otherwise. Go for higher. Go for greater. Tell yourself HOW DARE I NOT GO FOR GREATNESS IN 2016. I AM STARTING GREAT.

Thanks @dayus4heaven for hosting me.

Thanks you for reading, Kindly drop your comments , questions et al!

Looking forward to host Dayo Israel – @dayoisrael this week. You can’t afford to miss this session.

Till we come your way this week. Stay bless. #BreakingBarriers

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