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Happy New Year Everyone! The biggest barriers are the ones in the human mind. For example, 2016 is no longer new.
Once you think you know, there is nothing else to know. In order to learn afresh, you must be willing to come empty!
I once read a story about Houdini, expert at breaking barriers and prison locks. He broke every chain and prison until…
Houdini couldn’t break the barrier, because it was man’s biggest barrier, the mind barrier.
Our biggest barriers are self-imposed limiting beliefs and paradigms.
There is a glass ceiling on every employee & entrepreneur. It’s made of transparent glass. What they think they can’t do
Our culture forces us to go with  the crowd, religion makes us to believe without asking questions. These set our limits!
No new year without a new you. Your limit last year, is your limit this year, except you break out of your mindsets
The reason why nothing exciting has happened in your life is because you haven’t changed much! Change, and everything will.
Are you ready to break barriers? Want to share with you 21 things you need to do this January to break barriers!!
1. Make new friends! Our relationships are like ships, they convey us between where we are and where we want to go!
2. Show me your friends, and I will predict your future! Who you are hanging out with are road signs to your future!
3. The company you keep have an impact on what you see and how you see things. You want different, try different.
4. Never say you don’t have time! Create time for what is important.
5. There are 24hrs in a day and they are as valuable as what you use them for. Your time has a current value
6. If you don’t have time, and you don’t have money, you have problem.What are you doing with the time you have??
7. Ask Why? There are many things we do because we’ve always done it that way. By asking why! Why? Breaks mind barriers!
8. Challenge the Norm! We experience our greatest growth when we were very young, because we hadn’t come to accept normal.
9. Who says you should go with the flow? Lifeless debris goes with the flow the proof of life is moving against normal.
10. Turn against the crowd. Majority is usually wrong! If everybody is doing it, it’s wrong!
11. Never take your Pastor’s words for it! Confirm it in the Bible. You will be punished for believing what is not written.
12. God wants a direct relationship with you! He’s jealous that you have set up middle men that rob you of His time!
13.  It’s tough to swim against to currents. You have to alive and conscious. Going with the flow is mindless. Stop it!
14. The name of God is a master key for robbing people of their thinking faculties. Don’t let anyone rob you in God’s name
15. Learn how to Run! There is what to run from and there is what to run towards!
16. when you see people reducing God to something they can use or control, get out of their company as fast as you can.1cor10
17. 1 Cor 10:14 (MSG). Run from people who use God for things, or you will die with them in the name of diplomacy.
18. There are somethings you will experience that can destroy you from staying where you have always been, run!
19. You can’t be sitting in the premises and claim to be standing on the promises. If you hear truth, run with it!
20. Evaluate your life objectively and ask if all you have done is worth it in the eye of eternity. Is it worth it?
21. I will expand this further someday soon… I want to thank the team at #BreakingBarriers for hosting me today. Thanks
22. Tempted to delve into some places. To break barriers set up in religious centres and synagogues of satan. #BreakingBarriers but good night for now….

Appreciate Adeolu Akinyemi for his sacrifice and insights shared via #BreakingBarriers week 1.

Join us next week as I host Aisha Yesufu – Convener Bring Back Our Girls Campaign, A Speaker and Business Woman.
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  1. Abiodun says:

    nice one from pastor adeolu akinyemi, kudos to Adedayo for this platform

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