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Week 4

1. @iamiheanyi is a Peak Performance Coach | Speaker | Author | Relationship Counselor | Radio Personality | Pastor #BreakingBarriers @iambankole

2. @iamiheanyi is a thoughtful leader and CEO of Concrete Business Ideas Limited a foremost consulting firm #BreakingBarriers @JimiTewe

3. It’s my pleasure to welcome @iamiheanyi on #BreakingBarriers while he share insights on Understanding Purpose

4. @dayus4heaven Thanks for having me today on #BreakingBarriers. I’m sharing on #UnderstandingPurpose. Let’s begin.

5. When you hear Don Moen, or Shawn Michaels, or Enoch Adeboye, Bill Gates, what comes to mind? #UnderstandingPurpose @dayus4heaven

6. When you hear @JimiTewe or @IAmSteveHarris or @iambankole what comes to mind? #UnderstandingPurpose @dayus4heaven

7. Why do people envy others? Why are people jealous of others? #UnderstandingPurpose @dayus4heaven

8. So, when you hear Oprah, tiger Woods, Bill Gates, what’s come to mind. #UnderstandingPurpose @dayus4heaven @IAmSteveHarris @JimiTewe

9. Why do people move from career to career without any solid hold of anything? #UnderstandingPurpose @dayus4heaven @TLHLekki

10. A wise man once said “When purpose is not known, ABUSE is inevitable”. #UnderstandingPurpose @dayus4heaven @YemiDavids

11. Purpose is the ORIGINAL intention in the mind of the creator when creating the creation. #UnderstandingPurpose @dayus4heaven @JimiTewe

12. Let me explain how purpose really works…#UnderstandingPurpose @ALIBABAGCFR @ayothompson7 @dreamschools

13. You know you can loosen hair with an eating fork, but is that the purpose for a fork? #UnderstandingPurpose @dayus4heaven

14. You know also that you can eat plantain with those wooden 3 point combs, but again, is that it’s purpose? #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

16. My point: just because you’re BUSY, doesn’t mean that you understand you purpose. #BreakingBarriers #UnderstandingPurpose

17. @dayus4heaven
Your purpose is in simple term, the thing that you would do for, even if they don’t pay you for it! #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

18. It’s what gives you the most SATISFACTION internally, not necessarily FINANCIALLY at first! #BreakingBarriers #UnderstandingPurpose

19. Your purpose is that thing that can keep you up every night when you think about it. #BreakingBarriers #UnderstandingPurpose

20. Your purpose jumps at you whenever you see someone else sincerely pursuing his or hers. #BreakingBarriers #UnderstandingPurpose

21. Your purpose isn’t necessarily FUN, but it’s yours! For instance, I didn’t think I would be a pastor! #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

22. When you discover your Purpose, ENVY disappears naturally! #BreakingBarriers #UnderstandingPurpose @dayus4heaven

23. What are you doing that even if you didn’t earn from it, you wouldn’t mind? #BreakingBarriers #UnderstandingPurpose @AskRDJ

24. Find your purpose, by looking at what you’re FEELING inside! #BreakingBarriers #UnderstandingPurpose @dayus4heaven

25. #UnderstandingPurpose is critical for life. Maybe at this point I can take questions. @dayus4heaven what do you think? #BreakingBarriers

26. Q & A Session
@iamiheanyi what advice do U have for those who are afraid of following their passion cos of fear of unknown. #BreakingBarriers

27. @oyinloyesunday well, until you try, you will NEVER know. Your purpose is the shortcut to greatness. #breakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

You can check the thread for other questions.

Like to appreciate @iamiheanyi for the time and insight shared on #BreakingBarriers.

Next session promises to be great as it’s Love month!!! Watch out

Don’t hesitate to comment, share and ask questions.

Host : Adedayo Olabamiji
Twitter : @dayus4heaven

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Week 3 Session:

1. Dayo Israel (LLB (Hons), MA International Relations) is an astute motivational speaker and advisor to many world leaders #BreakingBarriers

2. Business executive, politicians, young entrepreneur and sports professionals. #BreakingBarriers

3. He is also an internationally recognized personality with over 12years of professional experience#BreakingBarriers

4. In international development having worked with organisations such as The United Nations, #BreakingBarriers

5.  British Council, Save the Children UK, UNICEF, in various capacities and has appeared on countless television interviews, commercials, talk shows, radio programs, #BreakingBarriers

6. Was even selected by the United Nations to represent all the young delegates to the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children on a special CNN Live Interview.#BreakingBarriers

7. Ladies&gentlemen it’s my pleasure to welcome @dayoisrael via #BreakingBarriers as he share insights on VISION BOARDS 101 #BreakingBarriers

8. @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers it is my honor to be here.

9. So where do we start from @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

10. I am delighted to be sharing on Vision Board 101 #BreakingBarriers especially in partnership with @dayus4heaven

11. First i want to congratulate everyone for seeing a new year. A year that must be maximised. A year of Greater works! #BreakingBarriers

12. Talking about max, it begins with having a clarity of purpose and assignment. When purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable #BreakingBarriers

13. #BreakingBarriers To break barriers you must be clear about your vision. I always say to people at the end of a current year..

14. I always ask “What will you do with another year”.. In other word what will you do with a new year.. What is your vision for a new year? #BreakingBarriers

15. I always share the story from the scripture of a fig tree which bore no fruit for 3 years. The owner said cut it down #BreakingBarriers

16. The Master said cut it down, but the servant pleaded, GIVE IT ONE MORE YEAR. Let me prune and work on it #BreakingBarriers

17. He pleaded let us prune it and invest in it for 1 more year peradventure it will bear fruit. #BreakingBarriers

18. The reality is your year must
Your year must bear fruit so you don’t get cut off. And if you want to bear fruit you must have clarity of vision #BreakingBarriers

19. Your decisions determine your destiny, so in 2016 what is my mandate, who am i sent to and whatam i sent to do #BreakingBarriers

20. Your wealth is in your assignment. Your purpose is in your assignment. Your prosperity is in your assignment #BreakingBarriers

21. Like every goal, to achieve it, your vision must be smart.. #BreakingBarriers

22. You must have a clear plain vision and write it boldly.
I wish I had time as I would have loved to share insight about vision mapping and vision creation but time is of essence #BreakingBarriers

23. Many people have dreams without vision. They are two different things. “Jeremiah WHAT DO YOU SEE”. What you see determines #BreakingBarriers

24. What do you see when you go to work daily? What you see in that job would determine what and how you do the job #BreakingBarriers

25. What do you see in that marriage #BreakingBarriers What do you see in that business, when you don’t see it others will discourage you?

26. Now to achieve your vision it helps to have a vision board. I have multiple vision boards in my home and office especially #BreakingBarriers

27. Now to achieve your vision it helps to have a vision board. I have multiple vision boards in my home and office especially #BreakingBarriers

28. Now let’s talk about Vision Board – A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal

29.  A vision board is a board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. #BreakingBarriers

30. Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. #breakingbarriers

31. Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. #breakingbarriers

32. In our organization every department has a Vision board displayed by their desk #breakingbarriers. It helps performance.

33. I want to share with you a thing or two about creating your own vision board if time permits #breakingbarriers

34. First you must create your vision, have a vision, prayerfully identify your destination #breakingbarriers

35. Be clear about your destination and what you see. Where you see yourself and what you see you achieve #breakingbarriers

36. Decide on the format of the board you want. So I have different types. For my spiritual vision board they are printed. #breakingbarriers

37. For my purpose and career board those are on the white large board that cost as low as N3500 #breakingbarriers.They are hanged on my wall

38. Then begin to fill your vision board with contents like text and images #breakingbarriers. Things that relate to what you want to see

39.  Place the board where you will see it everyday and visit it regularly #breakingbarriers. I have one in my dinning area.

40. So as I feed my belly or work from there i can feed my mind. Visual works a lot #breakingbarriers

41. I also use vision board to visualise the process and or just the result. For example in our office right in front of us #breakingbarriers

42. Are our board with step by step action plan for our goals. What we want to see. #breakingbarriers

43. One of these days we should hold a vision masterclass at the dream center #breakingbarriers

44. If you are up for it we can provide you a free venue @dayus4heaven for a #breakingbarriers master class. Bill on me.

45. I hope I can stop here for now. It is a pleasure stopping by. #breakingbarriers

46. God bless you real good my brother. Thanks sir #breakingbarriers @dayus4heaven

47. I am honoured to have been invited. #breakingbarriers

What a great session we had with Dayo Israel and I appreciate him for his generosity.

Thanks for reading, kindly ask questions, comment and share with your love ones. Next week promises to be mind-blowing as #BreakingBarriers host Iheanyi Ejiogu.

I remain your agent of Breaking Barriers – Adedayo Olabamiji
Twitter : @dayus4heaven

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Welcome to #BreakingBarriers. Today we would be discussing STARTING GREAT IN 2016.

It’s a brand New Year and it’s left to you to decide how you want to start it. If it’s up to you on how you start 2016 then why not start great. Just like the saying goes if you have to think why not think big so also if you have to start why not start great. Your mind cannot differentiate between truth and falsehood so why not start it great. Why not tell your mind all the greatness that is yours in this year so that your mind would have something to work with. It wouldn’t even know if it’s true or not.
One thing we usually do not realise is that it’s the unconscious mind that does most of the work. Even while we sleep our unconscious mind is busy working on whatever it is we feed it. Some wake up in the morning energised and ready to go take on the world while others wake up depressed and wanting to lie in bed and not face the world. The difference is what was fed the mind. Those waking up energised fed their minds the great things they need to work on so the mind stays busy all night working on how to achieve them and wake up rearing to go because of so much to accomplish. On the other hand those waking up depressed fed their minds with all the problems they have and how the world is not a friendly place so they wake up not wanting to get out of the bed and face the world.
It’s a choice and you have to choose so why not choose greatness.
One thing you have to realise is that yesterday died last night and should be buried. Don’t carry the baggage of 2015 into 2016. This is a brand new year. Why not start a brand new you. Some would say that is hard. If you haven’t tried how would you know. Life is full of lessons and also full of ups and downs how we see them and take them determines how positive we can be and how we can use them to greatness. When life is good we should always be grateful to the Almighty and appreciate where we are and know how lucky we have been. We should never take anything for granted. When life isn’t too good we should also be grateful to the Almighty and also appreciate God for some of those hard lessons are where we learn the most and grow and thrive.
I personally tell myself when things are tough: Aisha this means you are alive those six foot down are not faced with this. For everything, I see the positive side of it and some of my close friends sometimes think everything works out smoothly for me. No it doesn’t, its my attitude that makes it seem so. In 2013 I had the greatest loss in business.  It was a trying period for me but I was so grateful to God. All I kept thinking of is that I, Aisha that grew up in the ghetto who would go to school in the morning without breakfast and come home not expecting lunch can lose this much and still be standing Wow that’s pretty great. I am crazy I know but to me that is something. So your attitude matters a lot. Whatever you are going through ensure you make a conscious effort to start great think great and be great.
Some would be saying I am okay and pretty good so why bother on starting great. Jim Rohn said if what you did yesterday is looking big to you today that means you are not doing enough. So stand up and go great .Don’t allow yourself be in a rut accepting good results when you should be getting spectacular result.

Why not you? That’s what I ask many people. If others are having greatness and starting great Why not you? Many unfortunately do not believe enough. Let go and let God. The how, the where, the when is not for you to know right away leave that to God. Yours is to do whatever you are doing to the best of your ability and keep thinking great. Work hard and work smart. Put all your best in and God would do the rest. If it doesn’t work out know that it was not good enough for you that’s why you didn’t get it not that you were not good enough. That’s the attitude of those who think great. Keep going on and sooner or later everything would work out good.
One thing you have to remember is that you have a place in this world and nobody can deny you that. Get the right attitude and never allow anyone’s opinion of you become your reality. Forget what happened yesterday. Who you are is not your present situation is what you can envisage in your mind. What you think is what you are. So think great and start great.

Don’t ever sit down moaning and doing nothing. That never achieves anything. Take a bold step and start 2016 great.
Make it a year you realised that you too can. That you are as capable as anyone and that you deserve it. YES YOU DESERVE IT. Do not shortchange yourself. Stop listening to those voices that say otherwise. Go for higher. Go for greater. Tell yourself HOW DARE I NOT GO FOR GREATNESS IN 2016. I AM STARTING GREAT.

Thanks @dayus4heaven for hosting me.

Thanks you for reading, Kindly drop your comments , questions et al!

Looking forward to host Dayo Israel – @dayoisrael this week. You can’t afford to miss this session.

Till we come your way this week. Stay bless. #BreakingBarriers

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HR Managers Capacity Development

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In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing world, HR Capacity Development has become a vital need for Governments and Public Sector Organizations worldwide even more importantly in Africa where delivering cost-efficient responsive and effective quality services is more important than ever.
There is a need for accurate Policies and Strategies to find people with the right knowledge skills attitudes and abilities to perform duties as expected to their positions.
Strategies for service delivery and quality control should reflect the vision for the betterment of human resource management in Africa when continually striving to achieve more with less.
Public sector HR professionals today function in a dynamic and complex environment and must confront a variety of challenges especially in Africa.
The overarching goal of public service in Africa is to continuously ensure its efficient service delivery by having the right people in the right place at the right time with the right skills, while nurturing and retaining talented human capital.
Policies and Strategies
To develop the requisite human resources in the public sector for addressing the current and future challenges posed by the imperatives of development, countries must be clear on what human resources they need in terms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, networks and technological know-how. In other words, human resource development policies and strategies must be designed congruent with the vision of development in question.
in the public sector dealing with human resource performance issues.
Consultants and trainers in Management Development Institutes.
Development partners’ Staff with interest in supporting human resource capacity building for the public service in Africa.
1: Capacity Building :For the World Bank, Capacity Building is:
A coordinated process of deliberate interventions to:
(i) upgrade skills (ii) improve procedures (iii) strengthen organizations.
Capacity building refers to the investment in people, institutions and practices that will enable countries to achieve their development objective. Source
For the UNDP, Capacity Building is:
…the creation of an enabling environment with appropriate policy and legal frameworks, institutional development, including community participation (marginalized and vulnerable groups especially women and youth), human resources development and strengthening of managerial systems to enable people to perform effectively.
2: Capacity Development:
This is the process of unleashing, strengthening and maintaining capacity. This goes beyond the technical co-operation and training approaches that have been associated with “capacity building” in the past. The stock of human capital and the supply of general and technical skills are important. However, a country’s ability to use skilled personnel to good effect depends on the incentives generated by organizations and the overall environment.
3: Good Governance :This is another term for which the internationally agreed upon definition is still evolving. The meaning depends on the context in which it is used. The Government of Rwanda used this definition when they set out to reform and develop the governance capacity of the country in 2002.
“The Government of Rwanda takes good governance to refer to the exercise of political, economic, and administrative authority to manage the nation’s affairs and the complex mechanisms, processes, relationships, and institutions as well as leadership behavior through which citizens’ groups articulate their interests, exercise, their rights and obligations and mediate their differences. Governance is good when it is effective, efficient and when the participation, interests, and livelihood of the governed are the prime motives of the leaders’ actions at every level of society. Good governance is not a matter of government only but a situation of multiple crisscrossing relationships in which different and various actors in the public and private sectors at national and international levels play various roles, sometimes mutually reinforcing and complementary, sometimes conflicting, but always following the same principles and practices that are agreed as constituents of good governance.” Source: National Program for Strengthening Good Governance for Poverty Reduction in Rwanda – March 2002
UNESCAP identifies these main characteristics of Good Governance:
1. Participatory
2. Democratic and Consensus Oriented
3. Accountable
4. Transparent
5. Responsive
4 ) HR Managers Capacity Development
4: Human Resource Management (HRM)
This is an organizational function that deals primarily with the management of issues and concerns of people within the organization. This includes policies and systems development for providing benefits and compensation, hiring, performance management, training and skills development, communication, and other personnel services. HRM covers personnel administration, performance management, training, Human Resource data systems, HR strategy development, and leadership.

A government will achieve development objectives only when it has at its disposal capable people to plan, implement, monitor, evaluate its policies and strategies especially in the delivery of public services. The objective of Human Resource Capacity Development in the Public is to enable the human resources to be highly productive in achieving responsive services in an effective, legal, fair and consistent manner. HRM serves the following key functions:

1. Recruitment & Selection
2. Training and Development (People or Organization)
3. Performance Evaluation and 4. Management
5. Promotions/Transfer
6. Redundancy
7. Industrial and Employee Relations
8. Record keeping of all personal data
9. Total Rewards: Employee Benefits & Compensation
10. Confidential advice to internal ‘customers’ in relation to problems at work,
11. Career development,
12. Competency Mapping
13. Time motion study as related to HR Function
14. Performance Appraisals
5: HR Capacity Development (HRCD) Human Resource Capacity Development (HRCD):
Focuses on the theory and practice related to training, development and learning within organizations, both for individuals and in the context of business strategy and organizational competence formation. Source: Gourlay, 2000
6: Talent Management:
Talent Management refers to the recruitment, selection, identification, retention, management, and development of personnel considered to have the potential for high performance. Talent management is a model of personnel management. It focuses on the skills and abilities of the individual and on his or her potential for promotion to senior management roles. It also assesses to what extent an individual can contribute to the success of the organization
Succession Planning Succession Planning is the process whereby an organization ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company. Through the succession planning process, an organization recruits superior employees, develops their knowledge, skills, and abilities, and prepares them for advancement or promotion into ever more challenging roles
Leadership in Human Resource Management (HRM) When addressing the issue of Capacity Development UNDP defines Leadership as “the ability to influence, inspire, and motivate others to achieve or even go beyond their goals. It is also the ability to anticipate and respond to change. Leadership is not necessarily synonymous with a position of authority; it can also be held at many levels.” In addition, it was specified that leadership can either be on an individual, team or organizational level. A government unit, like those handling human resources can take the lead in initiating reforms in public administration to create a stronger government as well as invest in creating an empowered human resource community at country level.
Four Critical Elements of Leadership It was the view of the majority of participants of the conference that too much energy should not be spent on defining terms but instead directed towards developing a matrix of focus groups and strategies attached to each. The four critical elements of leadership were identified as: Vision, Mobilization, Action, and Learning.
A leader or a group of leaders must have a vision, be able to mobilize commitment and resources for pursuing the vision, and take the necessary action for realizing the vision. Leaders must also be able to continuously learn. It was acknowledged that the situation is more complex for leaders of the countries that face abject poverty and conflicts. Participants felt that in enhancing leadership skills particular attention should be paid to the people who are led, in order to emphasize the role of a leader as a coach and a mentor”. Source: (Extracted from the Report of the United Nations Expert Group Meeting on New Challenges for Senior Leadership Enhancement for Improved Public Management in a Globalizing World, (Turin Italy, 19 – 20 September 2002).
Leadership Analysis Framework :The Leadership Analysis Framework below emphasizes that to be an effective leader one has to have the necessary knowledge, skills and networks working within institutions, systems and the cultural environment in the organization which facilitate high performance. The character, values and attitudes of leaders must be congruent with the values and goals of the organization.
HR managers must operate within the values of good governance and transmit those values to others in the organization.
Apply What You’ve Learned
Take a moment to consider how this information applies directly to your situation.
As an HR manager, how are your country’s top leadership and development vision linked to Human Resource Capacity Development in the Public Sector?
What needs to be done by top leadership to align Human Resource Capacity Development with the development vision of the country?
How would human resource managers in the Public Service be involved in this alignment?

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Happy New Year Everyone! The biggest barriers are the ones in the human mind. For example, 2016 is no longer new.
Once you think you know, there is nothing else to know. In order to learn afresh, you must be willing to come empty!
I once read a story about Houdini, expert at breaking barriers and prison locks. He broke every chain and prison until…
Houdini couldn’t break the barrier, because it was man’s biggest barrier, the mind barrier.
Our biggest barriers are self-imposed limiting beliefs and paradigms.
There is a glass ceiling on every employee & entrepreneur. It’s made of transparent glass. What they think they can’t do
Our culture forces us to go with  the crowd, religion makes us to believe without asking questions. These set our limits!
No new year without a new you. Your limit last year, is your limit this year, except you break out of your mindsets
The reason why nothing exciting has happened in your life is because you haven’t changed much! Change, and everything will.
Are you ready to break barriers? Want to share with you 21 things you need to do this January to break barriers!!
1. Make new friends! Our relationships are like ships, they convey us between where we are and where we want to go!
2. Show me your friends, and I will predict your future! Who you are hanging out with are road signs to your future!
3. The company you keep have an impact on what you see and how you see things. You want different, try different.
4. Never say you don’t have time! Create time for what is important.
5. There are 24hrs in a day and they are as valuable as what you use them for. Your time has a current value
6. If you don’t have time, and you don’t have money, you have problem.What are you doing with the time you have??
7. Ask Why? There are many things we do because we’ve always done it that way. By asking why! Why? Breaks mind barriers!
8. Challenge the Norm! We experience our greatest growth when we were very young, because we hadn’t come to accept normal.
9. Who says you should go with the flow? Lifeless debris goes with the flow the proof of life is moving against normal.
10. Turn against the crowd. Majority is usually wrong! If everybody is doing it, it’s wrong!
11. Never take your Pastor’s words for it! Confirm it in the Bible. You will be punished for believing what is not written.
12. God wants a direct relationship with you! He’s jealous that you have set up middle men that rob you of His time!
13.  It’s tough to swim against to currents. You have to alive and conscious. Going with the flow is mindless. Stop it!
14. The name of God is a master key for robbing people of their thinking faculties. Don’t let anyone rob you in God’s name
15. Learn how to Run! There is what to run from and there is what to run towards!
16. when you see people reducing God to something they can use or control, get out of their company as fast as you can.1cor10
17. 1 Cor 10:14 (MSG). Run from people who use God for things, or you will die with them in the name of diplomacy.
18. There are somethings you will experience that can destroy you from staying where you have always been, run!
19. You can’t be sitting in the premises and claim to be standing on the promises. If you hear truth, run with it!
20. Evaluate your life objectively and ask if all you have done is worth it in the eye of eternity. Is it worth it?
21. I will expand this further someday soon… I want to thank the team at #BreakingBarriers for hosting me today. Thanks
22. Tempted to delve into some places. To break barriers set up in religious centres and synagogues of satan. #BreakingBarriers but good night for now….

Appreciate Adeolu Akinyemi for his sacrifice and insights shared via #BreakingBarriers week 1.

Join us next week as I host Aisha Yesufu – Convener Bring Back Our Girls Campaign, A Speaker and Business Woman.
Host: Adedayo Olabamiji
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