12 Habits of Exceptionally Successful People

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12 Habits of Exceptionally Successful People
What makes successful people what they are is the high motivation, random element of luck, persistency and also cultivating of certain habits. Learning what these habits are and how to employ them in your own life could be a worthwhile exercise.
To that end, here are 12 of the most often cited habits of successful people.
They are organized: Not only d


o they right down their goals and keep a journal, – they write down every planned meeting, they are never late. They get ready for the day or the week beforehand. Jack Dorsey (co-founder of the Twitter) says that Sunday is an important day for organization and a time to “get ready for the rest of the week.”
They continue to learn: Successful people are great observers and they read s lot. While they also read for pleasure, most use their reading habit as a means to gain knowledge or insight. What they read is just as important as how much: The rich person’s reading material of choice is nonfiction, usually self-improvement.
They rise early: Rising early is a powerful path to success. Millionaires simply do not sleep in – they have too much to accomplish every day. The more time one can devote to being successful, the more likely success will result
They care about themselves: Taking care means eating healthy food, exersicing regularly and, for some, highly disciplined lifestyle. The majority of successful people say that such attitude has a large, positive impact.
They know what they want: Successful people know what their goal is and have a clear vision how to get it. They truly know what they want to be and how they want to change their lives.
They step outside their comfort zone: To be successful, you need to do many things outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis. You cannot afford to settle for less and be a mediocre.
They stay frugal: Frugal is not the same as stingy. Frugality is a habit of being thrifty, with money and resources. It is also a habit of being economical. Learning to be economical comes through avoiding waste, which automatically results in efficiency
They network: The wealthy understand that in order to be successful, you must surround yourself with successful people. Networking with other rich people, or people with the drive and potential to become rich, is crucial for your own success.
They maintain a positive attitude: It’s often easier to give into cynicism, but those who choose to be positive set themselves up for success and have better reputations. According to many successful people, having a positive attitude is not just a result of being successful – it’s one of the root causes of success.

They don’t make excuses: Success requires no explanations; failure permits no alibis” – once said Napoleon Hill. Successful people understand that ultimately they alone are in charge of their actions and choices and no other.

They accept criticism: Exceptionally successful people aren’t disturbed by critical remarks, but they do pay attention to ones that have merit and take lessons from them.

They have a gratitude attitude: Due to their belief and faith in God, they tends to live beyond now. Successful people keep their heads high and are always optimistic. Hence, they are grateful to God and life for all that comes their way.

See you at the top!
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