Law of Attraction

Posted: October 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Several leaders have been talking about the Law Of Attraction for years, though it gained popularity again when the book “The Secret” made waves in 2006.
The law is simply this: We attract whatever we think about, good or bad.
If we focus on our troubles and problems, we’ll attract more of the same. 
If we focus on our desired outcomes and situations and especially on the FEELING we have when we are in these positive states,
Then the universe sets in motion the conditions and circumstances needed to bring us our desires. 
Whether or not you believe in the power of the universe, there are scientific and Biblical research that proves the effects of positive thinking
Positivity is a core value for those who are working with the Law of Attraction,
But it can be easy to forget that being positive isn’t just about being good to others and trying to be optimistic.
You also need to nurture a positive self-image, truly believing that you’re deserving of great things
This ongoing focus on self-reflection also enables you to start seeing what you really want from your future.
You attract what you see and believes.
Becoming more mindful of your own thoughts helps you to see to discover what you should keep or remove from your own mind and the reality you experience.
You will become more attentive to underlying negativity and can start to combat it with new beliefs and feelings that better reflect your positive vision of the coming days.
The truth is that simple changes have powerful consequences when you’re working with the Law of Attraction.
Creative visualization is a cornerstone of using the Law of Attraction, and meditative exercises are part of this process.
There is power in what you see, where do you see yourself in the next 5, 10 years?
How you see yourself helps you to live and behave like you have already accomplished your goals.
Law of Attraction Affirmations can take the form of internal thoughts or spoken words. Your words are powerful.
Spoken words are seed sown to bring forth result into our lives either positive or negative
Life and death are in the power of tongue.
Law of attraction helps to make designs that will reflect your vision of how you want your life to change
A sticky note on the bathroom cabinet, the fridge or the front door can keep you in check if your confidence is wavering
What you decree over your life will definitely attract same result to you.
The law of attraction states that every positive or negative event that happened with you was attracted by you.
There are really only three basic steps: ask, believe, and receive.
Be sure about what you want and when you do decide don’t doubt yourself. What do you want from life?
Write your wish down, Act on it, don’t do wishful thinking. The result is in actions taken.
Faith + Work = Miracles, Avoid negation terms
You must act, speak, and think as if you are receiving it now.
Our actions don’t just have an effect in this life but in future lives and that this is the reason for our fortunes and our sorrows each minute.
Problems can be seen as challenges to be overcome and as positive learning experiences rather than permanent obstacles. You attract same.

Is money, academics, love, shelter et al your problem? Do something about!

Successful people make money. It’s not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do

I love it when @sam adeyemi said “you must have something you are selling”

The more you add value to people’s lives you equivalently attract money.

Let’s suppose you see someone struggling with a map and clearly in need of directions.

This is a great opportunity to help out! Law of attraction for financial intelligence says you see problems as opportunities.

Let me share some principles of attraction with you; 1. become incredibly selfish.
without you, there is nothing, and attraction is not possible.

2. unhook yourself from the future. Attraction works in the present, not in the future.

3. Over respond to every event, by over-responding instead of overreacting, you evolve, which is very attractive.

5. Add value just for the joy of it,when you add value because you enjoy it, people are naturally attracted to you.
6. Affect others profoundly- the more you touch others life, the more attractive you will become.
7. Market your talents shamelessly-if you are embarrassed about what you do well, you will not be attractive.

8. become irresistibly attractive to yourself-how can you attract others if you do not feel irresistibly attractive to you?

9.  Get a fulfilling life, not just an impressive lifestyle – a great life is attractive; a lifestyle is usually seductive.

10. Create a vacuum that pulls you forward being pulled forward is attractive; pushing forward is not.

11. Eliminate delay, time is expensive and thus is very unattractive. No procastination.

12. Get your personal needs met, once and for all,if you have unmet needs, you will attract others in the same position.

13. Show others how to please you, do not make them guess.

14. endorse your worst weaknesses,


when you can accept and honor the worst part of yourself, you are more accepting of others.

15. Sensitize yourself, the more you feel, the more you’ll notice and respond to the many opportunities in the present.

16. Perfect your environment, the attraction OS is a sophisticated system that requires a first-class environment.

17. develop more character than you need, integrity is a key to become irresistibly attractive.

18. See how perfect the present really is, especially when it is clearly not.

19. Become unconditionally constructive, high levels of respect are very attractive.

20. Orient exclusively around your values, when you spend your days doing what fulfills you, you are attractive.

21. Simplify everything, abandoning the non-essentials leaves more room for you to attract.

22. Master your craft, being the best at what you do is the easiest way to become successful.

23. Recognize and tell the truth, the truth is the most attractive thing of all, but it requires skills and awareness.

24. Have a vision, when you can see what’s coming, you don’t need to create a future.

25. Be more human, when you are genuine, you are attractive.
You are powerful more than who you think you are. Believe and be optimistic.

Attract whatever you desire. You have the power to make the choice.


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