Posted: January 21, 2015 in Uncategorized


  1. Ideas rules the world Sam Adeyemi
  2. Every great achievement starts with a seed of idea. Plant yours!
  3. Ideas without acting will die.
  4. Ideas are more powerful than the brains that produce them. Be mindful of them.
  5. The soul does not eat physical things but handles intangible things that is, ideas. Don’t ask God for million but ask him for ideas that will generate the millions.
  6. The qualities of ideas that flow through your mind determine the quality of your life. Watch out!
  7. Every form of breakthrough is built on the formulation of ideas. Get it right!
  8. If it is a Godly idea, it will triumph over every obstacle and Ideas hardly dies they give birth to new ones.
  9. Those who do not generate ideas will always have to serve those who do.
  10. The moment you catch an idea, your future success is guaranteed

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