Posted: December 22, 2014 in Uncategorized


1. Wisdom is the application of the word of God to ones situation which brings solution when mixed with faith.
2. Wisdom never stands alone. If you have wisdom, king’s treasures will be in your coffers
3. Your rate of success in any given area is a function of the level of wisdom you have in that area
4. There is wisdom for a season
5. Wisdom is the application of knowledge in a rightful way
6. We can get or grasp wisdom through people or pain.
7. Questions are the seeds of wisdom. Never relent in asking.
8. The role of wisdom is correct reactions and ability to recognize difference
9. The word of God is the wisdom of God. Dwell on it and it will rub on you.
10. Wisdom is necessary, in order that we live life to its fullest and accomplish God’s purpose in our lives


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