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GOOD EVENING …. Happy Valentines Day everyone! Thank you for having me on your platform this evening.

Valentines Day is a great day for us to be reminded what true love really looks like.

I Cor. 14:4 (amplified) says, “Love endures with patience and serenity, love is kind and thoughtful, and is not jealous or envious; love does not brag and is not proud or arrogant.” 

This tells me that true love is all about the other person, not itself.
There is far too much selfish love in our society.

 People are choosing partners simply because of the benefit that the partner brings to their life, not considering how they are to add value and serve their partner’s interests.

We need to break the barrier of selfishness and see love as a service to our partner. We are to serve, not look to be served.

People can be irresponsible in their relationships by keeping long lists of grievances.

 These lists are counter productive to progress.
Love can’t thrive where it doesn’t feel accepted and where it is constantly reminded of past mistakes.

Overall, lets learn to love like God loves. This is the key to longevity and success in relationships.

Thank you the opportunity given to me to share these few thoughts. I am available for the next few minutes to answer questions.
Thank you Rev Laurie Idahosa for those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers 

Remember with God its people like us that SUCCEED in life. 
To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 




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Good evening @dayus4heaven and thanks for the invite to #BreakingBarriers

We shall be looking into the topic Bruised but not broken. If anyonehas been bruised and not broken.. then I surely fit nicely #breakingbarriers

What does it mean to be bruised? Everyone knows what constitutes a bruise, and most people understand what a fracture is. #breakingbarriers

An injury to the body causing discolouration but not laceration,” and #breakingbarriers

Stedman’s Medical Dictionary simply describes a fracture as “a break.” #breakingbarriers

As both bruises and fractures are concerned with breaks, it would be logical to assume that they invariably occur together. #breakingbarriers

It wont be too far to say when one is bruised, there is possibility of breaks within what can constitute bruising for one may differ to the other #breakingbarriers

We are react to trauma differently. What may cause aftermath impact for one may totally differ from another. I hope you are following me.. #breakingbarriers

Life itself is a battle and when you think you are done with one, another is lurking around the bend #breakingbarriers

A victim of gang-rape may get over the experience in a short while , while another person with attempted rape may still be affected for longer period #breakingbarriers

My story is over flogged but I will try to work with what I have #breakingbarriers

When life throws a storm.. then comes the earthquake, followed by a landslide.. then finally a hurricane crashes in.. and yet you are still standing… Do you get my meaning? #breakingbarriers

I have been trashed… beaten black and blue. Just when I thought it was over… the all hell broke loose… I carry my scars with pride.. You know why? #breakingbarriers

Only winners can come back with the healed scars. There are scars that have not healed. #breakingbarriers

It is utterly wrong to carry the weight of your challenge on your face… We give meaning to the situation we find ourselves in. Every man has what it is , he o is battling with. The degree of which to him is important #breakingbarriers

What you consider serious may not have such meaning for another, but equally serious too. What perspective are you viewing your situation from? The victim or the conqueror? #breakingbarriers

If you don’t not see yourself a victor, you will remain a victim… – #breakingbarriers

Self pity state will increase feeling sorry for yourself and weepy all the time… This situation keeps you imprisoned #breakingbarriers

For the better part of my childhood, teens and as an adult woman I was a wimp. I had been crushed.. broken in pieces by series of abuses that left me a abuser, manipulator, crafty, most of all WEAK! #breakingbarriers

My shoulder had been bowed. I couldn’t look at anyone eye ball to eye ball… I had lost my essence… I had no hope. At one time I became a leach.. Like a parasite, I needed someone else to live… #breakingbarriers

I know I don’t look it a ta ll.. At closer to 54 (like in two months), I look great and feel great. That is the grace of God.. cannot attribute my recovery to any therapy but Jesus Therapy. I didn’t go through any ministry or man of God. #breakingbarriers

Yes a number of them contributed their quota to my journey and I respect them all. Yet its only God that has the glory. I have said and still say, “Only God can heal the wounds & scars of sexual violence” #breakingbarriers

Pain is real and I can’t make light anyone’s pain. Do not get me wrong. My journey was painful. I had to learn. Learning was hard. #breakingbarriers

The truths gathered along the way can assist someone else not go that route. #breakingbarriers

You and I were created and brought into this world to fulfill an assignment… There is a reason why you are here… #breakingbarriers

You are the answer to someone else’s challenge.. You carry the answers inside of you.. #breakingbarriers

The challenges are mostly a step to the crown.. I have another saying of mine.. “The devil is afraid of my destiny, so sacred he has to play pranks with me.. But shame on him.. I have the victory…” We are special.. #breakingbarriers

Today .. this is me.. the battles also provide great insight into sexual violence dynamics… #breakingbarriers

However, we should not see this as a calling for all of us. Not every challenge of life is a calling. Discover your purpose… #breakingbarriers

Still you are not what you have been through … Life is in phases.. It shall come to pass. It never stays stagnant. Though it does feel like its forever… #breakingbarriers

You can break free of every barrier… #breakingbarriers

I did…and walking my purpose… still conquering territories. You can break barriers… too #breakingbarriers

Thanks for having me on #breakingbarriers @dayus4heaven . I am honoured to contribute my quota… Any questions or comments

Appreciate Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode for sharing those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers

Remember with God its people like us that SUCCEED in life. 
To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 



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Let’s talk about depression; A disease of civilization. Kindly follow this thread. feel free to contribute and ask your questions. Diseases of civilization are diseases that are linked with the way people live their lives. #breakingBarriers

The underlying cause of these diseases can be linked to fundamental changes in diet and lifestyle that occured after the Neolithic (Agricultural) revolution. #breakingBarriers

 Over time, dietary and lifestyle behavior of man has been greatly influenced by civilization. Seemingly in a positive way However, civilization came with a lot of negatives. Negatives which have shown to be hazardous to our health. #breakingbarriers

Civilization has proffered solutions and positive steps for our wellbeing thereby increasing duration and quality of life however the accelerated progress of  urbanization has also led to some adverse effects on our health #breakingbarriers

In those days, People ate fresher foods, engaged in more physical activity, less sedentary lifestyle, more sleep, less pressure from society and unrealistic standards set by self and external factors. #breakingBarriers

Generally, they had a healthier lifestyle than we do. These days, the story is different. Studies have shown that our forefathers exhibited superior health markers than us due to the “modern habits” we have acquired over the years. #breakingbarriers

These health markers include: Blood pressure, visual acuity, body mass index, maximum oxygen consumption, etc These modern habits that have reduced quality of our health markers include; excessive alcohol intake, tobacco, poor sleep #BreakingBarriers

These modern habits include; sedentary lifestyle, ingestion of junk foods, soda drinks, refined sugar, preservatives, more animal protein, chronic psychological stress, pollution, use of recreational drugs, etc #breakingbarriers

Some of the diseases of civilization include coronary heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Cancers, chronic liver diseases,chronic pulmonary disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, obesity, depression. #BreakingBarriers

But today we are going to talk about the 800 pound gorilla in the room, #depression!! Depression is a common medical condition that negatively affects how you feel, think and act. A mood disorder that causes persistent feeling of sadness  #breakingbarriers

depression is not a personal problem that should not be discussed in public. Depression is a social problem. A growing menace in our society worsened by socio economic pressure and the way society handles people with depression. #BreakingBarriers

1 in 4 Nigerian is depressed. Yet we talk about depression in hush hush tones like it isn’t something that should be talked about. We need to speak up about depression and other mental disorders! #stopTheStigma #DepressionIsReal #BreakingBarriers

Like a lot of other medico-social issues in Nigeria, Mental illness is an  “800pound Gorilla in the room”. That issue that carries a lot of weight or needs to be reckoned with- everyone knows about it,but no one wants to talk about it. #BreakingBarriers

When a typical Nigerian hears the word “mental illness” his/her first thought would be madness or some sort of aggressive behavior No!  Mental illness refers to mental health conditions-disorders that affect your mood,thinking and behaviors #BreakingBarriers

Our society is a culture medium for the organisms that puts one at risk of developing a mental illness- Poverty, child abuse, broken homes and marriages, financial problems, traumatic experiences, etc. #BreakingBarriers

I in 4 Nigerians is depressed. Look around you. If it isn’t you, then you should be worried about the other people around you. stress/pressure to deliver. Twitter standards, world people standards..even village people are setting standards #BreakingBarriers

Mental health awareness in Nigeria is very low, making it difficult for people to access health care Or even acknowledge that they have depression. There is a considerable neglect of mental health issues in the country. #BreakingBarriers

In matters like this, the monitoring spirit behavior of Nigerians can be put to better use.When you notice a sudden change in behavior of a friend,relative, bae… We need to help them admit they have a problem and also find them help #BreakingBarriers

World people will say a depressed person needs Jesus or prayers …. Yes, and they need our love and support and they need to see a psychiatrist fast. Let’s stop deceiving ourselves please. seek Medical attention ASAP #BreakingBarriers

-Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness -Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities -Decreased energy or fatigue -Moving or talking more slowly -Feeling restless or having trouble sitting still #BreakingBarriers

Symptoms of depression include: Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions #BreakingBarriers

-Difficulty sleeping, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping -Appetite and/or weight changes. #BreakingBarriers

thoughts of death/suicide, suicide attempts pains, cramps, or digestive problems without a clear physical cause even when treated if you persistently feel the following for more than 2 weeks… you may be depressed. Kindly seek help #BreakingBarriers

“Depression is not a decision, it is a diagnosis”. No one “decides” to be miserable. They just don’t  have the strength to fight it. #breakingbarriers

A depressed person will rather wallow in self pity and keep fueling the pity party..keep sinking into the dark hole they find themselves in. #BreakingBarriers

Their brain tricks them into believing that the state they find themselves is an okay state. Some people will sink deeper and deeper if they are not guidee back to reality #BreakingBarriers

A depressed person will not likely ask for help! Look out for the red flags. Often times, subtle .Silly, aggressive, annoying social media updates Excessive partying,reckless sexual indulgence,attention seeking, withdrawing into one’s shell #BreakingBarriers

if you can catch yourself before you lose yourself, kindly seek help. Confide in a friend, speak up. If you advised to see a pastor, after the prayers, please stop over at a psychologists/psychiatrist/mental health expert for expert care #BreakingBarriers

If you do notice a friend might be depressed, get them to admit, talk to them. Care for them. Be the “no judging” zone they can run to anytime to seek solace. Do not judge. It isn’t their fault. #BreakingBarriers

Some depression can be addressed by just psychotherapy (talking to a shrink or support group; @MentallyAwareNG is the go to on #naijaHealthTwitter In many cases, anti depressant medications will be required. Again. See a doctor #BreakingBarriers

Behavioral modifications are necessary. Engaging in activities you love can be helpful. Exercise. Get http://moving.Watch  movies. Eat foods that stimulate the brain – (Banana, walnut, berries, avocado, apples, e.t.c ) #BreakingBarriers

Do not isolate yourself. Stay around loved ones. positive vibes only. Stay away from the negatives. #BreakingBarriers

PS: No two people are affected the same way by depression and there is no “one-size-fits-all” for treatment. It may take some trial and error to find the treatment that works best for you. #BreakingBarriers
Thank you Dr. Kel for those experiential words on #BreakingBarriers 

Remember with God its people like us that SUCCEED in life. 

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 



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The statement is so apt. It’s about you and what you believe you can do. If you believe it you can and if you don’t, nothing anyone would say or do would change anything. You would always self sabotage to be where your mind is comfortable for you to be in. #YesIcan
I AM a living testimony of YES I CAN. From a child I believe in my ability to be. I refused to allow my present situation define me. I knew what I wanted and would go for it irrespective. I would put my all and leave the rest to God. #YesIcan

I practised let go and let God even before I heard of the phrase. #YesIcan

If I get what I had worked hard for I always gave God the glory. If I don’t get it I always believe it wasn’t good enough for me so God didn’t bring it my way. #YesIcan

One thing I never do is take failure personal. That one failed is never something to be ashamed of. It is something to learn from and be better. #YesIcan

Many hold themselves back because they don’t want to fail and be seen as failure. Well let me tell you something, failure is not falling down it’s staying down. When you fail and learn from it then it’s not failure it’s learning one way of not getting what you want. #YesIcan

So you go at it from another way. You persist and keep going. #YesIcan

I grew up poor. At one time my parents couldn’t afford to feed us. We would go hungry. Even though we were starving of food we were well fed on values & integrity. We were taught to have a voice & speak up and never allow ourselves to be made sub humans. Grateful to them #YesIcan

I had the most imaginative mind and I believed in achieving so much and I had a YES I CAN attitude. It would baffle my parents. Here we were with nothing but yet I would think so big. #YesIcan

My friends were married off by the time I was 11 & though there were snide remarks and little bit of insults on not being married I was determined I was going to get a University degree & go on to get a job and be able to own and drive a car and nothing was stopping me. #YesIcan

I wanted out of the ghetto I had found myself in. I knew there was a world beyond the squalor I lived in and I was determined to be part of that life. I read a lot of books and that helped me a lot. I would imagine and I tell you I imagined big. #YesIcan

I was always the butt of jokes and snide remarks because I dreamt too big for my station but I tell you today no one is laughing anymore. Sometime in 2014 my mum said to me thank you for dreaming big for the whole family. It was a touching moment for me. #YesIcan

From someone who on an empty stomach would talk about travelling the whole world, having machines to do work for me, being heard all over the world, being an inventor and laughed at to now being told thank you for those dreams it was quite a moment. #YesIcan

Yes you can and it is only you that can define that. Don’t allow anyone’s opinion of you be your reality. Believe enough in you and dream big. Go out there and go after what you have set your mind on. Don’t allow anyone distract you. #YesIcan

Focus on what you are doing to achieve the result more than on the result. When you put in the effort as you should I bet you the result would take care of itself. #YesIcan

I would go from Kano to Zaria and the transport fare was not something my parents could afford. I later got a girl called Habiba in Zaria whom I stayed with. Her mother is an amazing human being. They took in a young lady who badly needed help. #YesIcan

I was at the adminitative block seeking for admission everyday. While my colleagues were followed by their fathers or guardians I would walk in alone and state my facts. Some would listen some would drive me away but for sure I am back the next day. #YesICan

A list would come out and my name would still not be on it and I would go on and on. Many told me to give up. I refused and I persisted. #YesIcan

One thing I am blessed for not having is fear. Whether you are VC, I would enter your office. Senate building 7th and8th floor i walked them like no man’s business. #YesICan

One thing I have is respect for human beings. Though I don’t have respect for positions which unfortunately many focus on. For me whether you are the VC or the cleaner I would accord you the same respect. #YesIcan

I would not respect you more because you are VC neither would I respect you less because you are cleaner and many of those low cadre staff adopted me as their daughter. #YesICan

It wasnt easy seeking for admission and many a times I cried myself out but I never gave up. I would see those with lesser qualification than mine get admission because they had connection. #YesICan

They would breeze in with their influential parents into the office we had been standing for over 5 sometimes 8 hours to be able to see the official. #YesICan

Sometimes we would queue at the door all day and still be unable to see the person. I hated the injustice of it all and reason up till tomorrow I hate connection and what it represent. #YesICan

But you know what?! I got the admission! My name came out on the list but it was for 100levels. I took that up. Many said it would not be changed but it was. #YesICan

I went to the then Academic Secretary A U Misau and explained to him the mistake made. He listened to my points and immediately approved. I normally don’t remember names but his name will always stand out for me. He helped a helpless citizen without any expectation #YesICan

I had to write an application letter to him. It was approaching deadline for change and He was about to go out or so. He got a plain sheet signed approved at the bottom and gave me to go write the application in top. I GOT MY 200L MEDICINE YES I CAN! #YesICan

The yes I can attitude is one that allows you to never sell yourself short and to always go for the peak. It takes the same effort to think big as to think small then you might as well think big. #YesICan

Be ready to learn if you want the YES I CAN mindset. Believing you can also requires the knowledge of how to go about it. It is important to keep learning and reinforce YES I CAN spirit. #YesICan

Improve yourself and improve your skills Get new skills and update regularly. If you are not learning you are dead. #YesICan

Dare to dream and believe in your dreams. Don’t listen to people. It’s important you learn to reach out for the stars and give yourself permission to get the best out of everything #YesIcan

Why not You? Why do you think you can’t do it. Why do you think you can’t get It? Why do you think you are not good enough to have It?. It’s time to ask yourself Why Not You? Look yourself in the mirror and say YES I CAN #YesICan

Learn from your mistakes always and never take mistakes personal. That way you learn not to be hard on yourself or beat yourself up and simply take it as a process of learning and reinforcing YES I CAN spirit and continue until you achieve what you set out to do. #YesICan

Obstacles are bound to be on the way. They are a way to test if you really want what you are going for and when you really want what you are going for you persevere until you get it. #YesICan

Believe in yourself always. Don’t underestimate the power of YOU and what you can achieve. #YesIcan

Know who you are. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Enhance your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. Where it is necessary get people whom it is their strength to be part of your team. #YesIcan

The way it is necessary to be part of a team to get jobs done is the way you need a team for yourself and journey of life. You need to have the most competent and best team for project YOU. #YesIcan

Finally YES I CAN is about not giving up. Going on no matter what it takes( that is of course legally and morally okay). Working hard and working smart and thinking out of the box. #YesIcan

I would end with another personal story of mine that illustrates the YES I CAN SPIRIT. #YesICan

In 2004 or 2005 there was an opening to be a major distributor of the biggest household products multi national companies in Kano. These openings don’t come easily or frequently. It was a lifetime opportunity to be a distributor. #YesIcan

A distributor had then just resigned and there was an opening (I should have checked more why the distributor resigned but that’s story for another day). This company was one of the gold among distributors. #YesIcan

I immediately contacted the company. I could start the following week if I so want but I needed to buy goods worth forty million and they needed it in less than a week. As of that time if you sell me and my immediate family you wouldn’t get forty million. #YesICan

As soon as I told my husband he said forget it. Where are we going to get that kind of money from? I didnt forget it I persisted. I kept negotiating with them. #YesIcan

One day I said to them this is your opportunity to do business with me don’t go regretting it. They laughed but the statement they later said struck them and they gave me more attention. #YesIcan

It was finally negotiated to eight million & I still didn’t have that amount. I had just stock up goods. Anyone in distribution takes advantage of buying up products when the season of scarcity & high price is approaching and I had just done that. I approached my bank. #YesIcan

To cut it short I got my draft of eight million naira. I stayed in the bank that day up to around 11pm before I collected that draft. Orders and instructions were flying between Lagos and Kaduna and the deadline for me to bring in the cheque was the next day. #YesIcan

On that day I realised banks work beyond 4pm. It was 4pm they close to customers. #YesIcan

As soon as I got the draft I called my husband he was working in Abuja and he couldn’t believe it. I became a distributor for that company. I didn’t give up. #YesIcan

When I come with my big ideas my husband used to say to me you are crazy how can we? Overtime he learnt to not say we can’t and just give me high five. #YesIcan

Jim Rohn said whenever you want to set a goal set a big enough goal so that in the process of achieving that goal you become somebody worth becoming and thats what i do because I know YES I CAN. Thank you. #YesIcan

Remember with God its people like us that SUCCEED in life. 

Thank you Aisha Yesufu for sharing those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers. 
To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji



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​Thanks for hosting me @dayusheaven. I appreciate you. #BreakingBarriers

I’m going to be sharing today on the topic: OPPORTUNITY AHEAD. #BreakingBarriers

If you are an entrepreneur or employee in Nigeria, you can attest to the fact that 2017 was a hard year. #BreakingBarriers

Many people lost their jobs and many people in businesses struggled. #BreakingBarriers

We also experienced RECESSION as a Nation and a lot of people struggled with depression. #BreakingBarriers

Last Quarter of 2017 saw a shift in Nigerian’s economy and many people are doing well now. #BreakingBarriers

You may have had a rough year too, but that doesn’t have to be your story this new year. #BreakingBarriers

2018 has created opportunities for us and we can leverage all of them if we desire. #BreakingBarriers

The key word here being IF YOU DESIRE. #BreakingBarriers

What do you desire? This will determine what you pursue. #BreakingBarriers

What do you see for yourself? Do you see a bright future? #BreakingBarriers

There’s a lot you can achieve this year, you only need to believe in yourself and be positive in your outlook. #BreakingBarriers

If you run a business, you can position yourself for opportunities in 2018. #BreakingBarriers

If you run a business, you can position yourself for opportunities in 2018. #BreakingBarriers

As long as you are ready and willing to create valuable products and services that meets the needs of people. #BreakingBarriers

If you work as an employee, there are opportunities for you to excel in your job and build a lucrative career for yourself. #BreakingBarriers

There’s a lot you can achieve if you put your mind to it. #BreakingBarriers

One of the things you need to focus on, either as an entrepreneur or employee or student is your BRAND. #BreakingBarriers

Your brand is the summary of the conversations people have about you. #BreakingBarriers

You can intentionally influence and leverage these conversations #BreakingBarriers

When you prepare yourself for opportunities, you find them and even your brand attracts opportunities to you. #BreakingBarriers

No matter what you are going through or have gone through, you can leverage opportunities to live a better life in 2018. #BreakingBarriers

However, even if you prepare for opportunities but you don’t discipline yourself, you can lose it. #BreakingBarriers

So prepare. Discipline yourself. Execute.#BreakingBarriers

Lastly, as I close, ensure you VALUE and CULTIVATE good relationships in 2018. #BreakingBarriers

Relationships are the fastest ways to get and keep attracting good opportunities #BreakingBarriers

If you do these, you will have a phenomenal year. #BreakingBarriers

Ensure you are a person of integriry and you are kind to people. This alone will secure you good opportunities. #BreakingBarriers

2018 can and be your year of increase, prosperity and influence. However, only you can make this happen. #BreakingBarriers

Pay attention to the lessons above and have yourself a fantastic year ahead. #BreakingBarriers

Thank you FAM for showing up. 

Remember with God its people like us that SUCCEED in life. 

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji



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Most of us want to be successful, however, the majority do not set goals at all and do not know what they want in life, so they end up not achieving much. #BreakingBarriers
Studies show that people who set goals achieve ten times more than the people who don’t have any goals in their lives. #BreakingBarriers

Let me quickly shock you! Don’t know what your goals are? Think about your funeral. Visualize your funeral and consider what you would want friends to describe as your legacy. #BreakingBarriers

At a point in my life, I lived all through a year without goals, I was wandering aimlessly. No direction, no action, Life was a routine daily. #BreakingBarriers

Goal setting is a powerful tool that can be used to motivate and challenge yourself further towards meeting your career management goals. #BreakingBarriers @OgbeniDipo @babaidris090

It was confusion all through half of that year when I realized am source of my challenge. #BreakingBarriers #goal

If you want to succeed, you need to set goals. Without goals you lack focus and direction. Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are actually succeeding. #BreakingBarriers

Will quickly share some of the mantras that got me back on the track, which I believe will work for you as a person too. Let’s go….. #BreakingBarriers

1. Clarity : Clarity is about knowing exactly what you are trying to achieve and by when. You must be clear with your life’s direction and journey. #BreakingBarriers

Unclear goals are a recipe for fumbling around, hitting road blocks, and never really achieving what you want. #BreakingBarriers

2. Challenge : Goals that are both specific and difficult lead to the highest performance. Ensure your goals are challenging which in turn will bring the best out of your life. #BreakingBarriers

3. Commitment : To achieve challenging goals you have to believe in what you are doing and why you are doing it. You must believe that what you are doing is important and that the outcomes matter. #Believe #BreakingBarriers #goals

Goals you’re not committed to will not be accomplished! #BreakingBarriers #Productivity

4. Feedback : You don’t just set goals and review them at the scheduled completion date. You must track your progress, get feedback and make adjustments along the way. #BreakingBarriers

5.Task complexity : Setting specific, challenging and difficult goals can result in increased task complexity. Complex tasks which need to be completed to achieve your goals can be overwhelming. #BreakingBarriers

If they are not carefully managed, complex tasks can cause you to lose motivation and erode commitment. Watch it! #BreakingBarriers

Create Milestones 

Milestones are helpful markers that you can create en-route to your goals. Simply take your long-term goal of one or more years, and break that goal up into milestones. Create monthly and weekly milestones that will help you stay on track. #BreakingBarriers

Leverage the 80/20-Rule The 80/20-Rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts. #BreakingBarriers

It’s your job to identify the 20% of your efforts that are producing 80% of your results, then amplify those efforts. To identify your 80/20, you need to audit your activities related to your goals. #BreakingBarriers

The most successful people in the world have failed the most times. Even famous ones. And when you can anticipate failure, you can expect it and use them as stepping-stones, not allowing them to deaden your spirit as you work to achieve your goals. #BreakingBarriers

Effectively Manage Your Time Time management is a strategy that anyone can use to achieve their goals. In fact, this single strategy, if implemented well enough, can help anyone achieve even the most loftiest of goals. #BreakingBarriers

Find a good system for managing your time, and implement it. Time management helps us to avoid distractions while also utilizing the one resource that we all have in common: TIME. #BreakingBarriers

You want to take a break from social media, focus on your VISION and dreams. Declutter your life of anything that will not help you. #BreakingBarriers

No goal can be achieved without discipline. Even if you write out your goals and set them the right way, without discipline, following through becomes next to impossible. #BreakingBarriers

Think about it: Having a million dollars in the bank is only proof of success if one of your goals is to amass riches. If your goal is to practice acts of charity, then keeping the money for yourself is suddenly contrary to how you would define success. #BreakingBarriers

So be objective and intentionally live your dreams in 2018. #BreakingBarriers

Create your #visionboard and position them where you can always see your VISION. #BreakingBarriers

Make regular confession over your goals and visions. Call them to existence! #BreakingBarriers

Intentionally choose people, places and events that will help you achieve your goals in life. #BreakingBarriers

Follow your guts, don’t follow the crowd, no competition in life. Celebrate yourself! #BreakingBarriers

People find it easier to forget anyone who is dead, why impressing them with your life? Enjoy every moments! Live your dreams. #BreakingBarriers

Lastly as I round up tonight session, will like to lay emphasis on the power of ACTIONS! #BreakingBarriers #Productivity

Nothing moves in life except you take right actions at the appropriate time to achieve expected results. #BreakingBarriers

Everyday take actions that will draw you closer to your dreams and goals! #BeFearless #BreakingBarriers

One step at a time! Reward yourself where need.

Remember with God its people like us that SUCCEED in life. 
To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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1. Hello fan and followers of #BreakingBarriers In the following tweets, I share personal opinions on how you can excel in your career.

2. Dear Young people, please be ruthless in pursuing your CAREER goals and strategic in realising your dreams. #BreakingBarriers

3. Please understand your strength and weaknesses. Look for new opportunities and identify potential threats early on. #BreakingBarriers

4. You can come from a humble background and achieve great things in your CAREER. #BreakingBarriers

5. Your skills, capabilities and competencies can take you before Kings. Wouldn’t you rather develop and harness them? #BreakingBarriers

6. Young people, do all you can to develop these skills: Interpersonal skills Positive attitude Professionalism Work ethic #BreakingBarriers

7. Do all you can to develop these skills: Verbal Comms/Influencing Teamwork Commercial Awareness Problem Solving Skills #BreakingBarriers

8. Do all you can to develop these skills: Emotional intelligence Stress management Time management Assertiveness #BreakingBarriers

9. A lot of jobs are advertised on LinkedIn on a daily basis. If you don’t have an account, you should create one. #BreakingBarriers

10. In advancing your career and gaining a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, you need to be goal oriented, focused and confident. #BreakingBarriers

11. If you are looking for a job or a new job, don’t let procrastination tie you down. Get on with the search & applications. #BreakingBarriers

12. Don’t be discouraged by rejections. Keep applying for those jobs and in the end you will get your dream job. #BreakingBarriers

13. Success takes time and deliberate effort. Please put in the time. Do not half-hassle it. #BreakingBarriers

14. Strong work ethics are irreplaceable. Your work ethics will open doors of greatness for you or shut you out of progress. #BreakingBarriers

15. Spend some time on personal development. Attend personal development events. Spend some time with a mentor. Fix your CV. #BreakingBarriers

16. You need confidence to fulfil your potential and achieve your CAREER goals. #BreakingBarriers

17. In respect of your CAREER, please dream big; then pursue those dreams as if your whole life depends on it. #BreakingBarriers

18. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve your CAREER GOALS. You can and you will if you WORK VERY HARD. #BreakingBarriers

19. Be bold, be confident, and be audacious. PRAY about your CAREER and carry yourself like someone who trust his or her God. #BreakingBarriers

20. Stay away from people who belittle your CAREER ambition. Network with those who can help you advance it. #BreakingBarriers

21. A first class degree without employability skills is useless for most organisations. Invest in upgrading your skills. #BreakingBarriers

22. Look for a career mentor. Look for someone who has been there & done that. Someone who can guide you & help you progress. #BreakingBarriers

23. Brand yourself as a competent young professional, not a street fighter at the service of politicians. #BreakingBarriers

24. You can make yourself attractive to future employers by how you brand yourself online, on all platforms. #BreakingBarriers

25. Pay attention to your online footprint. Do not tweet what you cannot defend in front of HR or during an interview. #BreakingBarriers

26. Improve your presentation, problem solving and leadership skills. These skills are transferable across industries. #BreakingBarriers

27. Be humble during interviews. Sell yourself but please don’t brag and boast. #BreakingBarriers

28. For those who are still searching for a job, please search with the mentality of a winner. You will get your dream job! #BreakingBarriers

29. What is the quality of the people in your network? Are they adding value to you? Do you need news friends? #BreakingBarriers

30. NETWORKING is important can can help advance your CAREER significantly. Please network smartly. #BreakingBarriers

31. When leaving a company or workplace please don’t burn bridges. You might need them in the future. #BreakingBarriers

32. Lastly, please focus on what is important and achievable. #BreakingBarriers

Once again, thank you @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

We want to appreciate @OgbeniDipo for sharing those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers. God bless you 🙏 

Thank you FAM 💓 for reading. 

Remember with God its people its people like us like us that SUCCEED in life. 

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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1. Thank you @dayus4heaven for inviting me to share about “How to Profit from your existing #Network” on #BreakingBarriers this evening. It will be a brief but hopefully insightful chat. I will also stick around to answer any questions that may arise.

2. Your Network is a cluster of people in your sphere of influence or corner; acquaintances, friends, family, colleagues, business partners, professional associates, customers, mentors etc. These are people that you have close or casual ties with. #BreakingBarriers

3. Everyone has a network whether you realize that or not. No one is an island. The earth is not an empty space. #BreakingBarriers

4. I have listened to some people who speak under this illusion; “I don’t know anybody, “I don’t have anybody” “I am just on my own” “I don’t know big people” etc #BreakingBarriers

5. To whom it may concern, I am here to break that myth and help you see things from a better perspective tonight as I go on… Just follow this chat thoughtfully and read with an open mind. #Breakingbarriers

6. We all desire to succeed and no one can truly succeed in isolation. We all need that friend, stranger, family, etc to go higher. Everyone needs a hand to hold, a push and a cheerleader to help us through life’s good, bad and ugly seasons. #BreakingBarriers

7. By saying “Profit”, I am not speaking about #money alone. Some things cannot be measured by money. They are just too invaluable and #priceless yet can be accounted as #profit #BreakingBarriers

8. Profit is whatever you consider as value, advantage, benefit, worth or gain to you. #BreakingBarriers

9. I remember a very old adage we sang as one of ourmarching songs way back in my primary school “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver but the other gold” We didn’t even know the meaning then but it makes a lot of sense in relation to this topic. #BreakingBarriers

10. I encourage people to make new friends, contacts as regularly as possible. I am a relentless advocate of that. Sometimes, I intentionally pull my shy friends out of their shell. They never liked it but they are always thankful afterwards. #BreakingBarriers

11. But my mission here tonight is to make us look inwards, while it’s great to make new friends or put yourself out there as much as you can. What are you doing with your existing network? #BrakingBarriers

12. When will you stop putting yourself under so much pressure of trying to establish new contacts because you want to close a deal, get a job or get introduced to the “high and mighty” ones? #BreakingBarriers

13. Can you just pause for a moment and reflect? If a particular strategy is not giving you the kind of results you desire, it is time to change that strategy but keep the vision in mind. #BreakingBarriers

14. You are sitting on a goldmine without even realising it. Your existing network is #gold… Stop looking around for answers. They are with you. #BreakingBarriers

15. There are three “Key” types of network that actually exist in your life presently. They are your personal network, operational network and strategic network #BreakingBarriers

16. Some people in your life will fit into these three categories while some may fit just one or two. The key is recognizing where they belong in your life. #BreakingBarriers

17. The people in your personal network are your family, friends, colleagues, the ones in your close circle and corner. They are your everyday and go-to people. They are your “ride or die” friends. #BreakingBarriers

18. The ones in your operational network are also your go-to people but these are the ones who provide you with the resources, information, and the connects with you opportunities per time. We all have some people in our lives who seem to be the “current” ones. #BreakingBarriers

19. The people in your strategic network are your bridge to your desired future. Role models, mentors, coaches and sponsors. They are the ones capable of taking you from potential to reality. You want “more” from of life because of them. #BreakingBarriers

20.Now lets move on to how you can truly leverage on these existing relationships. We all have them, you just need to recognise them. Shine your eye my people. #BreakingBarriers

21. What I am about to share now is what you already know and probably heard so many times. It’s time to actually put them to practice so you can truly profit from your network. #BreakingBarriers

22. (a) Be intentional about keeping in touch. This will help you stay on “top of mind”…Lets be sincere, sometimes we have this odd feeling when someone you haven’t heard from in ages suddenly shows up out of the blues and asks for a favour. #BreakingBarriers

23. You either decide whether you will help the person immediately or give it a second thought. Other times, you may help out of compassion. after thinking “WHAT WILL JESUS DO”? #BreakingBarriers

24. What if there’s this other friend who checks on you once in a while; sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly or just drops a whatsapp message(Not Broadcast), sends an email or speaks with you over the phone, asks you for a favour in a time of dire need? #BreakingBarriers

25. Your response will definitely be different to this one. You are more likely to help without giving it a second thought. You are likely to go over and beyond for this person #justbecause He/She had been sticking around. #BreakingBarriers

26. I am not asking you to phone or text everyone in your life everyday. That’s not sustainable and will come across as artificial. It is almost impossible as well, #BreakingBarriers

27. All you need to do is develop a strategic and workable follow up system that can help you stay on top of their mind. By doing this, you will come off as parasitic and getting help when necessary will be easier #BreakingBarriers

28. (b) Join online discussion forums around your specific areas of interest. learn, show up and contribute…Don’t be a “monitoring spirit:. Be seen and Be heard #BreakingBarriers

29. (c) Ask for referrals from friends and family (For those in business)… You don’t have to be shy about it. You limit your chances when you assume people can’t help you. You next client may be your cousin’s colleague #BreakingBarriers

30. (d) My last point tonight but the most important of all…. SEEK TO ADD VALUE ALWAYS! Be intentional about giving and not receiving alone. #BreakingBarriers

31. Nothing liberates your greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve. – Marianne Williamson #BreakingBarriers

32. Invest in your relationships. The dividend will come back to you in ways you least expect. #Breakingbarriers

33. I love to serve and give as much as I can all the time. It is like the air I breathe. I love helping people without expecting anything in return. The satisfaction is beyond what I can explain. It’s fulfilling #BreakingBarriers

34. Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging. – Deepak Chopra #Breakingbarriers

35. Give your time, resources and expertise as often as possible. You need not wait to be asked. Get proactive. #BreakingBarriers

36.”You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” Zig Ziglar #BreakingBarriers #Give #Help

37. Always seek opportunities to add value to people in your network. When you give value, value comes back to you. You have something valuable to give. #BreakingBarriers

38. I have enjoyed lots of benefits helping people. Some benefits didn’t come directly from people I helped but they came back in ways I least expected. I could share a lot of stories but I will share just one to drive home my point. #BreakingBarriers

39. I met someone here on twitter (names withheld for confidential reasons) who connected with me with an international opportunity. #BreakingBarriers

40. I stumbled on her page and realised she was in the same line of my expertise, more knowledgeable and experienced as well. I decided to follow her and in a shortwhile, I reached out to her offering to “help” her with anything related to our field of expertise #BreakingBarriers

41. Of course she was amazed and showed her appreciation for my offer. Nothing happened as a result of my first contact but I “kept in touch” with her. When an opportunity showed up, I was the first person she could think of and she sent the opportunity my way. #BreakingBarriers

42. We can call the rest of the story “History”…I got the offer and I am still very much in touch with her. It started from “Hello, I will like to help” #BreakingBarriers

43. “It seems counter-intuitive, but the more altruistic your attitude, the more benefits you will gain from the relationship. If you set out to help others you will rapidly reinforce your own reputation and expand your universe of possibilities.” —Reid Hoffman #BreakingBarriers

44. I’d wrap up with this line: “When you give value, value comes back yo you. Seek to be a blessing and you will never get stranded” #BreakingBarriers

42. Thank you Dayo @dayus4heaven for having me tonight. #BreakingBarriers

Thank you FAM. 

Remember with God its God its God its God its people like us that SUCCEED in life. 

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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1. Good evening all and trust we had a great day? Tonight promises to be as I will be sharing insights on #Career Vantage 3 #BreakingBarriers @Antom_dapper @LanreAgboola1 @kayjavu @liveway #career  @iamoabraham 

2. Most people end up working in jobs that they’re not super excited about. #BreakingBarriers  #career

3. They drag themselves out of bed everyday, put in their 8 hours, and stare at the clock until 5:01. #BreakingBarriers

4. The truth is, this isn’t always a bad thing. It’s okay to have a job that’s just a “job” if that’s your thing. #BreakingBarriers

5. Even if you are an entrepreneur too, you need to think ahead and work out your course. Time is life. #BreakingBarriers

6. However to have Career Advantage over others in your industry, you need to know what they don’t know #BreakingBarriers

7. I’ve figured out a few things along the way that I wish someone had told me 22-year-old walking into my first day job #BreakingBarriers

8. Here is where experience speaks for you in life! You can’t buy this in any market at all. #BreakingBarriers

9. Have had the privilege of working with people from several fields in my life career with distinct perspectives #BreakingBarriers

10. Firstly I discovered that you need to: 1. Establish your personal brand. #BreakingBarriers @LanreAgboola1

11. Decide what you want your reputation in the workplace to be, and let your actions define you. #BreakingBarriers #Careers

12. Keep promises, and make deadlines. Under-promise and over-deliver. Integrity matters in your career life. #BreakingBarriers

13. Some people are yet to get promoted or higher responsibilities all because they have integrity issues. Watch this #BreakingBarriers

14. Avoid behavior in your personal life that could hurt your professional life #BreakingBarriers

15. Seek out a mentor. I’m guessing many busy professionals may say, “I don’t have time to be a mentor,” #BreakingBarriers

16. But most mentor relationships happen naturally rather than being established formally. Be on the lookout for them. #BreakingBarriers

17. I bet my best mentors probably don’t know they even served in that role. Get one and they your mentor help you #BreakingBarriers

18. You need someone who have seen ahead of you. Don’t be ignorant , seek help when and where you are confused. #BreakingBarriers

19. You need someone who have seen ahead of you. Don’t be ignorant , seek help when and where you are confused. #BreakingBarriers

20. Plans will change either by force or circumstance. Have what I call “career progression” #BreakingBarriers

21. For example, at a time I planned to move from my former company to another within a stipulated time. #AdvanceBravely #BreakingBarriers

22. Be flexible, but have a plan regardless of whether it’s a work project,a trip , or an important life decision. #BreakingBarriers

23. Keep up with the news every day. Read the papers/reviews,check news websites&blogs,listen to NPR on the way to work. #BreakingBarriers

24. Know what’s in the news about your organization or industry before your boss or client asks. Be on top of your game. #BreakingBarriers

25. Don’t pass up a chance to learn. Find out what your boss or leaders in your profession are reading. #BreakingBarriers

26. Books,professional publications, websites, etc .Seek out professional development opportunities; pay for them yourself #BreakingBarriers

27. If necessary. Join professional organizations, and get involved. Be informed in your industry not to be deformed #BreakingBarriers

28. How do one speak of a candidate for an entry level with no knowledge of the job function he/she is interviewed for? #BreakingBarriers

29. Be interested and inquisitive. Ask good questions, and ask often. As you learn, also apply. That gives you an edge #BreakingBarriers

30. Young professionals have a great deal to offer a work environment. Speak up when you have something to offer. #BreakingBarriers

31. Take note, Looking busy doesn’t equal being productive. Always manage your energy at work. #BreakingBarriers

32. The co-worker who crows about his heavy workload and long hours is probably much less productive #BreakingBarriers

33. Than the one who is organized and prioritizes his days. #BreakingBarriers

34. Go to your boss with a solution, not a problem. Your boss is solving problems all day. Be a solution provider! #BreakingBarriers

35. Make her/his life easier by presenting a solution when you present a problem. Work with clarity all the time. #BreakingBarriers

36. Stay in the loop, but avoid the gossip. Be a “boundary spanner” that will help you a lot #BreakingBarriers

37. Someone who is respected and trusted by people in all parts and at all levels of the organization. #BreakingBarriers

38. Cultivate contacts within and outside work. Relationship matters here. #network #BreakingBarriers

39. Your next job will probably come from someone you know through church, nonprofits, #BreakingBarriers

40. Alumni groups, friends, and professional organizations. So watch out for opportunities. #BreakingBarriers

41. Strive for work/life balance. The “balance” will probably fluctuate daily, #BreakingBarriers

42. But creative outlets, exercise, and hobbies make you a more valuable (and saner) employee. Be a team player. #BreakingBarriers

43. A Bright Career depends upon certain factors, they are; Education Skills Vision Interest Values Goals #BreakingBarriers

44. Stop making excuses and start creating the change you want to see in your career. #BreakingBarriers

45. Work doesn’t need to define you! You define all. Difficult times allow you the opportunity to find beauty in strength. #BreakingBarriers

46. Let me quickly share few things to stay on top of your career life. 1.Have a Positive Attitude!Learn what attitude is #BreakingBarriers

47. what aspects of your life are controlled/directed by your attitude, how to determine your attitude at any given moment #BreakingBarriers

48. And what specific strategies make a positive attitude a permanent habit in your life. #BreakingBarriers

49. Believe in URrself!Understand the nature of human potential through asimple process of identifying UR personal talents #BreakingBarriers

50. Lastly, Build Positive Habits! Understand the process of how habits are created. #BreakingBarriers

51. Make a commitment, plan and take action to move your career to the next level. #BreakingBarriers

52. Network with people in your industry. Take advantage of social media platforms for opportunities. #BreakingBarriers

53. Here are some scrutinized site you could apply for entry level jobs or probably you try to make career shift #BreakingBarriers  #BreakingBarriers  #BreakingBarriers #graduate #career #jobs  #BreakingBarriers

We draw the curtain here tonight while I take questions. #BreakingBarriers

Remember with God its God its God its people like us that SUCCEED in life. 

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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1. GoodPM Tweeps, and sorry, I am behind schedule. Apologies. It’s another episode of #BreakingBarriers @PhilipObin 

2. Embrace the experience you’re receiving and the contacts you’re making as you set goals to reach the next level. #BreakingBarriers

3. I worked in a firm where my total wage for about 3yrs was less than N50,000. However what I learned got me where I’m today #BreakingBarriers

4. Giving your best to your job has a way of paying you back, especially if you dream starting your own biz in future. #BreakingBarriers

5. Deliver the best results you can on every task. Show that you have passion for your job by asking for more responsibility #BreakingBarriers

6. Learn ur strengths & weaknesses and improve both. In particular get good at communicating and managing time efficiently. #BreakingBarriers

7. Education is crucial—learn a new skill, pursue additional degrees, and take advantage of online programs. #BreakingBarriers

8. …And remember to let management see all your efforts. #BreakingBarriers

9. Build a network: Establish relationships with other professionals both within your department and outside your company. #BreakingBarriers

10. Learn what they do well and what you can learn from them. And most importantly, help others when you can. #BreakingBarriers

11. What do you need to improve or learn? Commit yourself to continuous improvement. #BreakingBarriers

12. Other people can help you, but ultimately you have to make the effort yourself to improve your skills and keep learning. #BreakingBarriers

13. Have an outlet or a fun hobby to participate in. If you’re not happy, it’s hard to stay focused and motivated. #BreakingBarriers

14. Leveraging Social Media for Career Advancement. #BreakingBarriers

15. As social media continues to evolve and attain greater relevance, so has job-hunting and career advancement. #BreakingBarriers

16. Social media (if used correctly) can help jump-start or even help advance your professional careers. #BreakingBarriers

17. #BreakingBarriers Becoming Active on LinkedInIn order to reach out to a wide audience and keep up to speed with..

18. #BreakingBarriers. Professional Profile Picture: As a general rule of thumb, you always want to present yourself..

19. If you want to get anywhere in the professional world, you have to network. It’s a give and take relationship. #BreakingBarriers

20. If you expect to push your agenda or gain something from others chances are you will not fare well. #BreakingBarriers

21. I’ve gained lots of clients & customers by sharing my knowledge on social media. Sometimes, you sell yourself indirectly. #BreakingBarriers

22. The best way to engage is to partake in group discussions, which you can mostly find on LinkedIn. #BreakingBarriers

23. #BreakingBarriers: Contributing meaningful posts, opinions, or vital pieces of information to the group will score points as you gain

24. #BreakingBarriers: Facebook is Not out of the Picture: Many people make the mistake of thinking that Facebook is a..

25.  #BreakingBarriers: Facebook is Not out of the Picture: Many people make the mistake of thinking that Facebook is a private domain that

26. #BreakingBarriers: Join Google+ Similar to LinkedIn, Google+ has its own form of groups in the shape of..

27. Finally, improving your skill set so you’re better placed for a promotion or more attractive to employers is a must. #BreakingBarriers

28. On this note, I beg to stop here…, even as I appreciate your time and the opportunity to facilitate today’s episode of #BreakingBarriers.

Thank you Philip Obin for sharing those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers. 

Thanks FAM 💓 

Remember with God its people like people like people like people like us that SUCCEED in life. 

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji