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1. Welcome to a session with @dayus4Heaven with hashtag #BreakingBarriers

2. Today we are sharing on the power of positive declarations #BreakingBarriers

3. Many thanks to @Dayus4Heaven for the invite to share on his platform. #BreakingBarriers

4. As a Christian, there is great power in positive declarations. Even God operates by making positive declarations #BreakingBarriers

5. Let’s check out the Book of beginnings. Genesis 1:1-3 #BreakingBarriers

6. Gen 1:2a And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. #BreakingBarriers

7. Gen 1:2b … And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. #BreakingBarriers

8. Here we see that God was in the midst of a chaotic situation. Darkness was upon the face of the deep. #BreakingBarriers

9. Gen 1:2 says that the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. ‘Moved” in the Hebrew means brood, hover #BreakingBarriers

10. The first action God took was not to complain to friends on Social Media or the angels about the void on the earth. #BreakingBarriers

11. The first action He took was to hover, ponder, meditate, brood to conceive and bring forth a solution to the problem #BreakingBarriers

12. God knew what He wanted and as soon as He knew what He wanted, He produced the solution that addressed the chaos. #BreakingBarriers

13. God’s solution to the chaos in Gen 1:2 was encapsulated into words and you find them all the way from v3 to the end. #BreakingBarriers

14. Gen 1:3 And God said, Let there be light:and there was light. #BreakingBarriers

15. God shaped the world in Genesis 1 by speaking faith-filled words. #BreakingBarriers

16. God beat chaos by speaking faith-filled words. He declared light in the midst of darkness and light happened. #BreakingBarriers

17. The way to beat chaos in your life is not to verbalise it with words but to speak faith-filled words into it. #BreakingBarriers

18. If God had gone on verbalising darkness with words, light would never have happened on the earth. #BreakingBarriers

19. God carries out His business by speaking words. He never does anything on the earth without first declaring it. #BreakingBarriers

20. Heb 1:3 …., and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power,…. #BreakingBarriers

21. If God carries out His work successfully by speaking words, how does that impact us as human beings today? #BreakingBarriers

22. Let’s go over to Genesis 1:26 to see how we fit into this picture. #BreakingBarriers

23. Gen 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:and let them have dominion ….. #BreakingBarriers

24. God was so meticulous with words that He stated very clearly His original plan for man which was to have dominion… #BreakingBarriers

25. God said “let us make man in our own image…” If God ruled by words, we are also supposed to rule by words. #BreakingBarriers

26. Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; … #BreakingBarriers

27. So man (male+female) was created as an intelligent and powerful being to have dominion on the earth. #BreakingBarriers

28. God handed the dominion of the earth to Adam and Eve but they eventually messed things up in the garden. #BreakingBarriers

29. Adam yielded control of the earth to satan by his actions in the garden. Satan became god of this world. 2 Cor 4:4 #BreakingBarriers

30. This was yet another chaotic situation dropped on the laps of God by Adam and Eve. What did God do about it? #BreakingBarriers

31. He spoke words again. He made powerful declarations. #BreakingBarriers

32. Gen 3:15a And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed;… #BreakingBarriers

33. Gen 3:15b …it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. #BreakingBarriers

34. In Gen 3:15 God used words to prophetically pave the way for the coming of Jesus Christ called seed of the woman #BreakingBarriers

35..In Gen 3:15 God used words to declare that satan would bruise the heel of Jesus but Jesus would bruise his head. #BreakingBarriers

36. So from the very first day that Adam and Eve messed up in the garden, God already spoke the answer. #BreakingBarriers

37. That answer took thousands of years to happen. We had at least 400 years between Malachi and the birth of Christ. #BreakingBarriers

38. Mark 11:23a For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, ….#BreakingBarriers

39. Mark 11:23b .. and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe #BreakingBarriers

40. Mark 11:23c … that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. #BreakingBarriers

41. Jesus taught on the use of Words in Mark 11:23 to move (mountains) obstacles away in our personal lives. #BreakingBarriers

42. In Mark 11:23, Jesus stated that the words that will come to pass are the words we speak, believing and not doubting. #BreakingBarriers

43. Satan works overtime to ensure that we don’t believe in the power of the words that we speak. #BreakingBarriers

44. Satan works to ensure that you glorify idle words so that you will not place any worth on them in the day of battle. #BreakingBarriers

45. You cannot keep saying that all men are bad and find a good one to marry. Your words shape your world. #BreakingBarriers

46. You cannot keep saying that all women are bad and find a good one to marry. Your words shape your world. #BreakingBarriers

47. You cannot keep speaking poverty over your life and grow financially. Poor words will negate hard work. #BreakingBarriers

48. Your words predict your future world. When I hear you say passionately about yourself is your future. #BreakingBarriers

49. The doctors once told us after a few gynae tests that our only slimmest hopes were through IVF. #BreakingBarriers

50. On that day, in March 2005, we walked out of the hospital and held hands and declared our biblical expectations. #BreakingBarriers

51..In Dec 2005, Iyanu was born contrary to expert medical predictions. The Word of Faith through our lips brought her. #BreakingBarriers

52. If we kept repeating what they told us, we would have been childless today. Don’t let satan steal ur future away. #BreakingBarriers

53. Don’t verbalise the fears of social media upon your life. Verbalise what God has written in the bible about you. #BreakingBarriers

54. Speak God’s Word into your life daily, that are exact opposite of what satan is telling you through social media. #BreakingBarriers

55. Your greatest asset in the business of #BreakingBarriers is your mouth. Your life is ruled by the words of your mouth.

56. We call it a night here. Thanks @Dayus4Heaven for having me. Death and Life are in the power of the tongue. #BreakingBarriers

Thank you Uncle Sola šŸ™šŸ™
To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 



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Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be on #BreakingBarriers this evening.

My topic, youth inclusion in politics, couldn’t have come at a better time. Because the advocacy for this is loudest now. #BreakingBarriers

Firstly, I think we need to understand what it means. I mean, what exactly does it mean when we say “youth inclusion”? #BreakingBarriers

Does it mean ‘active youth participation in politics’? Or does it mean the take over of political structures by the youth? #BreakingBarriers

I’m in total support of the former but when it comes to the latter, I’d rather be more cautious in what I ask for. #BreakingBarriers

Many SA’s, PA’s and other aides are currently people who can be said to be youths. Does this suffice? #BreakingBarriers

1. Our political system is defective and cannot produce anything good for the people irrespective of the age of occupants. #BreakingBarriers

So, we have to fix that first. Otherwise, we’ll be replacing a set of kleptocrats with a younger set of kleptocrats. #BreakingBarriers

2. IMO, people who run for elective office should have, at least, the experience of managing a profitable business. #BreakingBarriers

The current set of career politicians are problematic because they lack basic management experience. #BreakingBarriers

It is obvious in the way they manage public resources. This shouldn’t be the case. #BreakingBarriers

To this effect, youths who have political ambitions should be currently engaged in productive (business) ventures. #BreakingBarriers

So, you are young but do you have sufficient experience to manage the state with ‘000s of civil servants? Prove it. #BreakingBarriers

We shouldn’t support a youth just because he is a youth. Our current problematic politicians got in as youths. #BreakingBarriers

3. There are elective positions at Ward and LGA levels. The youths should be in charge of these by now. #BreakingBarriers

Let us be able to judge you by your performance as a Councillor or LGA Chairperson when you are running for Governor. #BreakingBarriers

Grow in responsibility. If you aren’t managing a business, then be managing smaller structures like wards and LGAs. #BreakingBarriers

4. Power isn’t given but taken. Why should the older kleptocrats step aside for younger kleptocrats? LOL. #BreakingBarriers

So get into the system as a Councillor and rise in the ranks till you get to the place where you’ll effect change. #BreakingBarriers

Chances are that you won’t be a youth when you get to the change-making position but then, younger ones will thank you. #BreakingBarriers

It’ll suffice to mention that youths make up a huge part of the voting public. We have more power than we realise. #BreakingBarriers

However, I believe that economic power transcends political power. 200 Naira can buy votes because people are hungry. #BreakingBarriers

I have decided in making and creating wealth before getting into politics. Whomever pays the piper dictates the tune. #BreakingBarriers

We’d also have more bargaining chips than we currently do if we are economically empowered. We should have this in mind. #BreakingBarriers

Lastly, we must be students of history. We must learn about the past and be ready to apply those lessons in the present. #BreakingBarriers

We must also always know that, ultimately, we must work together despite our differences for our good. #BreakingBarriers

Each of us is a pointer to the hope that exists. We must make our bed rn for posterity sake. #BreakingBarriers

Thank you for following and I’ll take any questions you may have within the next 10mins. Thanks @dayus4heaven #BreakingBarriers

Thank you @JajaPhD for sharing šŸ˜‡ 
To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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Hello, my name is Bidemi Mark-Mordi. You can find me on . @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #dayus4heaven

It is my belief that everybody has a super power. My life work is to help you embrace that #superpower & #livepowerful #breakingBarriers

I wish to thank @dayus4heaven for this opportunity. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Q1:What’s your definition of purpose? Dictionary defines #Purpose as the reason for which something is done or created. #breakingBarriers

Put differently, #Purpose is something you become because you are configured to become it. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #dayus4heaven

#Purpose is the WHY of life. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

I am passionate about #Purpose because life becomes truly simple when Purpose is known. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

I find from experience that life becomes truly full and worth the experience when #purpose is known. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

.#Purpose helps to eliminate the needless struggle many face in trying to BE and simply releases a man to actually BE. #breakingBarriers

One big aspect of Purpose we all must never lose sight of is that it is not about the man. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

#Purpose is rather about the God who created the man and put him on the earth. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

If we didn’t have a hand in our coming into being, recognize that the One who put it all together did so with a plan in mind.

#Purpose is therefore Godā€™s plan for a man even before the man manifested. @dayus4heaven

A life lived on Purpose is consequently a life aligned with Godā€™s plan for the man. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Q2: How can one conceĀ¬ive purpose? A man cannot manufacture or conceive his Purpose, only the One who created him can. #breakingBarriers

The #purpose journey is therefore that of discovery and alignment. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

What a man needs to do is to Stop, Listen to the discourse in heaven concerning him and tune into that frequency. #breakingBarriers

Now I am aware that the stopping is never the problem but the listening and tuning in is. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

So here is putting it as simply as I can. Man is created with a mandate in the mind of the maker, God. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

This mandate is 5-fold. 1.To produce 2.Prosper 3.Fill the Earth 4.Take Charge 5.Rule @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

This maybe a bit vague for some but #purpose is about to produce,Prosper, Fill the Earth, Take Charge&Rule #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Which is why any man living outside of #Purpose cannot quite say he is living a full and fulfilling life. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Next question should be, ā€˜what is provided to ensure that we are able to meet this mandate? @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Well, that mandate is found in Genesis 1:28. And the resource is found in Genesis 1:26. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

Godā€™s call to the #Godhead was to #create man in His #image after His likeness. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

Along with this gift of Himself is also something else called #dominion. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

This dominion I refer to as the ā€˜first dominionā€™ is captured in our gifts, talents and abilities @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

To tap into the resource in #Genesis1:26 we must discern what we have been given in gifts, talents& abilities. #breakingBarriers #purpose

Process & develop your gifts into products, skills& services; you are on your way to living your mandate! @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Q3:What are the evidences to show one is fulĀ¬filling purpose? @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

A life of #Purpose is configured to manifest 3 distinct things. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

1.It should and must fulfill you. 2.It must make life better for others 3.God must be glorified in the process. #breakingBarriers

If it fulfills you, makes others feel better about themselves yet doesn’t meet standard of heaven, it is not #Purpose. #breakingBarriers

So a man who steals from the rich to give the poor isn’t living a life of #purpose ? God doesn’t endorse stealing. #breakingBarriers

If it fulfills you, makes others feel better about themselves yet doesn’t meet standard of heaven, it is not #Purpose. #breakingBarriers

So a man who steals from the rich to give the poor isn’t living a life of #purpose ? God doesn’t endorse stealing. #breakingBarriers

Moreso, the one who is stolen from is hurt in the process. So how is that a life of #purpose? @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

If you can check these 3 boxes you are #purposefull: It fulfills you, it makes life better for others, God is glorified #breakingBarriers

Contrary to thinking that #purpose is about #money, it is not. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

A life of #purpose may never be rich, but a life of purpose will never lack. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Q4: Why do some people find it challenging to fulfill #purpose? @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

Most don’t see how the simple things they know how to do are gifts God wants to use. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

Many are searching for something grand only to realize late that the gift is given simple &becomes grand with use & time #breakingBarriers

Another reason some find it challenging to fulfill #purpose is they make it about them. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

A life of #Purpose isn’t about you. It is about the One who has given you the mandate. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

A bloated sense of self importance in the process makes it a lot harder and stressful. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

A life of #purpose is a life meant to be enjoined regardless of how it manifests. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Some Mantras that to help one to fulfĀ¬ill purpose. 1)It is a mandate and not a business. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

#purpose should make you fill alive and fulfilled, yet it doesn’t need to be BIG. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Some Mantras to help one to fulfĀ¬ill purpose: It must make a better life for others. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

Some Mantras to help one to fulfĀ¬ill purpose: It must give Glory to God. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

.Some Mantras to help one to fulfĀ¬ill #purpose: Recognise that you are enabled by God to do this. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Some Mantras to help fulfĀ¬ill #purpose: If you don’t do, it will be your last regret on your death bed @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

Some Mantras to help fulfĀ¬ill #purpose:Eternity will thank you for it as the best and most important thing you achieved #breakingBarriers

Q5: How can one maintĀ¬ain momentum while achieving purpose? @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

To maintain momentum while achieving #purpose, keep it real. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

To maintain momentum while achieving #purpose, collaborate. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #purpose

To maintain momentum while achieving #purpose, be #consistent. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

To maintain momentum while achieving #purpose, keep #learning and growing. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers #growth

Q6: Your advĀ¬ise? Recognise that #Purpose is a state where you live more for others than for yourself. @dayus4heaven #breakingBarriers

When you live more for others than for yourself, others make it their joy to live for you. @dayus4heaven #purpose #breakingBarriers

Recognise that God needs you to live a life of #purpose and I know you can do it, so get going. @dayus4heaven #dayus4heaven

Thanks for being a part of today’s #tweetchat on #breakingBarriers #purpose I pray Godā€™s best for you today and always. @dayus4heaven
Thank you ma’am šŸ’ for those insightful words on shared on #BreakingBarriers 
To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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It is an honor to celebrate with #BreakingBarriers on their 2nd anniversary @dayus4heaven

1. I will be sharing on the topic “Cultivating A Worry Free Life” #BreakingBarriers

2. What is worry? It is that gnawing state of apprehension. #BreakingBarriers

3. Some of the reasons people get worried include. Fear of d future, unachieved goals, unpaid bills, pressure to get married #BreakingBarriers

4. Salient Facts About Worry/Anxiety 1. Worry has never solved a problem and never will (Matthew 6:27) #BreakingBarriers

5. Worrying is a sin! Why? It displays lack of faith in the reality of God and His Ability to meet our needs. #BreakingBarriers

6. Worry has a negative impact on our health. It is a proven medical fact that more than 70% of the illness humans #BreakingBarriers

7. Encounter are emotionally induced. Dr Don’t Colbert in his book “what you don’t know may be killing you” said #BreakingBarriers

8. Chronic worry and anxiety can lead to heart diseases, heart attacks, mental illness, panic attacks and acute depression #BreakingBarriers

9. Other side effects of chronic worry include tension headaches, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and the #BreakingBarriers

10. Direction, you spend it worrying. You can’t worry and walk with God, it is a SPIRITUAL LAW. #BreakingBarriers

11. Are there ways to break free from worries? Oh yes!!! PRAYER. You cannot underestimate the power of prayer. Phil 4:6-7 #BreakingBarriers

12. “be anxious for nothing but in everything with Prayer & supplication with thanksgiving… And the peace of #BreakingBarriers

13. God which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and mind through Jesus Christ. #BreakingBarriers

14. This is a very valuable Scriptural Truth because the only way to overcome a negative activity is with a positive one #BreakingBarriers

15. Like Praying as elucidated by Apostle Paul in the above verses. #BreakingBarriers

16. MEDITATE ON THE WORD.(Joshua 1:8) Spend time meditating on the Word thereby increasing the consciousness of God #BreakingBarriers

17. As your Source. The more of the Word you have, the more Faith you have (Romans 10:17) #BreakingBarriers

18. CONTENTMENT. Cutting unbridled desires. Lack of contentment makes you do things based on sentiment. Which can birth anxieties. #BreakingBarriers

19. I read a story of a pilot who had embarked on a flight expedition around the world. About 2hrs airborne, he heard #BreakingBarriers

20. A noise in his plane which he recognized as the gnawing of a rat. Obviously, the rat got in while the plane was on the ground. #BreakingBarriers

21. The thought of the rat gnawing through a vital cable of the plane had him terribly worried #BreakingBarriers

22. The next stop was 2hrs away, then he remembered that rat is a rodent, it can’t survive heights. More than 2hrs the pilot brought the plane safely to the next landing field & found the rat dead. #BreakingBarriers

23. In conclusion, worry is like a rat in your heart & mind, if left alone, it will gnaw at you until it destroys your life and steals away all your joy, power & energy but the rodent of worry cannot live in the Secret Place of the Most High.
24.  It cannot breathe in an atmosphere that is steeped in Prayer & influenced by the Word of God. Worry dies when we ascend to the Lord through Prayer and His Word. #BreakingBarriers

25. I pray that the experience of God’s Word in Philippians 4:7 become your reality in Jesus Name. Amen!!! #breakingbarriers
Thank you Catherine for sharing those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers 
To your success fam, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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1. Hello everyone. Its a great privilege and honor to celebrate with @dayus4heaven on 2years of #BreakingBarriers touching lives.

2. Today I  will be sharing on #LeadYourLife as we intend on #BreakingBarriers and enjoy personal freedom @dayus4heaven

3. Exceptional leadership begins at the dimension of #PersonalDiscovery in order to #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

4. There is something inside you crying out for expression and awaiting your #DISCOVERY #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

5. You can’t #LeadYourLife until you have successfully discovered yourself #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

6. @JohnCMaxwell said, “It is your duty to find yourself” #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

7. #PersonalDiscovery is the launching pad for effective leadership and management. #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

8. This is the answer to the question, “who am I” NOT “who should I be”. #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

9. If you don’t know who you are, you will be lost in the crowd. #PurposeDiscovery #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

10. There are abilities, gifts, potentials & talents locked up inside you. #PurposeDiscovery #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

11. Traveling within you for #PurposeDiscovery is the greatest journey of leadership. #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

12. There is the Real YOU in you. There is more to YOU than meets the eyes. #PurposeDiscovery #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

13. Leadership does not begin with occupying a position but with #PersonalDiscovery #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

14. Don’t just appear at work/school/marketplace; SHOW UP as the leader you were created to be #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

15. #PurposeDiscovery turns on the switch of inspirational leadership in your life #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

16. #PersonalDiscovery is not enough. There is a greater need to develop yourself #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

17. You must develop the gifts, abilities or potentials you have discovered to be #relevant #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

18. #SelfDEVELOPMENT is not an option, but a daily choice and responsibility for great leaders #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

19. @JohnCMaxwell said, “Leadership doesn’t #develop in a day, but daily” #SelfDevelopment #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

20. Effective leadership is impossible without a passion for #PersonalGrowth #SelfDevelopment #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

21. You must be committed to Continuous And Never-ending Improvement(C.A.N.I) #SelfDevelopment #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

22. Don’t ask “what am I getting in this job” instead ask “what am I becoming on this job” #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

23. #BuildingCapacity is necessary for lasting success and a key to effective leadership #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

24. The cornerstone of #SelfDevelopment is #MentalTransformation #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

25. Nothing effects #MentalTransformation like the #RightInformation #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

26..The quality of #information that enters you will determine the quality of your #MIND #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

27. Your #MIND must be upgraded if your life must not be outdated. #SelfDevelopment #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

28. In order to Lead better, you must Think better. #SelfDevelopment #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

29. No one can grow beynd his/her culture of intelligent & passionate reading #SelfDevelopment #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

30. Not all readers become leaders; however there is no leader, that is not a voracious reader #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

31. Reading stretches your mind, refreshes your soul and ‘youngens’ your body #SelfDevelopment #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

32. Even if you are a School Drop-Out, refuse to be a Brain Drop-out.  #SelfDevelopment #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

33. Pursue relevant information. Revive ur hunger4 truth & read great books #SelfDevelopment #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

34. Until you #deploy what you have discovered & developed, you remain frustrated & depressed #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

35. @QuotingMyles said, “God didn’t create us to be EMPLOYED, but to be #DEPLOYED” #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

36. You were designed to express yourself, exhibit what you carry within you #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

37. Your place of #employment should provide an environment for #deployment #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

38. #Pressure is necessary for #deployment and its good for the release of potentials #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

39.You will need to be pressed on every side to release what you carry within to benefit others #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

40. Your best is expressed during #challenges and #pressures like lipton bag #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

41. #Problems are promoters of #potentials. #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

42. #Adversity is the greatest university and necessary for advancement and creativity #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

43. Oaks grow strong in contrary winds, diamonds under pressure & gold shines in fire. #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

44. God didn’t bring David to the throne, He only anointed him for it; but Goliath brought him #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

45. The shortest route to #LEADERSHIP is solving #problems #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

46. You will #LeadYourLife #BreakingBarriers by #discovering, #developing & #deploying yourself @dayus4heaven

Thank you @dayus4heaven for the privilege of service and impact. God Bless You. Congratulations on #BreakingBarriers is 2 once Again. 

Thank you Pastor! 

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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ā€‹Thank you @dayus4heaven for trusting me with your platform #BreakingBarriers today. I do not take it for granted. 

1. Today on #BreakingBarriers I would be teaching on the theme ā€œCareer Vantageā€. This is the first series on the theme. @dayus4heaven

2. To start, some working definitions. Career Vantage is a combination of 2 words Career + Vantage #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

3. A. Career describes an individualā€™s journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

4. B. Your career is the part of ur life that u spend working either in paid-employment or in self-employment #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

5. A Vantage is a place or position affording a good view of something. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven @BreakingBarrie3

6. B. Vantage is more like having an edge, or at a position of advantage over others. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

7. Career  Vantage is having a competitive edge in your career that stands you out from others #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

8. In order for you to have Career Vantage over others, SELF DISCOVERY is very pertinent. Why you would ask? #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

9. SELF-DISCOVERY is getting to know YOU! By YOU, I mean YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS as an individual. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

10. In YOU is a UNIQUENESS that no other individual possesses and in that UNIQUENESS, your career is defined. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

11. For you to have Career Vantage, it is imperative that you discover YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS – YOU! #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

12. My friend, there is no Career Vantage without a Discovery of YOU! #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven @BreakingBarrie3

13. I dare to ask you ā€“ WHO ARE YOU? Do you know WHO YOU ARE? Can You Tell Me About YOUSELF? #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

14. You are BORN to SOLVE A PROBLEM. Find that problem and you would have Career Vantage. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

15. A. My friend, you MUST know WHO YOU ARE so you can make a career choice that is suited to YOU. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

16. B. Knowledge of WHO YOU ARE would give you CAREER VANTAGE! #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven @BreakingBarrie3

17. Unfortunately many individuals are not having Career Vantage as they fail to discover who they are. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

18. Let me add that DISCOVERING YOU ā€“ YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS is NOT a dayā€™s journey; it is a LIFETIME VENTURE. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

19. SELF-DISCOVERY come through SELF-ASSESSMENT. It helps 2 achieve a more thorough understanding of urself. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

20. SELF DISCOVERY will allow you gauge HOW FIT YOU ARE for certain careers, which leads to CAREER VANTAGE. #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

21. Permit me to close tonight with an episode of my podcast on SELF DISCOVERY –  #BreakingBarriers @dayus4heaven

Thank you very much for having on #BreakingBarriers for today. Thanks for the RTs. @dayus4heaven @BreakingBarrie3
Thank you Mr Segun Akiode for sharing those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers. 
To your success fam, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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ā€‹Good evening all and trust we had a great day! #BreakingBarriers starts NOW! Tonight promises to be great. 

Positive character traits are those things that draw us to other people. Watch it Tweeps #BreakingBarriers

When someone is generous, kind, energetic, or optimistic they exude energy that attracts others. #BreakingBarriers 

Of course, who wouldnā€™t want to spend time with a warm, open, and loving person? #BreakingBarriers

Now, when we turn the mirror back on ourselves, many times we notice not-so-positive character traitsā€¦things. #BreakingBarriers

like jealousy, selfishness, immaturity, or greed. These can all be changed. Take note #BreakingBarriers

If you are not getting the results you want in life,the first place to look is at how you are interacting with the world #BreakingBarriers

Positive character traits can be developed in ourselves.Honestly if each one can reach another we will make great nation #BreakingBarriers

Personality traits are distinguishing qualities or characteristics that are the embodiment of an individualā€™s.  #BreakingBarriers

They are your habitual patterns of behavior, temperament and emotion. #BreakingBarriers

So I want to shade 3 step process to integrate a new positive trait into your life. Ready?? #BreakingBarriers @oyinloyesunday

A. Notice what you want to change. Do you tend to judge others? Do you let greed rule your spending decisions? #BreakingBarriers

Are you easily angered? This isnā€™t the time to beat yourself up for these aspects of your personality. #BreakingBarriers @dejiirawo

It is just about noticing how you think and behave, being honest for the goal of becoming better. #BreakingBarriers

B. Choose positive character trait to focus on developing. You are working in PROGRESS hence don’t give yourself! #BreakingBarriers

Everyday become a better person than you were YESTERDAY! Take responsibility of your life. #BreakingBarriers

C. Become aware of your actions and choices as you move throughout your day. Consciousness matters over this! #BreakingBarriers

If you notice that you are slipping back into old habits, #BreakingBarriers

b.ask yourself,what would someone who is ___(insert the trait your focusing on)do in this situation?Then act accordingly #BreakingBarriers

Will quickly share some personal traits successful people have/show which if you cultivated them,can help you in life #BreakingBarriers

1.Attitude ā€“The capacity to stay optimistic&positive.Your attitude not only determines your attitude but greatness #BreakingBarriers

2.Enthusiastic ā€“The possession of intense&eager interest in a subject or cause.It is an energy that often inspires. #BreakingBarriers

b. I challenge you to desperately chase your dreams in life. #BreakingBarriers @Osi_Suave

c. Am sure at some point all you will have is HOPE + VISION. Don’t give up! Keep your head high. #BreakingBarriers

3.Ethical ā€“ The quality of having and living by a code of sound moral principles. Live your philosophy and principles #BreakingBarriers

b. Let your words and actions reflect who you are! #BreakingBarriers @AishaYesufu

4.Goal Focused ā€“The ability to have clarity on the objectives that you strive for in your personal& professional life #BreakingBarriers

b. Don’t only DREAM big, WIN big, THINK big, ACT big and SPEAK big. Don’t be limited by what you can see! #BreakingBarriers @Ibilola_Amao

5.Listener ā€“ The capacity to suspend your own agenda and deliberately and empathically allow others to be heard. #BreakingBarriers

b. The world needs people who will love others without any strings attached. Be the reason people SMILE! #BreakingBarriers

6.Networkedā€“A well developed circle of influence of interconnected positive relationships. Watch this! #BreakingBarriers

b. Folks around have the capacity to either influence you negatively or positively. Beware of parasitic friends. #BreakingBarriers

Tough time never last but tough people! Successful folk got this trait working for them. You too CAN! #BreakingBarriers

8.Self-Aware ā€“The understanding&knowledge of who you are including your skills,values, interests, behaviors&character #BreakingBarriers

9.Self-Confidentā€“The firm belief in your abilities. Seek professional help if this is an area of weakness. It works! #BreakingBarriers

10.Self-Disciplineā€“The ability to control&restrain impulses. Energy then can be focused&channeled toward your ambitions #BreakingBarriers

Activate these traits in your life and see greater results! You can be more of who you are NOW! #BreakingBarriers

Everyone is powerful. Yet, few people are deeply aware of their personal power. #BreakingBarriers

Fewer still are comfortable with their power and wear it wisely among others. Permit yourself to SUCCEED. #BreakingBarriers

Mastering yourself is true power. #BreakingBarriers

Successful people are perpetually trying to improve themselves. They are their worst critics–never satisfied. #BreakingBarriers

Finally will like to share this insight, it has worked for me as person hence if rightly applied will work for you. #BreakingBarriers

Successful people build trait of been available to make impacts. Touching lives and making difference. #BreakingBarriers

They are there for people, available to others to support them always. They go out of their way to make time for others #BreakingBarriers

We all have our own definition of success. For many of us it’s measured primarily in terms of money and wealth, #BreakingBarriers

But there are clearly other important aspects of success. What’s your definition of success? #BreakingBarriers @Ayourb @julietkego

Some people value the freedom to spend their time as they want, others value the ability to help those in need. #BreakingBarriers

Yet, whatever the metric, there are a core set of personality traits that are common to all successful people. #BreakingBarriers

I’ve seen these traits first-hand in a diverse set of successful people I’ve worked with and known over the years, #BreakingBarriers

b. from billionaires to budding entrepreneurs. Each one was very different and yet they all shared much of the same DNA #BreakingBarriers

When it came 2D traits that made them successful.Take a look&see how many of these are reflected in your own behaviors #BreakingBarriers

When I think of the greatest success stories, from #Disney, to #OprahWinfrey , to #SteveJobs #BreakingBarriers

It is this trait that most allowed them to overcome the past and build the future. #BreakingBarriers

They also refused to be defined by their Failures! What about you? #BreakingBarriers

Life will throw lots at you but how you react to them will define your life! #BreakingBarriers

Activate positive traits that will take you through thick & thin of life! Give all it will take to dare & achieve your goals. #BreakingBarriers

Remember with God its people like us that SUCCEED in life. 

To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 

#Resilence #BreakingBarriers

Thank you for the RTs and likes #BreakingBarriers

1. Hi, you’re fortunate to join us to make this celebration great. Now, feel free, CLAP for yourself. Oya CLAP nah #BreakingBarriers

2. Hearty Cheers to @dayus4heaven for being consistent for the past 24 months on the #BreakingBarrier Series. I celebrate you, brother!

3. All other protocols should CLAP for themselves for joining in too. Hands ready to Retweet & eager to like. Thank you #BreakingBarriers

4. Let’s go right in. We will share together briefly on the topic, ‘Stop Looking For Your Calling’. You’ll like this. #BreakingBarriers

5. There is a young lady, 24, a graduate, doesn’t have a desirable job yet. A few of her friends are doing well. #BreakingBarriers

6. She is trying a whole lot to get a better job, wants to impact the world, be a blessing to many nations and youths. #BreakingBarriers

7. Her parent are sometimes worried, in their sentences, you hear it clearly. Their eyes speak of unhappy concerns. #BreakingBarriers

8. It hurts, she can’t place her hands on that 1 thing that she ought to be doing on . Is it writing, to sing or preach? #BreakingBarriers

9. She feels, if she can simply find her purpose, everything, will be much better. Life will instantly dance to her music. #BreakingBarriers

10. She’d eaten too many motivational talks, that, ‘unless she finds her calling and purpose, life will be meaningless. #BreakingBarriers

11. I can relate to her story, I was fed with religious stuffs too that says, ‘God has 1 call on one’s life, just find it! #BreakingBarriers

12. It sounds simple to say, ‘Pray for God to tell you His call on your life’, yet these words make people struggle. #BreakingBarriers.

13. We unconsciously chain down our limitless abilities that can make our lives richer, sweeter and prosperous. Why hehn? #BreakingBarriers

14. See, I prayed and fasted, Oh Lord, I did. I read, looking for my purpose, like thirsty tongue desiring chilled milk. #BreakingBarriers

15. I made some progress in my life, yet, I felt until I can articulate what my purpose on earth was, I was only existing. #BreakingBarriers

16. Bible readers, ‘was it all the amazing people in the Bible that knew exactly that 1 thing they came to earth for? #BreakingBarriers

17. Some were directly told while some didn’t bother looking for their call, did that make Samuel more amazing than Elisha? #BreakingBarriers

18. Of the great people that we know today, is it everyone of them that has a clear idea of what their life mission is? #BreakingBarriers

19. So, why the grapple and getting so worried about finding our purpose, instead of starting out our awesome dreams? #BreakingBarriers

20. I thought about it and suddenly, it hit me: ‘Fash, enough! Stop looking for your call, start calling what you find’ #BreakingBarriers

21. To call what I find. What does that mean? Simple: In all labour, there is profit! What your hands find, do it well. #BreakingBarriers

22. For every ‘call’ or ‘purpose’, even when you find it, is about work – problem solving. Then, fulfillment comes. Yeah? #BreakingBarriers

23. So, I began to be deliberate about how I worked on anything that crosses my path — any problem, any task or project. #BreakingBarriers

24. My talents and heart poured into any situation that required my help. Happily, I shared new ideas with my friends. #BreakingBarriers

25. When I was in Secondary School, every new maths problem I solved, without a wink, I will be all over teaching others. #BreakingBarriers.

26 Yes, I liked to sing, I led the choir. I played the guitar, I enjoyed it. I was introvert and not so vocal. #BreakingBarriers

27. But out of all above, I found 2 things very profitable — teaching and helping people move from fearful to fearless! #BreakingBarriers

28. Profitable — these 2 made it easy to celebrate God’s gift & virtues in me. The other things did too, but not so much #BreakingBarriers

29. When what I enjoy doing is the answer to a world’s problem and makes God’s love spread faster, I’m fulfilled doing it. #BreakingBarriers

29. I don’t define calling as something that earns me a salary, but love shared and what I am becoming as I help others. #BreakingBarriers

30. When I stepped out and plucked out my heart into the things that comes my way, other possibilities began to emerge. #BreakingBarriers

31. From volunteering to teach, I got high-level teaching opportunities. The same gift shared for free now comes with fees #BreakingBarriers

32. I used my gift to help someone transform their online brand for free. Today, I still do it for fun, but get paid. #BreakingBarriers

33. We believed there is 1 thing we should become – a prophet, designer, writer. No, there’s more to you than your career. #BreakingBarriers

34. If we’ve calling, fine! But don’t you think it should be about results > Sharing God’s love with yourself and others? #BreakingBarriers

35. How we achieve that love sharing, be it via music, healthcare, painting, making theories, catering etc is what matter. #BreakingBarriers

36. Below are the things to help you to easily call your finding, instead of struggling to find your call. #BreakingBarriers

37. Start paying attention to your daily activities. What do people say you do well in? Now, do more of that thing! #BreakingBarriers

38. What problems do you see around that makes you angry, that you won’t mind learning to solve it? Go ahead, solve it. #BreakingBarriers

39. In your personal conversation with God, what are the prompts and direction you hear in your heart? Move Now. #BreakingBarriers

40. Do you feel attracted to certain people that do some things you deeply desire to do? Why not give it a shot? Yes! #BreakingBarriers

41. In conclusion, commit to doing the things that brings your gifts alive. Please, let what you have in your hand blossom. #BreakingBarriers

42.The more you yield to the things that makes your inner energy burst into strength, the better your life. #BreakingBarriers

43. So, I welcome you to your new life, filled with love by empowering others, a life calling its finding successfully. #BreakingBarriers

44. Please, you can shoot your questions. I am happy to give a reply. #BreakingBarriers

45. Thank you, everyone for joining us as we celebrate 2 years of awesome #BreakingBarriers series.

46. Huge thank you, to @dayus4heaven and his amazing team for using their gifts and ideas in empowering the world. #BreakingBarriers
Love you Fasoranti Damilola for sharing those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers 
To your success fam, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 

1. ā€‹Thanks for the invite #BreakingBarriers to discuss Government Accountability and Fiscal Discipline. @dayus4heaven

2. Government Accountability is about govt taking responsibility for actions & ensuring the participation of Citizens #BreakingBarriers

3. The simplest of Government accountability is ensuring Citizens are involved in the planning of Programme #BreakingBarriers

4. The Openness of Government Budgets and the responsibility to give an account of the state of Govt actions & finances. #BreakingBarriers

5. Most of our State Govts do not have their Budget published. Either one or two publishes their statement of account #BreakingBarriers

6. Even though some of them claim to be following #IPSASB, their books are closed and without a feeling of responsibility #BreakingBarriers

7. One way to measure govt effectiveness is in evaluating their programs to determine if projects are executed as planned #BreakingBarriers

8. Unfortunately, these things are like rocket science in our democracy, especially at the State Govt Levels. #BreakingBarriers

9. Recently we began a campaign on #LGAsAccountability. We have 3-Tiers of Govt but only 2 are functioning. @julietkego #BreakingBarrier

10. #LGAsAccountability is a simple effort to collate and publish all 774 allocations to #LGAs and match with Developments #BreakingBarriers

11. Billions have been spent but very minimal devt exists in these #LGAs…this is why #LGAsAccountability is critical #BreakingBarriers

12. While it should be natural that Govt be accountable, Citizens must make proactive efforts to hold them accountable #BreakingBarriers

13. We shouldn’t allow govt develop programmes on their own…we should engage them and recommend need-based projects. #BreakingBarriers

14. We must demand that Govt make public their Budgets, line by line, which is their intention for a financial year #BreakingBarriers

15. At the end of the Financial Year, Citizens must demand they publish their Statement of Financial Position…yearly. #BreakingBarriers

16. The State Houses of Assemblies should be making this demand, but they do very less of what Citizens expect of them #BreakingBarriers

17. In the long run, Govt Accountability promotes transparency, trust in the system and Citizens’ engagement. #BreakingBarriers

18. With Government Accountability comes Fiscal Discipline…the later builds on the former. #LGAsAccountability #BreakingBarriers

19. Fiscal discipline is government’s capacity to maintain smooth financial operation and long-term fiscal health. #BreakingBarriers

20. If Governments are not accountable (to self and Citizens) it is difficult to expect fiscal discipline. #BreakingBarriers

21. There are different vehicles to determine if Government is fiscally discipline. Let’s see some #BreakingBarriers

22. Checking Government’s Fiscal Discipline: Debt Management Office Fiscal Responsibility Act Fiscal Sustainability Plan #BreakingBarriers

23. The Debt Management Office sees to the Borrowing of Government and curtail them when they are going beyond bound #BreakingBarriers

24. Current records doesn’t show that Govts is fiscally discipline as some have very high debt rate. See attached. #BreakingBarriers

25. Some States pay most of their allocations to Debts…and we can see why they can’t pay Salaries #BreakingBarriers

26. Last year, the FG published the Fiscal Sustainability Plan and confirmed most States have signed up… #BreakingBarriers

27. The Fiscal Sustainability Plan was supposed to help States and the FG imbibe a culture of Fiscal Discipline #BreakingBarriers

28. The plan looks beautifully crafted with deadlines. Unfortunately, the deadlines are indeed dead lines on paper. #BreakingBarriers

29. Engagements with the @AsoRock handle on an earlier tweet about the Fiscal Sustainability Plan didn’t yield result #BreakingBarriers

30. So when Govt has a good plan and doesn’t follow through on it…there is little one can do.

31. The fact is that fiscal discipline must be as intentional as ensuring set deadlines are sacrosanct. #BreakingBarriers

32. The last is the Fiscal Responsibility Act with expectations that govt will keep to the terms it documented. #BreakingBarriers

33. Several budgets have been presented without adherence to the provisions of the FRA. No idea of States have it. #BreakingBarriers

34. This is what the Legislators at State Assemblies should put in place to ensure fiscal discipline at States level. #BreakingBarriers

35. If States do not care much about their financial health, hardly can we be out of non-payment of salaries. #BreakingBarriers

36. In a situation where Federal Allocation is the major source of income for most States, fiscal discipline is a must! #BreakingBarriers

37. We need Fiscal Discipline to access #UBEC grant…we need it to build our Hospitals and develop our Youths #BreakingBarriers

38. Both State and Federal Govt need to see that this Fiscal Sustainability Plan doesn’t end on paper. @HMKemiAdeosun #BreakingBarriers

39. Federal & State Governments must show they honor deadlines by publishing their compliance status @HMKemiAdeosun #BreakingBarriers

#BreakingBarriers thanks for having me.
Want to appreciate Wale Micaiah for sharing those insightful and  facts on #BreakingBarriers šŸ‘ 
To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji 


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I will share with you on the topic failure to elevation. You might wonder how does one fail and yet still get elevated. #BreakingBarriers

Let me give you two examples about two prominent men who has left a great legacy, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and Sir Thomas Edison. 

Steve Jobs was a college dropout, he didn’t  get his college diploma either, but this did’nt stop him from dreaming big #BreakingBarriers

He even took his greatest failures & transformed them into his greatest success. He is the brain behind Apple of today #BreakingBarriers

Have you ever felt discouraged because you failed, maybe once or twice? Sir Thomas Edison isnt as intelligent as you thought #BreakingBarriers

During his early days his teacher told him that he was too dumb to learn anything & there is no hope for him. #BreakingBarriers

He also failed more or less a thousand times with his inventions. But he did’nt give up & let failure drag him down. #BreakingBarriers

Whenever you fail you eventually learn something new. He had to fail a thousand times before he got it right.#BreakingBarriers

Sir Thomas Edison created the light bulb. Some of you fail just once or twice and you give up. He failed a thousand times.#BreakingBarriers

When you fail, don’t give up just keep trying because you will be much closer to your breakthrough. I hope i’ve inspired someone today.
Thank you Elora for sharing those insightful words on #BreakingBarriers. 
To your success, 

Adedayo Olabamiji